Monday, 7 April 2014

Week 25: Week 19 in the Field: Stuttgart for General Conference - ' I Promise ' Statements

General Conference. It was fabulous, wasn't it? I don't really remember what else happened this week cause the only thing on my mind is Conference. 

Sis Gilmour and Winters with Daniela Fingerle Freimann - A Missionary Mom who was visiting the area:)
We got to watch every session except Sunday Afternoon. We all gathered as a zone here in Stuttgart and watched 6 hours of Conference. Life does not get better than that. 

I found the Women's session the be so touching. We watched that on Saturday at 4. I cried from the moment that little girl prayed to the very end. I don't know what came over me... but I do know combining that meeting was inspired. I loved it. I love being a women. I love convenants.

We had Xiaoyu with us on Sunday! She said she got a lot of answers, but now she has a lot more questions. She's finally back from China, so we can meet with her regularly again. Whoo hoo! 

We also had a big meal in between session yesterday. I just love the missionaries here in Stuttgart. They really are the best. Do I have to leave them? I really think they are the best people I know. There mothers and fathers should be proud... they raised them well :)

During Conference, I made a bunch of "I Promise" statements. These are things I have promised to do for the remainder of my life; personally and with my future family. (Which I though A LOT about. I cannot wait to be a mother and a wife! Oh the divine calling of a women... there is nothing more special :))

I, Chloe Gilmour, promise...
  • To have daily personal and family prayer and scripture study as well as have weekly Family Home -Evening. I will do this with my husband and with my family.
  • To always cleave to my covenants
  • To be bold in the things I believe
  • To take the short AND long view when looking at things
  • To always bear testimony to my children
  • Let Him be the leader of my family
  • To always remember the basic things
  • I will NOT marry anyone unless they are a returned missionary. We will be sealed together in the temple
  • I promise to do the these things to the point that they require no prodding... until they are habit.
  • I promise not to lose my way. I will not be lost in the whirlwinds of life. 
  • I will always TRY to keep my head when speaking to my spouse (family members, friends, ward members, etc.)- always ask: what are YOU thinking?
  • I promise to do Family History
  • I will think on the eternities in gratitude when the seams of my life are tearing apart
  • I promise to be the example to my children, that my mother and the mothers I associate with are, to my children
  • I promise to always serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I will set my sights on Him. I will try desperately hard not to forget these things when the winds blow. The strongest tree's are those with the strongest roots, after all. They are the ones that can withstand the harshest of winds. I will try to remember that my trials and difficult times were hand picked just for me. I learned how to deal with them. 

Wore jeans twice in 5 days - very excited!!

Life is Good!!

More Rain, No Snow:)

Just so you know, here are the things that I felt were reoccurring themes during Conference:

1.Family History/Genealogy- it can heal the brokenness we find so much in homes these days. I LOVED that they talked about this in a talk about Pronography. I thought that was brilliant. It really can heal. And it can show our investigators the importance of baptism. We can do temple work in our kitchens! How cool is that?!

2. Being a member is HARD- okay people. How angry did you feel when you heard that talk by Holland about the man that threw potatoes at that Sister? We get ridiculed simply for wearing a tag. Even when we aren't missionaries people hate us for no reason. We get a lot of really hard stuff. And we go against what basically the entire world now believes to be okay and tollerable. It's rough. I even see it on a mission. But.. we keep going. We know the reward will be great. And we will be rewarded with things unimaginable to us. 

3.Man vs. God- "50 million people CAN be wrong"- Nelson. Where are our ties? Are we tied to religion? Are we tied to God? Would we be wearing our YW medallions if we had just won a gold medal? THINGS DO NOT CHANGE. God is never changing. The family is CENTRAL to God's plan. "Thou shalt not kill" also means when a child is still in the womb. I LOVED HOW BOLD these men were! Guess what? We don't "get with the times". The times are wrong. Don't get caught up in the philosophies of man... it is not right. Let us always stay true to the laws of God and not the laws of man. I loved that. I see it so much with faithful members of the Church. Don't be "selectively obedient". Stand up for what you believe, even when it's hard. It is CRUCIAL in this time. 

4. Covenants- I just really love covenants. I felt it massively in Womens conference. I love it. Everything we do is a covenant. We have promised to do these things. Do you get that? When we don't keep our covenants... we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. I loved the film they showed with all the women of different ages signing temple recommends. That was powerful. I want to be just like the covenant keeping women that I know. I think of my mother, of course, my nana, the women in my ward at home, and the women in my ward here. They would give up anything to help someone in need. I hope I can be as willing as they. 

As I've said in the past, so much happens during the entire week, but I forget everything. Especially with Conference. I'll just let you read my journal when I get home. That has my whole life in it ;) (BG: She better not lose it!)

I love you all and I love serving the Lord! Don't be too worried when I send a discouraging email home... The work just goes in waves, just like every day life :)

Do good this week. Love, and speak kindly. Think back on the things we heard our Prophet and Apostles teach us. 

All my love,
Sister Gilmour

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