Monday, 27 October 2014

Week 55 in the Field: Week 25 in Zollikofen-My last one:(: Off To Zurich. So much love, love and more love for my friends, companions, members and family, SO BLESSED!!

I have felt the most incredible amount of love over the last week. Especially yesterday!

Birthday's on missions are weird. I mean... we get some pretty funny homemade things and parties in boxes and floss and things of necessity. But... those are the best moments I've had on a birthday.

Out of bed and out of the shower, beautiful me:)

I woke up to shower, and found sticky notes all on the shower tiles with ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG SISTER GILMOUR XX, another being my towel, behind the mirror, in my closet and above my bed. I came out to breakfast all laid out on the table for me. Then I opened gifts. I couldn't help but cry a bit because of the gifts. They were incredible. I felt so much love and thoughtfulness and I just... 

I don't deserve the amount of love that people have for me! I can't give it all back. I want you all to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Words don't express feelings very well. But.. this is the happiest feeling. I never want to lose it. 

We then got ready for the day. As we were doing that, our doorbell rang. So I went to beep them in, but no one came in. Huh? Then our phone buzzed. A text from the Elders! "Go check your post!"

We ran downstairs and found a bag hanging on the door. (See my video I sent annd dad posted on FB for me)

They had written "ALLES" "GUTE ZUM" "GEBURTSTAG" on 3 bananas, then carved GILMOUR out of 7 peppers. I loved it!!! They knew I probably wouldn't want a cake, and so they gave me something I love, in a Sister Gilmour kind of way :) They also made me a very thoughtful Tschüssbuch entry :) I have really come to love those two-such great friends! I will miss them dearly. 

We headed to church, got LOTS ready for that evening and.... the Bishop had wonderful things to say about Elder Bergström and I leaving ... BAM. The day I leave and I just love them all and don't want to go! 

I received so many birthday wishes and so much hugs and well wishes for my time in Zürich. I felt like I actually did something for these people... I hope i did. I just want to help people. I want them to feel love and to feel the Spirit. I've learned so much from my time in Zollikofen. 
Sonja-one the greatest things to happen on my mission to me.  
Sonja made me a cake with my favorite color for flowers. It was a gorgeous cake. She always makes such beautiful things :) Lots of hugs from her, too. I loved working with her and I will miss her DEARLY. But I know it's not good-bye :)
Now. The Music Fireside. Boy. What a great experience! It was really different for me than for those not involved, I'm sure. I sang in 5 different pieces and my voice is GONE. But it was gorgeous. The lights, the films, the drawings, the songs, and the performers. I got goosebumps a good few times. We had a really good turnout, too. 300 people!! That was NOT expected!! But from what I heard, everyone really, really enjoyed it. Which made me really happy :) We had a few microphone problems, sometime energy was lacking, but you know what? For Zollikofens first fireside, it was really good. Now they'll be excited for the next one. It was like a full on performance with lights, a shadow dance, Alphorn, harp, some good Born Again music, violins. No one was expecting that. Not even me! But I was well pleased with the turn out!! 

While preparing everything over the last week for this, I got to build some really good relationships with missionaries. I love Goldens. They are so ready to be their best and give all they have, but they are all so worried cause they don't know what they're doing yet. And they're frustrated and little down on themselves, and don't really know where to start. I got to have a lovely talk with an Elder who has been out now 7 weeks. It was such an inspiring and uplifting discussion. I could really feel the Spirit working through me, telling me what I needed to say to this Elder to give him some kind of comfort. We both ended up with tears in our eyes, and knew that we had both learned from what the Spirit had just told us both. (BG: Makes me want to go on a mission again so bad, this time with Julie Gilmour as my Companion:))

That's something that I love about the relationships between missionaries. You really learn to love someone. I mean really LOVE them. Not in a romantic way, but in a very real, Christ-like way. Another reason why it's going to be so sad to leave Bern Zone. Now that I'm nearing the end, there's the chance that I won't be seeing some of these people again. (There's one big pond in between our continents) And that is so heartbreaking. But... I guess I was hear for those who needed me in that moment. And then we move on and help the next people who need us. 

I was given 3 cakes yesterday. Haha, it was so nice of everyone! I shared with all the people there for the Fireside. But... they were from people that I didn't even EXPECT. The gift from Sister Couper and Sister Emerson was so sweet. The cards, the hugs. My gosh. LOVE. TOO MUCH LOVE. I don't even know what to do with it all!!

This week was spent laughing, making videos, piling wood, at the church, working with missionaries, singing, singing, singing, teaching, crazy schedules, and packing.

Oh yeah. Did I say I'm heading to Zeurich?? I am :) I will be working with a Sister from the Netherlands, Sister Robben. She is "dying" (going home) at the end of this 5 week transfer. I am excited :) I've heard the ward is amazing and the apartment is the smallest sister apartment of the mission. Yay ;) Sister Peacock is going to be a MOMMY! She's getting a Golden and totally freaking out about it :) But she is going to be GREAT. I have no doubt :) Elder Bergström is going to St. Gallen and is getting a Golden, too, AND he's opening a new area. Good luck!! Elder Huby is getting Elder Dzierzon, who's actually in our district already. Just a little move for him. 

And the birthday wishes just kept going and going! Last night I was given a note from Sister Peacock that told me to be ready in Yoga pants at 7:45 and not to ask questions. Then she took me to Ness's and we did Yoga and had breakfast :) So sweet. 

Oh yeah!! And Sonja got the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday!! They had to give her two blessings cause they forgot to confirm her with the Holy Ghost. I couldn't really hear, so I don't know what exactly went wrong, but it was funny and good, nonetheless :)

Just. So much happens on a mission. No time to tell you all about it. One day :) 

Have a good week. I'm sorry everything is so crazy. Hope you can make sense of my craziness. 


Sister Gilmour

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 54 in the Field: Week 24 in Zollikofen: Baptism. Success...Whoop! Whoop! We're harvesting:):)

Baptism. Success.

That's really all I want to tell you about. Probably all you want to hear about, too.

We started the day out with the last session of Conference. That was spectacular! Sonja's mom was also there, so the end talk by Bednar was just.... BAM. So good. We also had another man there from University Bern. Very nice and he's been a few times. I hope he felt something. I didn't get to speak with him as much as I would have liked. 

But that's okay cause I was taking care of Sonja :) She was just... so nervous. But so happy :) There were so many hugs. So lovely :) 

We took a few pictures outside the temple, and then the program started. Sister Peacock played the piano, I conducted. There was a talk about baptism, and the woman who gave it wowed us all. Sonja was crying and so was she and I'm sure a few others.

We headed down to the font. The Spirit that was there in that room was so STRONG, so THICK. No one could have cut through that. We all felt the presence of the Spirit there and we all knew that what she was doing was right. Not just something that we think is right, but what is really right, being done with the Priesthood authority. I feel like God should have spoken from heaven saying that He was well pleased with her. Although there was no booming voice, there was a burning in our hearts. Such an indescribable experience. It's something totally different when it was someone that you personally prepared for that moment. 

As she got out of the water, I wrapped her in her towel, and led her back to get changed. I stayed with her, talking with her, asking her how she felt. I could tell that wasn't what she needed right then, so I let her in peace, just to bask in the feelings she was having; letting her think about the amazing experience she had just had. She kept saying how she just felt so GOOD. So clean and pure! I loved it! I love her! 

We then went upstairs to the Chapel and had a BEAUTIFUL music item. Again, some wet eyes. We heard a talk about the Holy Ghost, which she will be getting on Sunday. 

I gave the closing prayer. I love praying cause when I pray, my German is good. The power of prayer is real, people. 

We then had a big lunch after with the whole ward. The ward is such a good support system to her. She really was accepted by everyone on her first day, and the support just becomes stronger and stronger every single week. I love that woman :)

Satan did get his way in there this week, though. She was in the hospital for something pretty serious. But. She got a Priesthood blessing, and all was okay :) She was in tip-top shape for the baptism :) He'll do all he can to stop the good, but the day of, he doesn't have any power :) He's got the power to bruise our heels, but we have the power to crush his head. He didn't win this time :)

Such a wonderful day :)

This past week I also hit my one year mark. Man. Crazy! 
As we were having a Finding Day in Bern (we walked around and had people answer a question with a tally asking if they knew the Mormon Temple. They had to answer yes/no. There were other questions, too like: Does this life have a purpose, and then we passed out the Music Fireside flyers. We did it two nights in a row). 

As I was approaching people, and having good conversations, I all of a sudden realized something.

I didn't hate it.
I was talking to people and I didn't hate it! I was not the usual uncomfortable - just walking up to people-hate it.

And I was speaking German.
And the people were understanding me!

And I was teaching! 

What had happened? When did that start?

Then I remembered... I've been here over a year. It's about time ;)

I loved seeing the progress and growth that I've made. I'm not done yet, but I love feeling like I've accomplished something. I've grown to where my Heavenly Father wants me to be right now. I love that :) 

And Sister Peacock celebrated by making me a card and putting  candle in a fig for me, and calling me "fig face". She really loves me ;) Nah, it was a good day. 

My love of the scriptures just keeps growing daily. Seriously, daily. I now understand what it means to feast upon the words of the scriptures. Today I was studying the New Testament along side Jesus the Christ. It was so good. ( I think I need a larger vocab. I sound like a 5th grader).


Next week is the epitome of chaos. So just pray that we don't lose our heads. Danke. 

I receive transfer calls on Thursday morning. So I'lll know if I'm staying or going at the end of the week. Transfers are then on Tuesday. Talk about stress!!!! I don't have ANY time to pack if I am going. 

So just pray I stay ;) There's too much good lined up for next transfer to leave now. 

Love you all :)

Ich hab euch alle MEGA lieb!!! Bis nächste Woche!  (BG: google translator - I love you all MEGA!!! Until next week!)

Sister Gilmour

Prepping for tours

With Elder Hubys Grandparents who were working at the temple

Dinner with Elder Hubys grandparents

Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 53 in the Field: Week 23 in Zollikofen: Mission Life is So, So, So Good!!!

Family. So much has happened. I guess I'll just go day by day and tell you. Sorry, I'll be leaving out a bit of detail i would LOVE to add in, but I don't have much time today :)

Monday: Went to.... not important. A good day. Wrote some letters. Took it pretty easy. Lots of preparing in the evening. SO MUCH TO DO. 

Tuesday: Whole day in Zürich for Zone Conferene. I saw Sister Wüst for the last time until April when she comes to see me in München! I love her :) She was so happy to see me and I forgot how much I just love her. 
We heard from President about the 12 tribes of Israel and why we are REALLY on missions: because we have the birth right and we were chosen to spread the Gospel. I LOVE this topic! I could talk about it all day long, but won't cause.. time. It was really good. Talked about our goal of 68 baptisms before the end of the year. We are all pumped up about it and it's a real goal we can reach. We're hoping and fasting to find someone through all our events we have going over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday: EXCHANGE WITH SISTER COUPER IN THUN! I lover her :) (BG: This is one of the best things i hoped would happen on Chloe's mission, that she and Sis Couper (from Scotland) would meet and be great friends). We had a really good, and uplifting time together. I'm really sad that she's leaving so soon :( We've just had such good times together and I really consider her to be one of my best friends from the mission. She loves me no matter what. We had a really good time contacting with the Elders. Man.... I am SO not a street contactor. And that is OK. But... it was fun to contact with them and see how they do things. We did a few good Personal Touches, had a less active lesson, language study with the two German Elders they serve with, a less with a new convert (who is BRILLIANT), and.... just had really good conversation. I love her. 

Thursday: switched back and went to Sonja's baptismal interview! SO GOOD. We had to have an emergency switch with who would give it because our DL was in the hospital :/ But it was so so good. And it was Elder Huby's birthday! We printed out pics of him throughout his mission and put recipes for all things sweet on the back. and Sister Peacock and Emmerson baked him a cake. 

Had a good lesson with Sonja after about following the Prophet. She's on fire this one. So, so good. I can't believe she's getting baptized on Sunday!! Crazy!! Then we had an eating appointment with a member family. Ate the best figs of my life. I won't ever forget them.

Friday: Had a good cry during comp inventory. I really needed that. I haven't really cried in a really long time. There had been some tension between us, but we didn't really know why. I opened up about my alarm that is always going off that won't even allow me to feel the Spirit cause I'm always so worried about the time, or if we're doing something wrong. It's become the was Satan works with me and it is not okay. He will not win any longer. I had a really spiritual moment, a conformation that God hears our prayers. I opened my scriptures to D&C cause Sister P was looking for a scripture. I read 61: 21, 22... and it was perfect. She asked me to read it out, and i just started crying. I had been feeling really guilty about a lesson a few weeks earlier because I knew I didn't make the right decisions (we didn't pray at the end of the lesson because we were going to miss our train and be late). In that scripture, He just tells us that it is totally egal to Him, as long as we fulfill our mission. We weighed the pros and cons of the decision we had made, and it turned out that it wasn't good, or bad. I was just letting Satan really get to me. It was really, really good to be able to open up without being attacked. And same with her. We really needed that. And I had prayed the night before that I could have a good cry over something, and He gave me that chance :) It was perfect! 
Then we planned the whole day, gave a German class, and WENT TO THE TEMPLE!  I love the feeling of the Temple. It was made known to me again that the Temple really is the holiest place on earth. 

Saturday: The Temple was a perfect "Vorbereitung" for this day cause we gave Sonja a Temple Tour. The testimony at the end was just.. so much better because I had been reminded on the promises and the beautiful feelings you have there. I love it. I love working here, even if it's hard ;) Played football in the morning, then had a lesson with a part member family. Sorted out some more baptism things. THIS WEEK!!

Sunday: Fasting. We had super powers. Although I felt a lot more tired than usual, it was a good day. Not as much patience as I should have had, but... I repented about that. We sang Come Follow Me as missionaries in Sacrament as our Testimony. Then we had choir practice after. We're singing a beautiful Latin piece in the Fireside. I am so so excited! Then I had to practice somemore cause I'm singing another piece in the Fireside. Lots of singing for a girl who doesn't even sing very well. I can carry a tune... good enough. I'm a good support. 

Then we went to a CES broadcast with Sonja in Bern with the Insti students. Good times :) Had a good talk with an elder about lifting weights and stuff. That was fun. Haven't talked about that in a really long time. President Christofferson talked about losing our lives to find them and carrying our cross. It was good, really good. 

Today: We went to Thun again and did the Trotti biking again. We had 4 birthdays to celebrate. Worth it. IT WAS PURE FOG. Literally, couldn't see more than 5 feet infront of you. And so worth it. It poured the whole way, but I was wearing my wonderful raincoat, so it wasn't so bad. Just soaking legs and feet and frozen hands. But... it was so beautiful. The falling leaves, red and orange, against the foggy mist and trees. There was nothing like it. I loved seeing the unity between missionaries. No one was left behind and they were all so worried about each other. I love that about missions- no on is left behind. Well... I guess if you have a good relationship. Which we are really working on. 

just about 2 hours ago!!

there's always snow in the mountains. but none today at the height we were at :)


That was really talked about at MLC. Love or numbers? Love. How would Christ do it? That's what I'm focusing on right now. I will do what I think Christ would do. Listening to the Spirit and using my common sense, but really listening to the Spirit. I am so done with letting Satan have control over things. The rules are good, and I will continue to follow them, but I will listen to the Spirit, and he will tell me what to do. I could give you example, after example, but I won't. 

Tonight we are going to Sandro and Daniela's, a family we are teaching. We are going really slowly with them, but they keep having us over to have FHE. Tonight Sandro is preparing it. It will be about love. I am excited. They are both recently new with the whole... God thing. They have a hard time about other books, they really, really like us and are really impressed by how nice we are. They say that all the time: "are all Mormons so nice?!" They are funny:) We love them, and look forward to helping them progress. We will be extending the commitment to meet with us and have the lessons tonight. Pray it goes well.

We will also be having 2 finding days this week. Right in the center of Bern, with Bern district. We will be handing out Temple Tour flyers, and Musical Evening flyers. We need the whole world to know who we are and what we are doing. That's Wednesday and Thursday. We're going to shock Bern. I'm excited :) 

Putting some more touches on the fireside and crazy busy with it, but loving it. I'm ready to do normal work, though. 

And of course: SONJA'S BAPTISM IS ON SUNDAY!!!! 12:45- you're all invited ;) I can't wait to tell you all about it when it actually happens :)

Well... thanks me in a weekly wrap. 

I love you all. I love that I'm here. I love helping others. I love learning and growing.

Studies as of late:
Speaking of which. DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD THE NEW TESTAMENT IS?! (BG: Of course-she's funny!) I just ordered a NT, and I can't put it down. I love it. The whole first 7 chapters are marked up.... big time. Such a treasure. The scriptures really are... priceless. Do we understand what we have?! I mean really.... and ancient record that we just have.. .in every language to READ?! And then the Book of Mormon to explain it all a little better. I read "canon" in the Bible Dictionary, and that was really interesting. And we just listened to "Lord, is it I" from the Priesthood session. AMAZING. I JUST LOVE STUDYING!!! I have set so so so many goals for my life when I'm home. I am so excited to put all that I've learned here in action and apply it to my life for.. forever. 

Okay. I love the Gospel. Just so you know :)

Pray that everything goes well this week, please and that we won't be too stressed out :)

Love you until the end of the earth, and for eternity after that! 

Sister Gilmour

Monday, 6 October 2014

Week 52 in the Field: Week 22 in Zollikofen: Been Out (1-ONE-ONE-1) Year:):); Uplifting weekend

Hallo :)


We had a great weekend, didn't we? I know I did! I loved hearing from the Prophet and his Apostles and the uplifting and inspired words they had to tell us. I tried super hard to hear for the answers to my prayers, and I think I got them? I know there is a time and a place to ask certain questions, and... I'll ask them next conference ;) 


What was your favorite part/talk?


I don't know if I had a fave, actually. I just really loved that they talked about the Prophet so much!


I loved being surrounded by other missionaries, all there to receive answers as well. Being with the members and all hearing the same things, and all being strengthened together is something really special. Having Sonja there with us.. was just the best :) I love seeing her grow at the rate that she is! Heavenly Father really answers our prayers :)


Sometimes I forget that I have the Spirit with me at all times, and can't even imagine how it would be to be an investigator feeling that power for the first time. But I envy them sometimes.. if I could remember the first time really feeling the Spirit.. man. I wish. 


I did ask myself that question actually. The only link I could make was to my times of going to Girls Camp being a little 12 year old girl and just being HIT with the Spirit for the first time so strongly. So strongly it just brings you to a sopping mess of tears. To be in the mountain, to know that is a holy place to the Lord, in the nature that He created, and feeling infinite. Oh my, how our Father in Heaven loves us. He created such a beautiful place for us, didn't He? I am so grateful to be here :) And to have a body to do all the fun stuff in the nature that He's given us :) What a great gift! 


Speaking of nature, I visited one of God's best made places last week :) Brienzsee in Interlaken. My goodness. Just GORGEOUS!

I felt like I was in the AF Canyon, just on a boat :) I think this is also the lake where Harry Potter was filmed on? Whenever the lake is shown where the castle is... I'm positive I was there. BREATHTAKING. I can't wait to bring you all to these places :) We were there with the Elder from Bern, as well. Good, funny, British banter.... what's better? 


I'll tell you:  being part British and being able to understand ;) Haha, I wish I could say I could laugh at everything, but I couldn't... didn't understand. But funny, nonetheless :)


OH! We also got to visit the basement area of the Temple this week :) Cool, huh? Not everyone gets to see that :) We got offered to see more, but we had to visit someone in the hospital and couldn't take the time :( Maybe another time :)


This week was gorgeous with the weather. I'm just raving about nature right now cause it's my favorite thing and it's when I feel the Spirit the strongest. The weather is PERFECT. Perfect autumn. The leaves are all to die for, and perfect for crunching under our feet while walking the streets :) It's a very nice, warm temperature as well...much better than in August :) 


I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON THIS WEEK. It is still true :) And I LOVE IT SO MUCH. All I want to do with my time is read it and study it! I have a list of things I want to study.... with no time to do that :) I am starting the New Testament now. I really need to get better acquainted with the stories of Jesus. So that's what I'm doing :) And reading the Doctrine and Covenants at the same time. The scriptures are the BEST! It's amazing that we have these records, if you think about it! I mean... they are ANCIENT. And carved and recorded on brass and gold..... that's amazing. I am so grateful to have them today :)


We gave a really good Tour to a girl from Ukraine on Saturday. She's not a member, but her sister is and was getting married in the Temple. We got to take care of her while they were doing the Sealing ceremony. It was soooo good! She is so so bright! And only 15! I could hardly believe that. She asked really good questions and was really observant. It was a really good chance to just teach... which is exactly what we wanted with these tours; to teach with them. It was given in English, so I think that was a huge part why we could do it so easily. I love being able to inform people of the Temple :) My knowledge and testimony is also growing while doing it.. it's a two-sided blessing, for sure :)


We got the BEST grapes from a member this week. So good they were picture worthy. Be jealous (but don't actually cause that's breaking the Commandments).


Also, I love our Turkish girls that we teach German to :) There's a pic attached. They are so cute :)


This week:

Today, checking out another thrift shop. Can't get enough of them. We'll be birthday shopping for 3 Elders birthdays... all happening within 5 days of each other. We have a lot to organize :)

Tomorrow: Zone Conference in Zürich with President and Zürich zone. I get to see Sister Wüst! Last time before she goes home...crazy. 

Wednesday: Going on exchange with Sister Couper in Thun. We will be teaching a lesson to a new convert in French ;) Just kidding, we will just be there while Elder Huby teaches cause... we don't speak French :)

Thursday: Elder Huby's birthday! We have an appointment, so that's good :) Should be a lovely day :)

Friday: TEMPLE DAY!!! We are so excited to be going back! 6 weeks in between each session is TOO MUCH. 

Saturday: I think this is the only day we don't have anything..


Sonja will be having her Baptismal interview this week. Yay! Things are coming nicely together and the big day is quickly approaching. All is sorted except who will do the ordinance. She's praying about it :) 


The Musical Evening is coming along. A lot to do, and a lot of stress just trying to get things to work out. If you could pray that we figure out the lighting and find the key to get into everything, that would be appreciated. I got to see the 3rd one done just a few weeks ago... it was BRILLIANT. I am so excited to be able to take part in it here... it's going to be really good :) 


So happy you got to see Bruno and Ava.  Nice of them to stop into American Fork early in the morning last week, all the way from Switzerland with my letters for you, and surprise you.. I love them :) We'll be friends forever :)


I think that's everything... man. Busy, busy. Time is going too, too fast-my 1 year mark this week! Slow down, please!


Love you all :) Until next week! Stay strong and think about what we learned in Conference! I will, too :)


PS- how's family scripture study and prayers coming along?


Sister Gilmour