Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 58 in the Field: Week 3 in Zurich: Calm Seas don't carry barges to the Promised Land- stormy seas do.‏ This week. Oh this week:)

Calm Seas don't carry barges to the Promised Land- stormy seas do.

Just remember that. 

This week. Oh this week:). I guess I'll just give you a brief run-through of every day.

Monday: We went and saw all the churches in Zürich. We found the most beautiful viewpoint ever. I just wanted to swing and write. But.. the day was almost over. Then we went to a women's house for FHE. She's from Paraguay and really wonderful :) She was so so tired, but had us over anyway. 

Tuesday: Zone Training. Got the news that our Christmas rules are just like normal every day rules; in by 9.30, no extravagant activities, and no fun Christmas music. But we are encouraged to do things creatively and really do a lot of teaching. We get 45 minutes to Skype. This day was really difficult for me. I feel really alone here right now. That was only magnified when all the missionaries came together. As we were listening to the testimonies of 4 sisters that are leaving, I just couldn't help but cry. And then, to help that, we had a really beautiful musical number on the piano and.... yeah. Just cried. And no one even asked me if everything was okay. No one. Then Sister Couper came and we talked. 
I have realized how much I rely on Elders since coming out here. Not having them around is really difficult for me. But it was a really good Zone Training. I learned a lot. And we went to a member to help with Christmas things for the ward. I really like her :) She's only been a member for 6 years, but... man. She's awesome :) I look forward to our relationship. 

Wednesday: Went by on a lot of people. Had a really good conversation with a LA for about 45 minutes. I love being able to bare my testimony to people. I don't find it easy to do with everyone, but when I know they need it, it's a really powerful moment. I also had a way cool experience with a woman on the Tram. She almost missed the Tram, and so she came on out of breath with her son. She kept looking at me, so I asked her something. Then she started speaking to me in English and asked if I was a missionary. I said yes, and she told me that the missionaries were by her often as she was a child. Her mother and grandmother always thought that Mormons came from a different planet and wanted to know more about us, so they would have the missionaries over. Haha, she thinks we can read minds cause she could always understand what they were saying, although it was English (she couldn't speak it then so well). And they always answered her questions. I tried to explain the Spirit, but it didn't work ;) But... we rode together for nearly an hour, I think. I got to explain the Book of Mormon to her, and tried to meet with her to better explain it, but... she wouldn't budge. We invited her to the Musikalischer Abend, but they didn't come :( I hope that I get to see her again. Her son really liked me :) Then we taught a LA. Went well. She's great :)

Thursday: Nothing too special. Lot's of going by on people, a fallen out appointment (with someone who NEVER falls out, so we were really disappointed), then we had ward council. We planned for the coming year. I freaked out. I saw the day I come home and that's... not far away. I can't believe that. I just gotta make this time count, then, huh? Like dad said, I need to set some goals. I just.. don't really know what. Teaching, finding, really listening to the Spirit. Part of hopes to be STL or trainer... I think that is exactly what I need right now, since I'm finding it a bit hard the third time in a new area. 

Friday: Service project, eating appointment with a family, a little planning, then I met Jussara, a LA in our ward. She is SO COOL. I am really excited to get to work with her :) 

Saturday: Had the feeling that we needed to go way out to the end of our area to visit someone Sister Robben found over 6 months ago (did I ever say that this is her second time in the area?). i went there, but he wasn't home. But... his son answered to door. He's a handicapped, so he came out screaming at us, but we didn't understand a word of anything he said. Sister Robben was sure that wasn't the man she met, so we went to write a quick note to him and invite him to the fireside. His son came out again, so chase us away. We were really scared. But... we were persistent and just finished the note a little ways away. We ran back and dropped it in his post box. Then we ran quickly to the store to grab something to eat. As we went in, a man came out... the man we were just trying to visit! He was right friendly with us, so we were pretty sure it was him. Then we saw him go into to the house we were just at. He never called us :( If I ever find a reason to go back there, I will visit him. Then we did a lot of organizing for the area. We have so many names and people to contact it's ridiculous. Then we did a service project. It was interesting... the things we live while on a mission. crazy.

Sunday: MUSICAL FIRESIDE. This one did not have the turnout like we had in Zollikofen (300+ people). We had maybe 100.... so that was a little sad. It was the one that's about the third PMG lesson. It is so, so good and I wish you could all see it. There is music involved, so I was a puddle of tears (BG: glad it wasn't a different puddle:)) the whole time. Again.. feeling alone. Not important :) I guess the firesides are doing really well and the members are really loving them. In the St. Gallen stake, they are having stake conferences talking about them. They are bringing all their friends and it's spreading like wildfire. We are trying to reach the Swiss on a different level. It's tricky working with people. I believe there are people searching out there... but I'm rubbish at finding them! I need a super- contacter as a companion. Someone who does things really naturally. Cause... I need normality in something that is so not normal. I had the best conversation with Sister Couper. I really, really love her. I can't believe she's leaving. I really can't. I would love to be a missionary like her at the end of my mission. I love it cause.. her mission was not easy for her, and even during the hardest time, she never let it show. Well... I saw it cause we had really good exchanges, but... that was such an example to me. She really knows the language of love, and she speaks it fluently. I would have loved to have worked with her. 

I know that God has a plan for us. We often don't know it, but we know that He has it in His hands and we only need faith and actions to make things happen. I read a really great article in the Liahona about this.

Stay afloat, and keep doing good.

Love you!

Sister Gilmour

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