Monday, 10 March 2014

Week 21:Week 15 in the field, in Stuttgart: Spring is in the air - It's time for a little change; I love you Aunt Julie xxx

March 10, 2014

It's beautiful today. Just gorgeous! It's about 65 degrees with a slight breeze and a totally clear sky. It's really such a dream. Just warm enough to take the tights off, hang the jacket up, put on a scarf, and still sip some tea in the mornings and evenings (we drink a lot of tea. A lot.). So, it's pretty much perfect if you ask me.
Here's the laughs and giggles of the week:
It's been so nice lately, and it's bound to get better, that I decided to go tight-less today. So you know what that means? Yep, it's time to shave.
In this situation, I would like you all to think of the phrase: Like mother, like daughter
Because, as pictures can prove, my wonderful mother didn't shave her legs the entire winter on her mission in England because it was so freezing cold:). 
And now would be the right time to think of the above phrase.

I shaved my legs for the first time since October 15 last night. 
Yep. The winter coat is gone and I'm ready for spring! My legs are rejoicing! 

Now for some spiritual stuff from the week.
I've been having a lot of studies about the temple. And let me tell you.. I cannot wait to go back. It really is so hard being on a mission and not being able to go to the temple, because I'm learning so much. So much that has to do with the temple and our divine calling and conventants.... and my goodness it is all just so so beautiful! I can't wait to go back... simple as that. I can explain all the cool things I'm learning in a years time... right now time just doesn't permit. Sadly.
Other cool things from the week:

We are doing a flash mob on the 29 of March on Königstraße, which is the big and sinful street that runs down the middle of Stuttgart... I love it, it's just a really distracting place to be as a missionary :) But! We have told our whole zone of about 40 missionaries, and another zone nearby of about the same number, and all the Young Single Adults that will be having their singles ward weekend that weekend. We have told our ward and stake, the youth, and all their friends. 
We will all gather on this street, start singing at about 1pm, and then sit down all along Königstraße and start reading the Book of Mormon. 
CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? 150 people just sitting down and reading this strange book? It's going to be amazing! The zones in Switzerland just did it and got SO many people. I'm so so excited!!! 

So.. if you're going to be in Stuttgart on the 29th of March.. come meet us on Königstraße at 3:30. It's gonna be awesome!! Worlds biggest Finding Day! Stuttgart Zone!
Oh! So if you've been watching The Biggest Loser this season, Shahin, one of the contestants, is in my ward!  Or rather, his family is in my ward. He's always traveling be
cause he works for H&M. Yeah, the Campos Family is just the coolest family ever and I love them a lot. Just thought that was cool that he was on The Biggest Loser!

Dad, I'm turning into you. (BG:Poor Girl) I have such a problem leaving any dishes in the sink, and I HATE dirtying dishes all of a sudden. It is the weirdest thing. Plus I'm always straightening things up. I'm sure I'm driving Sister Winters CRAZY. And she probably thinks I'm the weirdest person ever. But I just laugh cause I'm doing all the things that drove me crazy... 'like father, like daughter'. I love MY PARENTS! (BG: She'd better:))

In other news, we painted pretty pictures in our English class this week. Painting really is so good for the soul. Theme: what we wanted to be when we were little. I love our English class ladies. They really are the most amazing women. They are all from Peru or Brazil. We have so much fun together :) I've attached some pics :) 

Sister Winter's Picture and Tribute to those she Loves!

Xiaoyu has left for China :( We were really sad, because she is amazing and we really love her. But she asked for all the Hymns so she could know them all when she got back... just in time for our Conference Party that we're having together. She has ordered all the church magazines in Chinese... and she really is just perfect. She is so ready to be baptized.. and has such a desire, as well! We're hoping that all goes well with her family and that they are accepting to the Gospel... and open to what their daughter wants to learn. 

My Most Important Thought of My Week: To my Aunt Julie in California: I LOVE YOU and YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH...

  • It saddens my soul to hear about Aunt Julie, but I know now, more than I ever have, that our families really are for eternity. I have also studied it a lot lately.. not really on purpose, Heavenly Father has just lead me in that direction.. for whatever reason. I read a beautiful quote from a Conference Talk in October: Death is only premature for those who are not prepared to meet God.

    I think this is perfect for Aunt Julie. She is so prepared to meet God, and He knows that. I think she was prepared before she learned she had cancer,

    but there was something that God wanted her to know, and she's figured it out. She knows it's okay to let go now; that it's time to go back to Heavnely Father again. That's what I love so much about Aunt Julie.. she is always perfectly dependant upon the Lord and His will and His timing. There's going to be a day when each of us are asked to really give up all that we have for the Lord, and I think we often forget that. But Aunt Julie.. she's figured that out. She's got such a parallel relationship with Him, that she knows exactly what it means to give up everything when He asks for it. And in return, He's going to bless her, and already has, with eternal life with her family. That's so beautiful.
    I love her so much. I am a strong believer that she's gonna be a big help for me from the other side. I've really tried to listen and be guided by those I know are watching out for me, and I'm not so good at it. But having one more supporter wouldn't hurt I love her, send this on, and hug Matt and the kids really hard for me. But don't shed any tears.. this is a beautiful time to celebrate the amazing things that Aunt Julie is, and the massive affect she's had on others.
    I love you all
I just want everyone to know how much I really love this Gospel and the chance Heavenly Father has given me to serve a mission here in Germany. It really is such a blessing, and I would not learn these things anywhere else... no matter how many years of schooling I went through. I couldn't learn the priceless lessons I've learned here on my mission. 
Have a good laugh at Sister Gilmour and her hairy legs. The ward will get a good laugh at that and probably some good memories from girls camp a few years back.. or in a row. 
It's healthy to make things funny :)
Have a wonderful week! And don't forget:
"There are cracks in everything so that the light can get in" --Sister Winters

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Gilmour 

photo bommed
We are cooking for ourselves too
A time to rejoice

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  1. What a power companionship! They are examples of being full of light! Darling, hilarious, joyful missionaries.