Monday, 19 May 2014

Week 31: Week 2 in Zollikofen, Switzerland: SchwietzeDootsch #IschGuet #GÄÜ‏: Fun times in the mtns

There you go, fam. There's some Swiss German. I don't understand it, either, it's okay ;)

This week was.... REALLY good. Now that I go back and think about it, we really got so much done. I've only been here a week? Is that for real? I feel like I've been here for weeks or months. That's a good sign :)

We are currently working on reworking the whole area of Zollikofen. I wonder sometimes what the past missionaries were doing here and how they functioned. It's okay, Sister Wüst und ich are doing work here..... well... all the work we can do when there's literally 3 people on the street in the middle of a beautiful weekend day ;) I swear... this place is a Ghost Town. Everyone just stays inside or something! It's fun ;)

This week we contacted a TON of potentials. And guess what? Two of them spoke German. How did these Sisters get these people's numbers?! And not one of them had any interest.

What's new? ;)

We also had a TON of less active lessions. It was really good :) But... a lot of them also speak really bad German. So... I think it's really time I learn French. It's necessary. I just don't want to buy a dictionary :/

Also.. our members are WONDERFUL. We had the chance to spend a lot of time with them at eating appointments and I am so impressed by the work that they do here. It is unbelievable. Sadly, they aren't seeing success, either. But we did have a baptism last Saturday. That's some great success :) Our Bischof has literally given every single one of his neighbors a Book of Mormon and they have all been to Church. Still... nichts. It's so hard! I don't understand these people. How much worse and depressing/ good and uplifting does the world need to become to show these people that they really, really need God? More prayers for the Second Coming on my part, I guess ;) 

Oh! And President Uchtdorf is coming to speak to us on June 8th!!!!! I am sooooo excited!! Everything is being redone here for his coming. It is going to be so good. And guess who has tickets?


It¨'ll be wonderful :)

We gave a Temple Tour/ a question and answer tour to a bunch of students. It went REALLY well. We showed them The Restoration and you KNOW they felt something special. Also, 5/6 of them took Books of Mormon :D They invited the Missionaries to come to the University and speak about what we believe every semester :)

We are working on a temple visitor center here. It's coming along really well, actually :) We have access to the internet from a giant iPad that is installed in the wall. We are able to get almost anything we need and really.. .it is such a cool missionary experience.

We are also really working on using Family History in our contacting. We had really good conversations with people about it. Still no "success", but we had great contacts :) That's all I really care about, to be honest. Numbers? Bleh. They don't show anything. We're doing so much here, and the numbers just don't show that.

But... Weiter, immer weiter ;) 

k. Then today:
Blue lakes
There are a few words to describe what we did today.

We went to Thun and rode scooters down the mountain. It took us about 1.5 hours and my gosh... it was GORGEOUS. 

We're in the city of Thun. We had to take two trains, a bus ride for 30 minutes, and two gondolas to get up there to ride these scooters down. Try and tell me that God doesn't exist while doing this trail. It just doesn't go together... OF COURSE THERE'S A GOD. this place is gorgeous!

Dad, it was mountain bikers DREAM!! You would have died! i wrote down how to get there and all the times and connections so when we come bback to visit, we can do it again ;) (BG: How do i get my family and all our great friends, bikes and jeeps there?:))

I said to Elder Müller "It's like Moab, but without the Jeeps and without the red rocks!" Elders McColgan and Conteh just laughed at me. Can you tell I'm missing our Jeeps? ;) 

I'll attach some pics, of course :)

And Skype.. I know that was last week, but I really loved seeing you all :) You all look so good, so happy, so healthy, and as busy as ever. I can't wait to be back in the sweet embrace of my family :) 
But there's no need to worry cause I don't want to be back QUITE yet. I'm enjoying my time here too much :) I can't believe I only have 11 months left :( I know It's going to go so fast :( But.. make the most of the time we have and then continue doing the coolest and best member-missionary work when you get home, right, Clo?! Right :) 

Enjoy the pics :)

Bis nächste Woche!

Isch guet so! 
(I need to learn French. Let me just repeat that a million times)

Sister Gilmour

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  1. Breathtaking pictures! So happy she's having these missionary experiences! She is blessed to be there and there is blessed to have her!