Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 38: Week 8 in Zollikoffen: Nice and busy! Just like I like it! "I - We - need to endure things well"

Hallo Zamme! Just trying to teach you some Swiss. Could be of good use at some point in your life... HA. Actually, no :) No one speaks this crazy cool language. 

So, before I tell you all about this last week, I just want to tell you about the best study that I had this morning. 

I was reading in the January Liahona, and I read the talk from President Eyring about giving gifts to our future family. I don't really know what about it touched me so much, but it was probably one of the most spiritual studies of my mission. It was beautiful.

The things we give to our families later in life are really developed here, right now, when we are in school, and when we are young. Being able to help our children with math or writing problems, or the feeling of failure and the healing power of the Atonement are really the most priceless gifts we could ever give to our children. 

I then read about the Godhead (The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, 3 separate individuals, one in purpose, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man). I have not really thought about this one. But today, I was given testimony that they are there. They are separate, they do work together. All that we do, is through the three of them. I have such a strong, and indescribable testimony of this. 

We made this:)

Okay. Now. For the week. It was really good :) Nice and busy! Just like I like it!


Had a really, really good first District Meeting. Elder Conteh, our new DL, is wonderful. Really one of the best meetings I've had. 

Found a new investigator... finally. Things are starting to look up :)


CLEANING DAY. We cleaned.. ALL DAY. Don't worry, we were asked to do so. We had a mission-wide cleaning day. I loved it. We went way deep and cleaned everything. Our apartment sparkles. Really. It was good therapy. And we stayed in sweats the whole day. Also really nice. And I got to hear more about Sister Wüst's family. Gosh, I love that girl. She's such a trooper. Then we had GMR, which was REALLY good. I love watching wards start to take the work really serious. It was really successful. And I gave the spiritual thought about giving up something... an addiction, in a sense. I'm giving up cracking all my joints. Hard stuff, people. Hard stuff.  (BG, she's terrible at this, we'll be following up on this one, weekly)


Visited Sister Gygli. She's wonderful. 90 and totally there. She gives the best advice. I love her. She's from England. She's a family history wiz. AND THEN. We went to Sister Giantti's, a less active, to visit with her. Then she told us about this painting on the wall.. then she just mentioned in passing that SHE painted it. It's beautiful. Then she was like.. yeah, I painted everything in my living room, too. She then pointed to a glass case full of porcelain... and she told us that she painted all that. I was so confused cause there were no paintings. And then it clicked.. SHE PAINTS PORCELAIN. And I don't just mean like.. kinda paints pottery. I mean.. she's professional. She paints with real G. And she's SO GOOD AT IT. I took a few pictures and sent them to you. Take a look. 

She also sewed and embroidered her own chair and also embroidered a picture. I was literally stunned. Then we had a really good eating appointment with Bischof and did a family mission plan. Probably one of the best we've done. It was way good. They already do so much.

We referred Sister Wüst's family to the missionaries in Frankfurt! Which is like.. a really big deal. It was really happy and we were jumping up and down and were just so pumped. I really think this was the right time. We'll see on Thursday if they've dropped by yet. 


Lunch appointment with Sister Jordi. Long story short, she's really sick. She makes really good, natural food. It was a fiasco getting to her house, though. Really... one of the most interesting appointments of my mission. Good memories. We're going back next week. YES. 


Nothing of importance.


I stressed about the trials I am going to face in my life. (BG: Geesh:))The whole day, from personal study to the joint class with Priesthood and RS, was about facing trials and enduring them well. I was like... okay! Isch guet! I get it.. I need to endure things well. No matter what life-tearing things are thrown my way. I just thought a lot about what could possibly hit me. So.. I'm waiting for something life shattering. (BG: Oh no!)

Had a really lovely dinner of fish and rice and really healthy food with the Von Allmans. They are really wonderful. I go to Ava when I need anything. She's kinda like my mom here in Zollikofen. Then we had a really good lesson with a less active family from Togo. It was a translated lesson, but still really good. Our GML and his wife came along. He's awesome.

So... things are starting to pick up :) We had numbers to report, so that's always nice ;) (Even though numbers mean NOTHING. I know that.)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Til next week!

Sister Gilmour

Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 37: Week 7 in Kollikofen: My Soul Is Tired, So Many Prayers Answered

Hello all. I took a nap for P-day today. My soul is tired. But that's okay :)

This week was full of amazing and spiritual experiences. So I'm going to tell you about those this week.

Wednesday. Miracle day. 
We went dooring, because... let's be honest. We've been getting the answer that that's what we need to do. So we prayed, got the answer that we needed to go to Worblaufen, so we did.

We got off the Bahn, said another prayer, and both turned in the same direction, and headed off. We went to a building, did the whole house; no success. 

Second building. Almost the whole house done when finally someone said yes. His name is Yusuf. He is Muslim, but also Christian. He really believes the same things we do. We had a good lesson on the doorstep, and promised to come back with a Book of Mormon. It was really such a spiritually uplifting hour. We love miracles :)

Same day, we went by on an "investigator" and actually got to meet with her. She's Chinese and the whole God thing is really hard for her. But we had a really good lesson about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. And a whole lot of other things that were all really good :) She's so open to everything we say, she just doesn't quite... get it. But, we'll get it. She's awesome. 

We have a joint teach with the Elders with one of their investigators, Fernanda. She's from Portugal. She's got a really long, interesting story, but basically she told us that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and got the answer that she was already on the right path and didn't need to switch, even though she believes the book is true. Ugh. But we read 3 Nephi 11 with her. My goodness... the Spirit just bore witness to me that was took place during this chapter REALLY did happen. It was amazing. Even if she keeps listening to her lady-bishop, I received the answer again that the Book of Mormon is true. It was wonderful :)

We had a few good appointments with members this week. One was particularly good. I really got to help the mother out with personal health problems that she has. Again, in the words of Erin Maxfield, "God is not random". This family is wonderful :) We got to go by to give them a "Personal Touch" the next night and that.. was really inspired. It was so good. I love being able to follow the Spirit :)

I just want you to know that God answers prayers. We sometimes just need to look and pay attention to the answers. He answered so many of my prayers this week. Just enough to light the dark path and give me a little light to help me continue to walk in faith. He continues to do that daily. Missions are hard. Really hard. Especially when you are STILL not seeing anything. For example, I was sitting on a Bahn yesterday, on our way to contact in Suberg, when I went to talk to a women, because.. yeah, we should always be talking to people. I just complimented her ring, and she didn't understand a thing I said! "Ich mag ihren Ring". Is it really that hard to understand. I know I said it right. It was so hard to not just start crying right there; "what am I doing here", I asked myself. "No one is listening. No one sees the specialness of what I have to give them". It was a hard moment. 

Sister Wüst just had to remind me that my German is not bad. And that it's not my fault that these people don't listen. I knew it already... but it's hard. Missionary work is hard.. let me just say that a few more times :) 

I gave a talk yesterday. It was MUCH better than the last one I gave. I wrote it all myself (hopefully I can do that after 9 months in the field, right? ;)). I had Sister Wüst correct my mistakes, but guess what?! I didn't really make any! A few wrong endings on words, but even native speakers make those. And then I switched around a few words just to make it sound more correct. But it was really a confidence booster than I am learning! It was really cool :)

I gave the talk. There were no nerves, I didn't trip over the words, and it was perfectly the amount of time I was assigned... no 38 minute long talks like at my Farewell.. whoops ;)

So like I said, the power of prayer is real. It's so real.

Pray that we stay healthy here. Pray that whoever needs to see a doctor in the next few weeks will get good test results better. And that she can handle the needles and the blood and that she won't faint. We don't need any repeats of that one time in Tübingen ;) No hospital visits are needed right now! 

The church is true. Even when no one else will accept that. I know it, and one day I'll find the people who need me. One day I'll get to teach these eternal truths to people. My study stays fest on the Book of Mormon. I'm in Helaman 13, by the way. In German. I love learning more and understanding more as the days go on :) I am so blessed here. 

I love hearing about the mission calls of all my friends. The work is being hastened... it really is. Now pray for the people. They need the prayers, too. 

All my love from Zollikofen,

Sister Gilmour

P.S. We get a new President this week. How weird is that? Hmm.. it should be good!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 36: Week 6 in Zollikofen: Making our own MILK: ZUMBA in Switz from Pro 'English' Dancer - ):)

Hoy Zamme!

Man, I love you and mom. You two are the best examples! I love that you both pushed through the marathon and half marathons this weekend (mom deciding the night before to do it-she rocks!), despite the issues and knee pains. Heal yourselves, though! I want two parents who are healthy and strong when i get back,please :) 

I heard you PR'ed Dad, even though your 4:07 time wasn't as good and you wanted it to be? Way to go!!

And Sandi qualified for Boston... man. One day I'll be as cool as all of you :) Matt is doing well, too, I hope?

I know Erin Maxfield was a great missionary. she has helped me numerous times throughout my time here on a a mission. We're still knocking doors... nothing. Maybe we're just not saying the right things? But that really shouldn't matter cause the Lord prepares people to hear us, no matter what we say, no matter how bad our language is. So... we just keep pushing on. We're hoping that the new activities we've got planned will bring new people in.  

AN EXAMPLE:  We're doing Zumba with a pro- dancer from our ward
(Here's her Mormon Message. She's the coolest: m ) 

The ward was really excited when it was announced, so we're hoping to see new people there, and all their friends :):)

Nothing from the American house. Sadly. 

What did you end up doing for Fathers Day? Beside sitting in pain?

We have started the ab challenge as well... on day 3. Too easy. But running again in the mornings :) that's been really good... considering i've/ we've been having our weird health problems. 


So I wrote a list of things I wanted to include in this weeks email. So I'm just going to write it like I have it listed out in my planner :) 

First things first, Sister Wüst and I are now lactose free... or... intolerant. Her more than me. We've been experiencing stomach pains and bloated-ness. She can't even sleep sometimes. 

So, naturally, we asked for Priesthood blessings. We asked Bruno and Jona, both are wonderful. Bruno's wife (this is the couple that we Skyped you from) is the most wonderful and talented women. I love her. She was telling me about things that say "lactose free", that aren't actually lactose free. So she told us how to make our own rice milk and almond milk.

So we did :)


Who needs to eat during the dinner hour? Not us! Especially since we can't eat anything... 

Anywho, the blessing. I don't remember what was said, but I do remember what I felt. Which is the most important thing, right? As, Bruno laid his hands on my head, I was instantly filled with the feeling of healing. I could feel myself being cleansed and blessed, right from the very beginning of his blessing. It was all in German as well, and it was a great experience. I love German. There is something so beautiful about it. They can express themselves in a way you can't in English. Which is strange since German is really restrictive. 

Maybe it's because I don't receive Kranken Segens very often, but it was so good. And so powerful. 

Now, the reason I needed a blessing.

Hi... I've been out for 8 months. Everyone says that there is a level of exhaustion that is reached on a mission about half-way that no one can explain. Well... Ich stimme zu. I am so tired. I AM SO TIRED. I can only get through about 20 minutes of studies without falling asleep. I get 8 hours of sleep, sometimes 8.5. And I wake up with really bad headaches almost every morning. They last only until about 11, but they are still really annoying. 

I think I am low on iron. So we are buying iron today. 


Enough on my bodily issues :)
We got the permission from President to watch two World Cup games... cool, eh? Good thing I didn't come on my mission to watch Fussball. I don't know if Sister Wüst and I will end up watching any games. If we do watch any of them, it will be on the 26th: Deutschland v. America. The Elders are all really pumped, as I'm sure you can imagine ;) 


We had a joint teach with the Elders this week with a women who has been investigating for about a year. She is a HEAVY smoker, so we talked about das Evangelium Jesu Christi and der Wort der Weisheit. (BG: Really?:  she thinks we speak German too:))

It turned out really differently than we thought.

Turns out, she trusts doctors more than God. 

They told her that she HAS to drink coffee and smoke because without these things she'll get like...some kind of sickness that runs in the women in her family. 

Uh.. .is it lung cancer? 

I wonder why.

I was just literally stunned. I didn't even know what to say. 

Well.. I did, but I am a missionary and need to say things that Christ would say in these situations. So I didn't say much. And my language is a bit limiting. 

The whole lesson was just really frustrating. She said she could stop smoking whenever she wanted, but didn't have any desire to do it. She stopped during her pregnancy because she felt it was the right thing to do, not because it messes the baby up.. cause the doctors said it didn't have anything to do with the development of the child. Quatsch. 

(I don't know what doctor she's seeing, but I think he needs to go to school again.)

She didn't accept any of her commitments. She said that the Word of Wisdom was outdated and given at a different time. Never mind that God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow... :)


This week was good. Sister Wüst and I are staying together this transfer. Thank goodness! We got calls later than usual, so we were freaking out. But.. we got them eventually :)

We continue to knock on doors. We continue to talk to everyone. We are trying new things. We spend lots of time on our knees, thanking and asking the Lord. We are growing, and we love each other a whole lot :)

The Gospel is STILL true, as will it always be. The people may not be perfect, but the Gospel is. Always is, always will be. The Lord is the SAME. Always. I know it. We are able to infinitely grow.. but only with His help. He must be in all things :)

Today I read in the Book of Mormon - Helaman 6. I'm obsessed with it. It's so good. As is Hel. 5. Read it :)

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, daddy :) Here's something to honor you from all the way in Switzerland: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

Check out the Swiss site to see if we show up from the broadcast with Pres. Uchtdorf: swiss website for the church (BG: unfortunately, not yet)

All my love,

Sister Chloe Gilmour

Enjoy the photos.  (BG: she didn't attach:(:))

Monday, 9 June 2014

Week 35: Week 5 in Zollikofen: Goodbye Miles', Love MY Zone in Bern, Pres Uchtdorff's visit .. A Day of Pentecost:)

I don't really know where to start with this week. The work is still... so slow in Zollikofen for us. We have now reached the point where I can say that we have NOTHING to do. (BG: I don't think so:)) We are talking to everyone on the streets (when there are people out), we are now dooring (I'm sure you can feel the enthusiasm in my voice), we are trying to get new things up and started, but... still nothing. We're trying the service approach.  we're also trying to get our hands on a phone book.  We found a house decked out in american flags.  We knocked on it but know one was home, we'll try again, we did leave a funny note and testimony, we'll see...just trying to make it more enjoyable:)  It's all worth it!

Despite that saddening news, I love life as a missionary :) We are only being tested and tried right now. Yeah, it's not so much fun, but our testimonies and faith are being tested :) For which I am grateful.

And in between all the hours of contacting and walking the streets, we had some amazing things this week :)

Tuesday we had our Zone Training/ good-bye for President and Sister Miles. It was really, really good. It's good to be apart of the Bern Zone. Something new, but something good. These missionaries are amazing. I am really impressed. And it's funny to see how different zones are in different countries. Things are really different here. Not a bad thing, of course :) I did have that "oh no" feeling at the beginning cause I thought I would start feeling like a bad missionary again, but... that only lasted about 10 minutes. I don't think it's a bad thing, either. In fact, it was healthy. I could see my mistakes and see how I needed to be better to be a better missionary, and then I saw that it was okay because the Lord still loves me.   Our zone has a baptism every weekend it seems, its exciting!  Our mission i think had 300+ last year.  We walk and ride buses and trains a lot in this mission, there's only a few car areas, and a few bike areas outside of Munchin.  Transfers are this Friday, my companion has been here 3 transfers, we are hoping she's here for another one.  There aren't enough sisters here to make a lot of transfers.  

It's really cool to see how I can be so honest with myself. That's something I never would have been able to do a few months ago. I figured it's better to just be honest when I'm not perfect. I'm not expected to be. No one expects me to be, either. 

We got to hug President and Sister Miles before they left. It was really emotional. Which was surprising. I never felt like I had a huge connection to them, even though I love them. There are just too many missionaries to be super personal with every one. I understand that. It was a good meeting. Really good.

Wednesday was our exchange. I was in Thun, Switzerland with Sister Couper (from Scotland:)). It was really good. I love seeing when we talk through the Spirit.  We really felt like we had things we could give to each other. I got to know her better, and I think she is wonderful.  It was really good to be back in a big city and doing bus contacting- I felt RIGHT at home. I LOVE PUBLIC TRANSPORT CONTACTING. It's so much more normal than street contacting. And Thun is the most gorgeous little place ever. I loved it :)  This is where we had the pday with the scooters a few weeks ago, its about 45 mins from our area.

I am also really, really grateful that Dad is so clean/tidy and taught me the importance of a clean home and clean habits, and that my companion is also like that. And that she loves eating healthy and that we don't eat sweets or junk food. That's all I'm going to say....

We Tausched back on Thursday. Then went to the Von Allmens. They are wonderful. Such great members. Talk about giving all that you have to the Gospel. I love them. 

Friday we were with a member, Esther Müller. She served her mission in St. George and she is adorable. She's got a baby girl, Emma. She made us pancakes cause I told her I was craving them. Then she did a few alterations on some skirts and dresses for the two of us. I love members. She also said that our ward isn't doing enough missionary work. Which I loved cause I thought they were doing really well! Guess not! (BG: Perspective:))

Saturday we went to a Phillipino grill for a little girls birthday. I loved it. I love this little family :) The mother has been recovering from surgery she had a few months back due to a tumor growing on her brain. Came to find out it's actually not all gone and won't ever be. But right now it's not growing. But it will in a few years. She's amazing. We had a lot of ward members there. I love to see how much they love each other as members and the love they show us as missionaries. Plus the food was so good. So healthy. I don't even want to tell you how many fruit kabobs I ate. Okay... 7. But it was fruit, so I feel no guilt ;)

Also on this day, we were refilling all the pass-along card slots in the church for President Uchtdorf, when I looked through the YW window and saw a familiar face! It was Matt Robertson!! (My dad knows Matt from his mission in England (and he's been to our house in UT), and the Robertsons are in my Aunt Alison's ward in Frankfurt-love it, love the connections !!) It was really cool to see him :)
Matt took this picture of the Sisters - Thank Matt, IOU!
It's crazy to think I am now serving with Jake Robertson in the AGSM, and that I was at their house this time last year! Boy, how times flies. He's the coolest. And I love that family. Wonderful people. 

My companion is hilarious. Which  is really good cause it has been STINKING hot here. So without her funnies, the hot days would be miserable :) But we're a good team and we have a good time :) :)

Okay... the day you've all been waiting to hear about: SUNDAY. UCHTDORF. ANDERSON. REEVES. TEXERIA. 

They were all there :) It was broadcasted to Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It was really cool that I got to be there. We sat right in the middle in the center. We got ROCKIN seats. Like... some of the best. I feel so blessed to have been able to get tickets. They weren't easy to get. But our ward loves us :) 

President Uchtdorf and his wife were matching and wore bright orange. (BG: Matt I stole some of your pics from FB, thanks) They are the sweetest. And he's way tanned! 

They all had really good things to say, all of them something about not giving up with the work in Europe. They know it's hard. But they really pushed the members to do more. The missionaries have nothing without them (we being the best example ;)). It was really, really good. 

Then President Uchtdorf got up to speak to us. It was more like a Stake President speaking to us. It was really cool and kinda weird to see him like that. He was so normal. He also told us that he had just barely rededicated Switzerland that morning. But it's not something they usually make known to lots of people. But he drew a connection between that and the fact that is was the Day of Pentecost. Uh. I think that's a pretty big deal. I know the 3 pages of notes I took from him definitely say so. 

Here are a few points about what he talked about:
(He's really funny, by the way)
-Every thing good he has in his life is because of his membership in the Church
-the spiritual importance of the day
we need to be united as members
- the day represented  day of outpouring of the Spirit; a day to change
-we need to have a greater desire to do His work; make it a new start
- Bern temple is the symbol of NEW STARTS
-Temple: proof that God mends broken hearts
-"Recapture your tesimony every day"
-We will be persecuted in these days. every one of us. every single one. keep going. 
-Faith, faith, faith, faith, faith. Have it. 
-"Satan wouldn't mind if we shared the Gospel with the attitude that things are negotiable. They are NOT. BE BOLD."
-Know the simplicity of the Gospel. We can go deep, but there's no need. 
-*he quotes himself a lot*
-"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"
-"Tought times never last. But tought people do"
-We were prepared to live NOW. in this time. 
-We were given what we need to become eternal *wow*
-"Hold on a little longer!"
-"these time MUST be times of Penticost"

He's the best. I felt really spiritually fed after that. 

I got to shake his hand, and SPEAK GERMAN WITH HIM. That was really cool! His German.. is so good. I forgot what a normal German accent sounds like. I love those Hessen people. Awe! I also got to record something about missionary work. I have no idea where it will be, but there's a part that we were asked to record especially for our families. So if you get something, enjoy it!

This Gospel is true. Yes it is. Meet with the missionaries where you all live and listen to what they have to say, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, is a GOOD LIFE!  

We are working all day long. If you have ANY ideas as to how we can get things going, PLEASE, hit me up with an email. 

I love you :) Have a rockin' week! Pray we don't die of heat :)

Sister Gilmour

Oh. And do Family History. I really need names from mom's side of the family. And dad, all your stuff needs to be put Thanks. Our roots are done all the way until 480 BC. Pretty cool, eh?

Monday, 2 June 2014

week 34: Week 4 in Zollikofen: 400+ pics in Dropbox-Yahoo-Work, Work, Work and The Temple:)

Hoi Zämme!

This week has been really good :)

Still no one to teach. But lots of good conversations and hopefully a lot of potential investigators. If these people would just stop listening to Satan, that'd be really helpful. And if they spoke German. There are a lot of refugees here. Yeah, everyone needs the Gospel, but we can't teach it to them here. Ugh. 

Just a few random/cool/small things before I get into the meat of the week:

Freitag Bags- Dad, Matt Cox was right. They are EVERYWHERE and everyone has one. It is soooo funny! I still don't have much of a desire to have one. Maybe at the end of my mission.

Lori McBride- I was scrolling through Mormon Messages on Thursday, and I saw Lori! I was like "I know her! She's a beast and way cool!" Then we watched it and I cried cause it was so good. Small world in the Church, eh??

Elder Gilmour- Everyone calls me "Elder" here. Dad, apparently you left an imprint on people you didn't even teach, in a country you've never even visited. Cool ;)

Now for the good stuff.

So, like I said, still no one to teach. But we had really good contacts this week. We're really hoping that the Lord sees how ready and willing and desirable we are to start teaching and really finding (Sorry for my English). 

We had a really good lesson/ vorbei on Schwester Gianatti. She is from the Italian part of Switzerland and she told us all about her war stories from when she was a little girl. She remembers having to go to school with a gas mask tied to her bag. Can you imagine? I can't. It was really cool, cause then I just mentioned something about how comforting it was to read in the Book of Mormon and to see that they already knew there would be these wars and bad times in these days. Then she started asking us all about the Book of Mormon. She's a convert to the Church, been through the Temple, and done everything, but she really doesn't know the Book of Mormon so well. So we got to talk to her about her worries and her doubts and really share our simple, but true testimonies about the Book of Mormon and that it IS the word of God. She said she didn't feel worthy to go to the Temple anymore and had only been twice in her life due to these feelings. We told her it was Satan getting to her. He doesn't want us to go somewhere so holy and perform sacred ordinances, so he tempts us and tells us that we aren't good enough and that we aren't worthy to be in such places. She had never heard that :) It was really fascinating to see the look on her face when she made the connection and understood that that was really what was going on  :) She's going to get a temple recommend next Sunday :)

We then went to the Bishops house... again. They are wonderful people. But we had to cut the visit really short cause we totally forgot we had GMR (Ward council meeting, I think it's called in English). We went and it was really good. They even spoke in High German so that I could understand :) Which was really nice... cause I have NO clue what they're saying when they speak Swiss German. It's annoying. I will be giving the Spiritual Thought in the next council. Ich freue mich darauf :)

Now. Anita Küntzli. The coolest Sister in the ward. She served her mission in Las Vegas and is just a peach. I love her! She told us all about her mission and we helped her hang pictures and stuff. She just moved into the cutest and nicest apartment. That was cool. It's always really fun to see the members in a really normal environment and for them to get to know us better. I love these moments.  (BG: I cant agree more, the missionaries need to be in our homes)

We ended up doing a double fast this weekend. My advice: Don't ever do it. It was rough. On Sunday... We literally had nothing left. 

But it was actually also really worth it cause I had the best time in the Temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I went back for the first time in 7 months :) :) :) :) :) You could say I was pretty happy :) It was packed! I did the session in English, but it was funny cause I had to wear the headset that translates. But then I realized that I can speak German and I actually understood pretty much everything. So I just listened in German. Next time, I'll do it all in German. I just wanted to really understand everything I was doing again now that I've learned so much about the Temple after being her on my mission. 

The Temple is the most gorgeous place on this earth. The most important thing we can do here in our earthly life and make and KEEP our Temple Covenants. I am so LUCKY to be 19 and to have made these sacred promises with my Heavenly Father :) And to live pretty much at the Temple all day, every day :) it's pretty special. I guess we are also like the "temple Sisters". So we're working on a visitor center here in Zollikofen :)

We ended up getting lost on Saturday night and taking a lot of back paths and discovered a few really cool things. We were trying to find a less- active, but were unsuccessful. We will try again tonight. 

It's really weird here. I never, EVER had to schedule in time to just "contact" in Stuttgart, but here... that's like... half our day. And after 3, everyone is in their houses. It's the STRANGEST thing. So... we made goals to find reasons to knock on peoples doors. We don't want to look like Jehovah Witnesses, so if you have any ideas of how we can make this fun, let us know. We aren't exactly excited to knock doors. Especially after last weeks fiasco. (BG: Good thing she didn't get sent to England, she would have knocked on thousands of doors by now)

So this week, I will be saying good bye to my Mission President and his wife. We see them for the last time tomorrow. I will be doing an exchange with Sister Cooper, yes, we will take pictures. (BG: Sis Cooper is from Scotland, and I'm friends with her parents-we hoped this would happen) We're working on making our apartment a little cuter, so we will maybe find time after planning a few times this week. We've been invited to a Philippian BBQ. And President Uchtdorf comes on Sunday :) So, it should be a good week :)

I just really want you all to know how specific our trials are! I think I say this every week- but really! I have helped Sister Wüst in very specific and personal ways that I know no one else could. And she is helping me with so much, naturally :) I made the goal that this transfer/ area would be for my companion. (BG: What a great idea, wish i had done that) I showed her that, and she just smiled and shook her head :) We are really good friends. I love her!! And keep her family in your prayers. We are thinking about referring them to the missionaries in Frankfurt/ Heidelberg. She's a convert of 2 years, in case I didn't tell you already. Yeah, she's amazing. She GETS the Gospel. I have so much to learn from her. We have a lot to learn from each other :)

That's the week that I had :) I'm really happy here in Zollikofen. Our numbers are mega rubbish, but I don't feel like the worst missionary here, which is a really nice difference from Stuttgart. There are so many ready and prepared people here.. I KNOW IT. We just haven't found them yet :) I'm looking for those who need me here, and I think they are looking for me as well. I just always need to remember that it doesn't matter how bad my German is or what I say. If they are ready, they will accept what I say, no matter how I say it. We are not in charge here. He is :) And He's teaching us something right now, not sure what it is, but we are certainly learning :)

I love my mission. I love my Savior. I love the people. I love life :) I love what I am here to learn.

Verpflichtung: Read "The Fourth Missionary". It'll change your life like it's changing mine :)

Also, a year ago today I was on a plane to Germany :) 

Second year in a row that I've missed my daddy's birthday. 

Sorry, dad. I love you, and I know you know that :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLD MAN!! Next year we'll celebrate like we should :)  
(BG: Yes, we will-in Europe, riding bikes, swimming and running)

Congrats to my awesome sister Brooklyn who graduated from high school last week.XXXX

All my love,

SISTER Gilmour

"When we kneel down, I know He'll answer back"