Monday, 14 July 2014

Week 40 in the Field: Week 10 in Zollikofen: Its just ... Plain Old Hard:) I Love Everything Anyway!!

This week... the only thing I really have to tell you is that it rained non-stop literally every day until yesterday. Still off and on rain storms, though. I don't think I should have sent my winter things away. I think this summer is already over. I was wearing nylons on... Thursday. Craziness.

And I went to the temple again :) In German! Whoo hoo! Okay..  It seems a little more intense in German, though, so I liked that ;)

I guess Germany won the World Cup? Haha, we just found out this morning. We didn't even hear any screaming and yelling. That shows you just how tired we really are here. (BG or that they are in Switzerland, not Germany anymore)

Also. My ward members NEVER understand what I'm saying! It's really annoying. Like.. I know my German is not that bad. They have a really hard time with my American/German/Twang accent here. And they ALWAYS tell me how tired I look. Dang it:):):). I thought I was looking a lot better. A women just came in and said she bought me wonder minerals that I have to take. I love old women. We'll see how that goes.

I am all healthy. My body is fine again. I'm just living in a different country, so everything will probably be back to normal when I'm home in 9 months (BG: Countdown). Until then, I'm just happy that I have to worry about one less thing :) The blood work showed fully healthy, so is the thyroid. AND. I didn't faint when they took my blood this time :) I did have to take a trip to the doctor three times this week, though. That's always fun.

Today we switched our Pday times, cause as I've already told you, there is NO ONE out after about 5. NO ONE. So we've already done our work hours and been to Bern :) I miss the busy city scene. I really need somewhere where I can run to catch Bahns and be busy and running around, after Zollikofen.

Transfers are in 2 and a half weeks, so we'll see where they send my wonderful companion off to.

(BG: edited version-lets just say they are feeling some persecution from all directions and Chloe shared her feelings about it very strongly).

We had our Zumba night! It was super successful! It was super fun to dance and work out again. And we had an investigator there, and women in our ward had two friends there, and a less active daughter of  a ward member was also there!! It was way good! And Ness is wonderful :) We are hoping to make it regular so we can really start teaching people and finding people. Just gotta try all the new things we can to find people.

Study topics: I realized that my Bible study is so bad. So I started to read Old and New Testaments from the beginning (in English. German Bibles are really hard and always translated weirdly). I am in 3 Nephi 6 in German... so almost done. When I finish, I will start D&C in German.

Well. I think that's all. I love you all :) I'll see you soon :) The Church is just as true as it was yesterday.

Oh. And if you even have this talk in the August Ensign, you should read it. It's the one about the work in Tonga. That's how I feel about the work here.  I love everything, anyway :)

God will hasten His work at the speed He wants :)

Sister Gilmour


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