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Week 20: Week 14 in the field, in Stuttgart: It's Raining and Pouring, We're Painting, and SNORING!‏

It's Raining and Pouring, We're Painting, and SNORING!‏

(And setting baptismal dates!! But more on that later!)

Hallo from Deutschland! From your favorite Sister missionary, who is as happy as ever!

Spring is in the air and its not looking like Winter will be returning
First signs of spring, pic from 'The Local' Germany's News in English

So, this past week has been... amazing. The work is so good, and even though our numbers are... European, we've spoken with so many people, and done so much good. We've planted seeds that will be ready to sow in Gods time. I'm not even upset about it, either. Because we've helped so many people!!! 

So this week we helped with a lot of painting, getting ourselves very painted in the process. It's always fun to mix up the schedule :) 

We got POURED on after Sport Abend... looked like the most pathetic Sisters anyone's ever seen, but loved every second of it.

And we've been exhausted. Like... drool on the pillow, didn't move once, can't remember our dreams tired. You know you're working hard when you have a sleep schedule like that :)

We've also been working really hard on mapping our 20 page ward list. Why? Because I probably know 5 pages of people out of 20. So we are working on finding everyone's addresses, finding what U Bahn stops they live at, and which buses to take to get to their houses. Yes, we are doing that with every Member, Less Active, and Unknown person/ family on 20 pages (Except not the Kein Kontakt people.. not yet). This has been the biggest help to our work here in Stuttgart. It's brilliant. But we're really tired. And it's really addicting....  i like to consider this my pride and joy here in Stuttgart and then all the auxiliaries and missionaries in our area will get a copy. it makes our work a lot more efficient, and i'm excited to see it finished! It has helped our work SO MUCH! I love it!! 

I feel like we do so much, but then I can't remember what we did when it comes to email day...

I guess I'll share the most exciting part of our week with you, then :) We set a baptismal date with Xiaoyu! SHE IS THE MOST ADORABLE AND PERFECT GIRL WE HAVE EVER MET. We have her so gern! She's from China, and basically jumped in the font when we mentioned baptism. She knows she's not ready yet, but she wants to be as soon as she can be. The hard part is that she goes back to China for about 4 weeks on Friday. We are really worried that something or someone will talk her out of the goodness and truth she feels through this Gospel. We've been teaching her for about 6 weeks now, and it couldn't be going better, so we're hoping that plays a big part in keeping her on the path.

We had an eating appointment with her last night with a family in our ward. It was amazing. We were able to use their iPad and computer to show her all these amazing things in Chinese. She's amazing.... just. AH! She'll be back the day before Conference, so she'll come back and basically spend 48 hours with us having a spiritual ball watching conference with us. She is so EXCITED!! She's ordered the Liahona and she reads them so fast. She really FEASTS on the words of Christ. Really. And she asks amazing questions. I love her. So much. 

The date isn't set specifically because she'll be gone for a while, but it's there... and we were so happy! God is good, people. God is SO good.

I would also like to announce that I am OBSESSED with the body. Does anyone really understand the divine temple that we live in?! It is the most beautiful thing. I study it a lot. I read the talk "Decisions for Eternity" from Elder Nelson from October Conference. READ IT. It is the most amazing thing. And this is seemingly what it is that I want to study when I come home. The body and how certain things affect it. Especially food. I have never felt so healthy and energized than I have here, and I'm convinced it's because of the way the Germans eat. And I want to know what exactly about it it is that makes it that way. I want to know how to get my SPIRIT in control of my BODY. 

This talk talks about that in a few different ways. It's just really interesting. And it really hits on homosexuality... which I find interesting because that's been brought up a lot. And suddenly, through the study of the body and the spirit TOGETHER, we've come up with some pretty legit answers. Take a look.

I also realized, as I was studying this talk, that the world is a horrible place. I'm not in the world, but I read my scriptures, and I know it's bad. This morning, I prayed for... a long time... that God would bless us with the Second Coming. Soon, because I can't imagine things getting worse than they are. 

Sister Winters and I also had a good conversation this morning about all the things that have to take place before the Savior comes again.... or really... all the things that have happened and the very few things we're waiting for.

1) The word has to be taught in every country. But does it say anywhere that it has to be done by those wearing tags? I'm pretty sure it doesn't... correct me if I'm wrong. But God put an interesting thought in my head.... Maybe the reason that the First Presidency and the Church is really pushing member missionary work is because we aren't going to get into those places that don't have the Gospel with tags on; it's going to be up to the members to do it. AH HAAAAAAAAAH. Interesting thought, oder? He'll come as fast as we're willing to work. LET'S GET TO IT. 

2) We need a Temple in Jerusalem. But really... we need dedicated ground in Jerusalem. Nothing has to be built, just set apart :) That could happen... whenever. And at this rate, I really hope it's soon. 

So yeah. 

We were studying the other day about Alma and his brethren, and how they didn't pray to have the hearts of the people changed, but to change the circumstances in order to change their hearts. So I've really been focused on that lately. And we've read a lot about emergency preparedness. Basically.. I'm just waiting for something crazy to happen. Crossing my fingers, actually. Some Germans need something to change their hearts. As does the rest of the world.. 

Conference is in a few weeks.... lets see what wonderful things the Prophet have to tell us this time!! I'm waiting for something crazy :)

Okay.. now that I've written a novel.. I'll go now :) 

I wish you all the best week ever. Share the Gospel, and pray for the opportunity to do so. The church is true, God is good. He is a God of order and pattern, and He is never changing. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Gospel of true change and repentance, for which I am eternally grateful. And READ THAT TALK!

I got the package... or a package. it's not here where I live, though cause I guess it has something valuable, so i'll pick it up on Wednesday when i'm in that area of Suttgart.

The girls look great!!! I love dad and how much of a kid he is! I love it!! I wish I could play around with him, too... but we've got eternity to do that :) keep him safe!!  You look good, too, mom!! your hair is beautiful :) I still think you're the best mom ever, and i will continue to think even more highly of you as the days go on :)

Until next week,

love you!! love to hear about how well everything is coming along!! 

Sister Gilmour 

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