Monday, 31 March 2014

Week 24: Week 18 in the field: Flash Mob Time - Strength in Numbers, Small World!!

A lot has happened this weekend. As always. 

But do I have the time (or desire) to retell them all, this week? I'm sorry, but I don't. :):)xxx

We had the flash mob. Which is probably what everyone wants to hear about. 

It was a cool experience...we gave out lots of balloons and talked to lots of people, but I think my problem was that I was trying to be a missionary than I am not. Just simply... am not. That was a huge mistake on my part. Because I tried to do all these things that I never do, I didn't live up to my expectations. 

Satan was just really, really on us this weekend. (BG: That's because they were doing something really special and Satan didn't have the numbers like the missionaries did on Saturday:))  But I found out something really cool! 

So in my setting apart blessing as a missionary, it said that I would FEEL the spirit physically. Yep. Yep. I do. The spirit was telling me that I should not have been being untrue to my work. It just took me forever to figure that out. The second I started doing my kind of work, I was fine. Okay, okay, I got it. I won't try and do someone else's kind of work again. Promise. I love the priesthood.

I also got a blessing from Elder Moon yesterday. You know those times you just need guidance? That was yesterday. He gave me a beautiful blessing. In it, I was told that Heavenly Father knows my stresses and concerns, but that I don't need to worry. I would find the answers to my concerns in the scriptures and through prayer. 

And I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was doing personal study this morning. I'm working on reading the Book of Mormon in German. I am currently in Alma 38. I just opened my scriptures and started reading where I left off, and this is what I read :
10 And now, as ye have begun to teach the word even so I would that ye should continue to teach; and I would that ye would be diligent and atemperate in all things.
 11 See that ye are not lifted up unto pride; yea, see that ye do notaboast in your own wisdom, nor of your much strength.
 12 Use aboldness, but not overbearance; and also see that yebbridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness.
 13 Do not apray as the Zoramites do, for ye have seen that they pray to be heard of men, and to be praised for their wisdom.
 14 Do not say: O God, I thank thee that we are abetter than our brethren; but rather say: O Lord, forgive my bunworthiness, and remember my brethren in mercy—yea, acknowledge your unworthiness before God at all times.
 15 And may the Lord bless your soul, and receive you at the last day into his kingdom, to sit down in peace. Now go, my son, and teach the word unto this people. Be asober. My son, farewell.
So... Yeah. That's what I learned. It was really good. God really does talk to us through the scriptures. And His plan really is perfect. I love it! 

So... flash mob...MORE Oh yeah. It was good. We got 70 potentials and gave out 55 books. The flash mob didn't go as well as we wanted it to. There are A LOT of people on Schlossplatz and we are going to need a lot more than 60 missionaries to make the kind of splash that we did. But we did a lot of good and people were really taken by our singing. The spirit was really strong. 

making contact cards to had out

Missionary work is awesome. I feel like I'm not very good at talking about all that happens throughout the week, but that's cause it's all in the past. It feels like last Monday was eternity ago. I forget everything. I can't even remember the names of people I went to school with for 13 years. I really am losing myself out here. Eh, that's okay :) It's just fun to remember that I have a personality sometimes :) 

I love you all. I'm sorry, I have no more desire to write.  (BG: We'll give her a break this week-we still love her TONS)

One other cool experience she had was meeting a German member who was baptized many years ago as part of the Berlin Mission-30 years ago+.  A former stake president here in our American Fork Stake confirmed that member, a member of the church, very cool - Jeff Sermon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next week,

All my love,
Sister Gilmour

Monday, 24 March 2014

Week 23: Week 17 in the field, in Stuttgart: Just living the German way of life‏

Did you know that transfer calls are ALREADY on Saturday!? Where did the time go. Things are going too, too quickly. I can't even believe it. Almost 6 months... what?

This week has been... really good.
It's been a week of learning, that's for sure.
I went on exchanges this week for the third time on my mission. I really hate exchanges- they stress me out. But I actually had a really good experience, so that's nice! I switched with Sister Rebecca Smith in Tübingen. I loved it. I had so much to learn from her. And so much I brought back with me to Stuttgart. I learned a lot about how I work, how I want to work, and that it's totally the right thing to do exactly the kind of work the Lord has told me to do where I'm at, at that time, and not just what every other missionary does.

Don't freak out. I'm 100% obedient. I do every thing that PMG says. I just do it differently. Thank goodness, too. That book is so divinely inspired and so good, and it's sad to so many of us utilizing it in the same way. We are supposed to use it to fit the way WE do missionary work.
And that'S what I've struggled with this week. We do things differently in Stuttgart. We just do. I've accepted that. But.. I really love the work that I do. I love the way I contact, and I love... I just love how much God has let me put myself into the work. It's a real blessing.

There are two things I took away from our tausch (exchange, in German):
1. DO GOOD. That's what we are here to do. We are disciples of Christ, and Christ was always doing good. I often get in this mindset that if I don't come home at the end of the day and feel like I just ran myself into the ground, that I'm unsuccessful and abad missionary. I sometimes feel like because I don't contact and work like the Elders, that I'm doing it wrong. But Sister Smith showed me that if I am doing good, than that's what I need to be doing at that time. We don't have to be physically exhausting ourselves to be good missionaries... the exhaustion comes without trying ;) We, as women and Sisters, are really hard on ourselves. We always think we aren't doing enough. But... we are :) We also have a natural desire within us to DO GOOD. We have that desire, and because it's a righteous one, the Lord is going to help us fullfill that. If we are doing something contrary to what He wants, He'll tell us :) 

2. I don't only have 18 months. Missionary work should not only be done for 18 months. We are to be missionaries for our whole lives! I often hear people say how little time they have to finish all they need to on their missions. (BG: I'm a big believer that these 18 and 24 month missions are not the real missions but more our MTC's for life as a missionary and disciple of Jesus Christ-well said Chloe) But that's not it. We have our WHOLE lives to do missionary work. We don't need to be rushing and thinking we only have so much time. This time is the time to help us continue to do missionary work for when we get home. Sister Rebecca Smith is really, really good at that. She just LIVES missioary life. It's just normal for her. She is always on her purpose, but she does it so well... and so NATURALLY. That's what I love the most. 
I'm gonna tell you a little about how Sister Eve Smith and I contacted, and how other Sister Smith contact.
We don't shove the Gospel in their face. We talk to them. We ask them about themselves. We ask them about their lives. We are simply just friendly. If the question of what are we doing here comes up and we tell them that we are missionaries sharing a message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and they don't ask more about it, it wasn't the right timing. We keep talking to them. That's what we are supposed to do. God will show us who is ready, we just gotta talk to them. And be normal with these people. It's so fun! We plant seeds so that the next time they have contact with the missionaries, they'll have something good to think about.
And I guess that's not how everyone does things. I find that strange cause that's all I've ever done.
Our companionship mission is FAR from The District. Far from it. Nothing like it, in fact. We, Sister Winters and I, have horrible numbers. But guess what? That doesn't matter. The numbers do not reflect the GOOD that we are doing and spreading here in Stuttgart. The Gospel heals, and that's how we are measuring our success: by the amount of healing we are producing.
Example: Do you know how rewarding it is to speak with a women on the Bahn who doesn't speak English, German, or Spanish, but Polish and make her weep because we honestly cared that her daughter's newly born son was having heart problems in the hospital? And when we told her we would pray for her and her family, she cries. All while doing it in German... a language she doesn't speak, but "somehow" understands what we are saying? The joy of showing someone you care about them.. that Christ knows them, is more rewarding than any amount of potentials. 
That's the conclusion I'm coming to:

Do the work that God has told you to do, and don't worry about everyone else. You are on HIS errand, not anyone else's. He will tell me if 'm doing something wrong. But I'm not. I've made a stronger relationship with Him and Christ in the last 6 weeks than I have ever in my whole life. I understand the preciousness of the Gospel on such a different and deeper level.
MAN! This is awesome!! Why doesn't everyone serve a mission!! I'm learning things here I KNOW I wouldn't learn amywhwere else, except here! It's so cool!!

Another really cool thing I came to see this week, thanks to Sherri and Jason ( I think I have them to thank for absolutely every thing I'm learning now because they are so, so wonderful and have amazing, different insights on these really beautiful doctrines) is everything about the pre-existance.
We existed before we got here. Uh... I knew that, but I don't think it clicked until Friday night.
We brought things with us from that time. We aren't just becoming something on this earth.. we are continuing to develop all that we were before here. We had baggage that we brought with us.  (BG: we'll need to talk about this when she gets home I guess:))  WHAT WERE WE DOING FOR ALL THAT TIME? Really, what were we doing? It says in D&C 130 that we were getting our first lessons.. but for how long? What were we learning? 

I know that what I did there and the decisions I made effected me, and where I am and why I'm on the earth at this time. (BG:Good point)  So.. what was it that I decided to do? Beside follow Christ's plan? 
In the Bible Dictionary, it says that all those that chose Christ's plan are here, we have a body. But it also says that of those that chose the plan had different and varying degrees of devotion to the Lord. Hmm... I find that really interesting.
I like to think that I was among the ones who were higher on the scale of love and devotion. I think I was?
Just add this to the list of things we'll talk about when I come back. Block out a lot of time to talk. Cause I've got a lot to say. (BG: She always does:):) And when I can do that with people in my own native language and not have to worry about mission rules and stuff... that'll be nice :) And with my family, sogar! 
I love you, all! So much is going on in my life. I wish I could tell you everything. I really do. But time doesn't permit. I guess that's why He gave us eternity together :) 
"No bird flies too high when he flies with his own wings"
Sister Gilmour


We had an FHV (relief society) activity and they asked me to be apart of it. Embracing every chance to help me practice.. I think they're all just as ready as I am to speak good German. I'm not the only one suffering, it looks like ;)

Next one. We're in Aidlingen. Seriously the cutest and most amazing little town. We were going by on a referral; a family that visited america and loved it! had contact with a member and she referred them to us. I want to teach them so badly! only got to meet the daughter cause her parents weren't home. HAd a great feeling about it. Fingers crossed they call us.

the last one: right before we did exchanges. I went to Tübingen with the red-head Sister Smith :) I learn so much from her...always.

And yes I wore the exact same clothes two days in a row. Gotta love Tausch! 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Week 22: 16 in the field, in Stuttgart: Good times - St Patricks Day

Hello :) 

It's St. Patrick's Day! You know what that means! District P-day... obviously. Actually... every week is a district P-day cause we love each other so much. Really, we're all best friends. 

We just had a brunch :) It was lovely! It is a beautiful spring day here today.. which is so nice because it was miserable on Saturday and half of yesterday. But not today! Whoo hoo! 

So I guess the biggest thing that happened this week was our miracle with family history

So... ich hab eine bitte an Sie.... DO FAMILY HISTORY. Ours is so blank. But IT'S SO IMPORTANT! So important that it's the answer God gave us to how we're going to heal our ward of all it's problems. So... do it. Please? We're working on getting our ward more involved. They have stake temple week this week and ward temple weekend on April 26. So.. we are going to get them so excited between now and then. But what kind of missionary would I be if I didn't tell my family to keep doing it, too? Plus, I really need help filling in all the dates and the people because I don't have time to do it. Too busy teaching everyone how to obtain Salvation... no big deal. :)

Also, could you do a little research and tell me where your family comes from, REICHMANN's  mom? (Dresden) Anyone near Stuttgart? Or Southern Germany? And if there are, could I get areas, dates, and names? 

Thanks :)

This week. This week has been pretty cool. We really saw God answering our prayers. We got two new investigators... yay! They're sisters from Russia and the sweetest. But it was a really stiff lesson. Then Sister Winters told me that's how most lessons go.. I almost dropped out of my seat. I have NEVER taught a lesson like that. She told me I'm very normal in my work. That's good. I'm keeping it like that. We are called to these places to be ourselves, not a missionary robot. 

Yesterday was also really good. I was really scared to go to church. I don't really know why, but I just don't feel like some of the ward really loves us. Sometimes you just really need to hear appreciation from ward members. It feels good to have someone other than other missionaries to tell you they think you're neat and you're doing well. So we prayed a lot for that. We also fasted, as mentioned in the email I sent mom. 

We walked in, and we immediately got talking to the man in charge of family history *God is a funny guy-well he works in ways we don't expect. He really knows what He's doing*. Then a member we had dropped by on earlier in the week came to us and told us how much she loved our note! That made my day! Then in FHV, we announced the eating list we had hung up. We told them we just really want to know them, and serve them, and spend time with them. Then we said we loved them, and they all told us they loved  us, too! It was so exactly what I needed to hear :) :):)

One of my favorite women in the ward, Sister Gierschke, is finally home from America, and she hugged me and immediately asked to have us over. And... man. It was just really, really nice. The members are starting to be more friendly. God really listens to our prayers. 

Then we had a fabulous night with Shana, one of our investigators. She is the most amazing cook, and she is also obsessed with eating healthy and clean. She's also so so so in tune with the spirit. She always says something I need to hear. I don't know why PMG tells us that we are there to teach them cause I learn more from my investigators than I think they learn from me. They're all awesome. 

I've also gained a pretty strong relationship with Sherri Kelly. She's american and she just moved here about a month and a half ago. She is wonderful. Really. She has been trained to pick up on people's emotions in 2 minutes. She is a recreational therapist. And really so amazing. I want to be a lot like her. I have really shaped a lot of the things I do on my mission and will do for the rest of my life based on things she says and thoughts she has. Her husband also gave me a piece from a book that he's working on writing. It's about introverts vs. extroverts. I am an introvert. And before Sister Smith left, I was really really worried that no one was going to like me because I wasn't like her; I'm not bubbly and outgoing like that and people don't flock to me. I voiced this concern to Jason Kelly, and he was immediately telling me how important I was and how it's not a bad thing to be an introvert. We're just different. She then he gave me this amazing piece he's working on on this exact topic. And man... it was exactly what I'm like. But he showed me that it isn't a bad thing. It was really good. I just really love the Kelly's. I'll need to send you this one day. Maybe just show it to you when I come home. I think I'll forward the book list Sherri gave me. You should look into them for me. I can' wait to read them. 

The more I live here in Germany, the more I feel like I should live here. (BG BOOOOOO-NO-I HOPE HER FUTURE HUSBAND DOESN'T AGREE)  I have thought a lot about the possibility of me coming back and living. The Lord sends us to places that are so specific to who we are.. and Germany is exactly where I needed to be. I see that now. I see that so much that I really have considered coming back. I would love that. Maybe not forever, but for a little while. (BG: ok, a vacation is fine:)) I really am turning into a German. Get ready family... ;) Everyone says they aren't very nice, but I think they're fine. I really like how strict they are. I love the recycling. I love that everyone and their dog wears a scarf, even when it's 100 degrees outside. I love that everything is so fresh. And everyone rides a bike, even at 6:15 in the morning in the middle of January. There are bakeries on every corner.. .sometimes two. You always see old women with fresh flowers. The people all turn off their cars at red lights... that one makes me laugh. And there are bike trails everywhere. I love the Bahns and the buses. I just love it all. I'm coming back. I have to. 


So yeah. There's my week. Some random thoughts. I love you all. So, so much. 

The Lord answers prayers. And everything in the Gospel is so much more special than we realize. Cherish it, and cling to your testimonies. Things are going to get hard and that's all that will help us.

I know God lives. I know my Savior suffered for me so I would never have to walk alone. He suffered for everyone that has lived, lives, and will live, here on this world, and in the trillions of other worlds He has created. To think about the immense pain he went through all so we would never walk alone. Think about that the next time you're on your knees praying. Use the Atonement. It's there FOR YOU. 

All my love from Stuttgart, Germany,



Sister Gilmour

Monday, 10 March 2014

Week 21:Week 15 in the field, in Stuttgart: Spring is in the air - It's time for a little change; I love you Aunt Julie xxx

March 10, 2014

It's beautiful today. Just gorgeous! It's about 65 degrees with a slight breeze and a totally clear sky. It's really such a dream. Just warm enough to take the tights off, hang the jacket up, put on a scarf, and still sip some tea in the mornings and evenings (we drink a lot of tea. A lot.). So, it's pretty much perfect if you ask me.
Here's the laughs and giggles of the week:
It's been so nice lately, and it's bound to get better, that I decided to go tight-less today. So you know what that means? Yep, it's time to shave.
In this situation, I would like you all to think of the phrase: Like mother, like daughter
Because, as pictures can prove, my wonderful mother didn't shave her legs the entire winter on her mission in England because it was so freezing cold:). 
And now would be the right time to think of the above phrase.

I shaved my legs for the first time since October 15 last night. 
Yep. The winter coat is gone and I'm ready for spring! My legs are rejoicing! 

Now for some spiritual stuff from the week.
I've been having a lot of studies about the temple. And let me tell you.. I cannot wait to go back. It really is so hard being on a mission and not being able to go to the temple, because I'm learning so much. So much that has to do with the temple and our divine calling and conventants.... and my goodness it is all just so so beautiful! I can't wait to go back... simple as that. I can explain all the cool things I'm learning in a years time... right now time just doesn't permit. Sadly.
Other cool things from the week:

We are doing a flash mob on the 29 of March on Königstraße, which is the big and sinful street that runs down the middle of Stuttgart... I love it, it's just a really distracting place to be as a missionary :) But! We have told our whole zone of about 40 missionaries, and another zone nearby of about the same number, and all the Young Single Adults that will be having their singles ward weekend that weekend. We have told our ward and stake, the youth, and all their friends. 
We will all gather on this street, start singing at about 1pm, and then sit down all along Königstraße and start reading the Book of Mormon. 
CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? 150 people just sitting down and reading this strange book? It's going to be amazing! The zones in Switzerland just did it and got SO many people. I'm so so excited!!! 

So.. if you're going to be in Stuttgart on the 29th of March.. come meet us on Königstraße at 3:30. It's gonna be awesome!! Worlds biggest Finding Day! Stuttgart Zone!
Oh! So if you've been watching The Biggest Loser this season, Shahin, one of the contestants, is in my ward!  Or rather, his family is in my ward. He's always traveling be
cause he works for H&M. Yeah, the Campos Family is just the coolest family ever and I love them a lot. Just thought that was cool that he was on The Biggest Loser!

Dad, I'm turning into you. (BG:Poor Girl) I have such a problem leaving any dishes in the sink, and I HATE dirtying dishes all of a sudden. It is the weirdest thing. Plus I'm always straightening things up. I'm sure I'm driving Sister Winters CRAZY. And she probably thinks I'm the weirdest person ever. But I just laugh cause I'm doing all the things that drove me crazy... 'like father, like daughter'. I love MY PARENTS! (BG: She'd better:))

In other news, we painted pretty pictures in our English class this week. Painting really is so good for the soul. Theme: what we wanted to be when we were little. I love our English class ladies. They really are the most amazing women. They are all from Peru or Brazil. We have so much fun together :) I've attached some pics :) 

Sister Winter's Picture and Tribute to those she Loves!

Xiaoyu has left for China :( We were really sad, because she is amazing and we really love her. But she asked for all the Hymns so she could know them all when she got back... just in time for our Conference Party that we're having together. She has ordered all the church magazines in Chinese... and she really is just perfect. She is so ready to be baptized.. and has such a desire, as well! We're hoping that all goes well with her family and that they are accepting to the Gospel... and open to what their daughter wants to learn. 

My Most Important Thought of My Week: To my Aunt Julie in California: I LOVE YOU and YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH...

  • It saddens my soul to hear about Aunt Julie, but I know now, more than I ever have, that our families really are for eternity. I have also studied it a lot lately.. not really on purpose, Heavenly Father has just lead me in that direction.. for whatever reason. I read a beautiful quote from a Conference Talk in October: Death is only premature for those who are not prepared to meet God.

    I think this is perfect for Aunt Julie. She is so prepared to meet God, and He knows that. I think she was prepared before she learned she had cancer,

    but there was something that God wanted her to know, and she's figured it out. She knows it's okay to let go now; that it's time to go back to Heavnely Father again. That's what I love so much about Aunt Julie.. she is always perfectly dependant upon the Lord and His will and His timing. There's going to be a day when each of us are asked to really give up all that we have for the Lord, and I think we often forget that. But Aunt Julie.. she's figured that out. She's got such a parallel relationship with Him, that she knows exactly what it means to give up everything when He asks for it. And in return, He's going to bless her, and already has, with eternal life with her family. That's so beautiful.
    I love her so much. I am a strong believer that she's gonna be a big help for me from the other side. I've really tried to listen and be guided by those I know are watching out for me, and I'm not so good at it. But having one more supporter wouldn't hurt I love her, send this on, and hug Matt and the kids really hard for me. But don't shed any tears.. this is a beautiful time to celebrate the amazing things that Aunt Julie is, and the massive affect she's had on others.
    I love you all
I just want everyone to know how much I really love this Gospel and the chance Heavenly Father has given me to serve a mission here in Germany. It really is such a blessing, and I would not learn these things anywhere else... no matter how many years of schooling I went through. I couldn't learn the priceless lessons I've learned here on my mission. 
Have a good laugh at Sister Gilmour and her hairy legs. The ward will get a good laugh at that and probably some good memories from girls camp a few years back.. or in a row. 
It's healthy to make things funny :)
Have a wonderful week! And don't forget:
"There are cracks in everything so that the light can get in" --Sister Winters

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Gilmour 

photo bommed
We are cooking for ourselves too
A time to rejoice

Monday, 3 March 2014

Week 20: Week 14 in the field, in Stuttgart: It's Raining and Pouring, We're Painting, and SNORING!‏

It's Raining and Pouring, We're Painting, and SNORING!‏

(And setting baptismal dates!! But more on that later!)

Hallo from Deutschland! From your favorite Sister missionary, who is as happy as ever!

Spring is in the air and its not looking like Winter will be returning
First signs of spring, pic from 'The Local' Germany's News in English

So, this past week has been... amazing. The work is so good, and even though our numbers are... European, we've spoken with so many people, and done so much good. We've planted seeds that will be ready to sow in Gods time. I'm not even upset about it, either. Because we've helped so many people!!! 

So this week we helped with a lot of painting, getting ourselves very painted in the process. It's always fun to mix up the schedule :) 

We got POURED on after Sport Abend... looked like the most pathetic Sisters anyone's ever seen, but loved every second of it.

And we've been exhausted. Like... drool on the pillow, didn't move once, can't remember our dreams tired. You know you're working hard when you have a sleep schedule like that :)

We've also been working really hard on mapping our 20 page ward list. Why? Because I probably know 5 pages of people out of 20. So we are working on finding everyone's addresses, finding what U Bahn stops they live at, and which buses to take to get to their houses. Yes, we are doing that with every Member, Less Active, and Unknown person/ family on 20 pages (Except not the Kein Kontakt people.. not yet). This has been the biggest help to our work here in Stuttgart. It's brilliant. But we're really tired. And it's really addicting....  i like to consider this my pride and joy here in Stuttgart and then all the auxiliaries and missionaries in our area will get a copy. it makes our work a lot more efficient, and i'm excited to see it finished! It has helped our work SO MUCH! I love it!! 

I feel like we do so much, but then I can't remember what we did when it comes to email day...

I guess I'll share the most exciting part of our week with you, then :) We set a baptismal date with Xiaoyu! SHE IS THE MOST ADORABLE AND PERFECT GIRL WE HAVE EVER MET. We have her so gern! She's from China, and basically jumped in the font when we mentioned baptism. She knows she's not ready yet, but she wants to be as soon as she can be. The hard part is that she goes back to China for about 4 weeks on Friday. We are really worried that something or someone will talk her out of the goodness and truth she feels through this Gospel. We've been teaching her for about 6 weeks now, and it couldn't be going better, so we're hoping that plays a big part in keeping her on the path.

We had an eating appointment with her last night with a family in our ward. It was amazing. We were able to use their iPad and computer to show her all these amazing things in Chinese. She's amazing.... just. AH! She'll be back the day before Conference, so she'll come back and basically spend 48 hours with us having a spiritual ball watching conference with us. She is so EXCITED!! She's ordered the Liahona and she reads them so fast. She really FEASTS on the words of Christ. Really. And she asks amazing questions. I love her. So much. 

The date isn't set specifically because she'll be gone for a while, but it's there... and we were so happy! God is good, people. God is SO good.

I would also like to announce that I am OBSESSED with the body. Does anyone really understand the divine temple that we live in?! It is the most beautiful thing. I study it a lot. I read the talk "Decisions for Eternity" from Elder Nelson from October Conference. READ IT. It is the most amazing thing. And this is seemingly what it is that I want to study when I come home. The body and how certain things affect it. Especially food. I have never felt so healthy and energized than I have here, and I'm convinced it's because of the way the Germans eat. And I want to know what exactly about it it is that makes it that way. I want to know how to get my SPIRIT in control of my BODY. 

This talk talks about that in a few different ways. It's just really interesting. And it really hits on homosexuality... which I find interesting because that's been brought up a lot. And suddenly, through the study of the body and the spirit TOGETHER, we've come up with some pretty legit answers. Take a look.

I also realized, as I was studying this talk, that the world is a horrible place. I'm not in the world, but I read my scriptures, and I know it's bad. This morning, I prayed for... a long time... that God would bless us with the Second Coming. Soon, because I can't imagine things getting worse than they are. 

Sister Winters and I also had a good conversation this morning about all the things that have to take place before the Savior comes again.... or really... all the things that have happened and the very few things we're waiting for.

1) The word has to be taught in every country. But does it say anywhere that it has to be done by those wearing tags? I'm pretty sure it doesn't... correct me if I'm wrong. But God put an interesting thought in my head.... Maybe the reason that the First Presidency and the Church is really pushing member missionary work is because we aren't going to get into those places that don't have the Gospel with tags on; it's going to be up to the members to do it. AH HAAAAAAAAAH. Interesting thought, oder? He'll come as fast as we're willing to work. LET'S GET TO IT. 

2) We need a Temple in Jerusalem. But really... we need dedicated ground in Jerusalem. Nothing has to be built, just set apart :) That could happen... whenever. And at this rate, I really hope it's soon. 

So yeah. 

We were studying the other day about Alma and his brethren, and how they didn't pray to have the hearts of the people changed, but to change the circumstances in order to change their hearts. So I've really been focused on that lately. And we've read a lot about emergency preparedness. Basically.. I'm just waiting for something crazy to happen. Crossing my fingers, actually. Some Germans need something to change their hearts. As does the rest of the world.. 

Conference is in a few weeks.... lets see what wonderful things the Prophet have to tell us this time!! I'm waiting for something crazy :)

Okay.. now that I've written a novel.. I'll go now :) 

I wish you all the best week ever. Share the Gospel, and pray for the opportunity to do so. The church is true, God is good. He is a God of order and pattern, and He is never changing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of true change and repentance, for which I am eternally grateful. And READ THAT TALK!

I got the package... or a package. it's not here where I live, though cause I guess it has something valuable, so i'll pick it up on Wednesday when i'm in that area of Suttgart.

The girls look great!!! I love dad and how much of a kid he is! I love it!! I wish I could play around with him, too... but we've got eternity to do that :) keep him safe!!  You look good, too, mom!! your hair is beautiful :) I still think you're the best mom ever, and i will continue to think even more highly of you as the days go on :)

Until next week,

love you!! love to hear about how well everything is coming along!! 

Sister Gilmour