Monday, 3 November 2014

Week 56 in the Field: Week 1 in Zurich - Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurich!! :)

Hoi! I'm in Zürich.

In a big city.
Back to Bahnen.
Lot's of people.
Big ward, lot's of Less Actives.
Another musical Fireside.
A Dutch companion.
And a lot of learning to do. In a very short amount of time.

I've loved my last week here in Zürich! I feel right at home. I work my best in a big city with lots to do. I love working with the members, which is exactly what I think we need to do. I love having lists, and lists of potentials that need to be contacted. I love that people are willing to talk to us instead of stone us with their eyes. 

I love our little apartment. It's really homey. And it's really good that we get along cause.. It's small. There's hardly the space for one of us in the kitchen. But it's fun. Giant closet, nice bathroom. Bunkbeds.. I'm on top. Not my fave, but works :) The same desk as before, so I didn't need to organize anything. 

We don't actually live in our area, so we have to travel 17 minutes to get to where we can work. 

It's gorgeous, in it's own "big city" kind of way. I really missed it. Really a lot.

It's very different from Zollikofen. Even the mentality of missionary work here is a lot more... uptight.

We've had a lot lessons this last week. Just slowly trying to get to know my way around. I only have 4 weeks to learn everything and then Sister Robben goes. No stress. And I think there's a good chance I'll be getting a Golden cause... we're losing A LOT of Sisters. If you could just pray that more European sisters will serve missions, that would be a huge help. We don't have enough to keep any areas open. We have to close 6 this next transfers cause there isn't enough of us. Rough.

We had Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday. Bummer cause then I didn't get to know the ward, but I did get to meet a few. I already feel really welcome and loved here. I think this might be the ward that I grow the closest with. They all had such wonderful things to say!

Oh yeah. We speak only German together :D How GREAT is that?! It's amazing the difference a week of only German makes. But... she actually wants to work on her English, so now we speak a bit of English at home. Which is really good for my sanity. Not all things are perfect, and not being able to speak a bit in my mother tongue was not helping. 

Yeah. I'm in Zürich. I don't know what to say really.

We had a potential call us back the other day and ask us to come over on Sunday cause "Jesus didn't have the Book of Mormon" and he wanted to understand. We went over, but we wasn't there, only his wife. They are from Aritrea.. .I don't have any idea how to spell that. Somewhere by Ethiopia. Lots of people from there here. She was amazing. She in Christian and really knows the Bible and loves Jesus. We were able to speak about where the Book of Mormon comes from... in Zusammenhang... with the Bible. I've learned so much on this topic and it's become one of my favorites! We then talked about authority. She doesn't get it cause she knows that man is allowed to have authority and to teach the Gospel. She doesn't understand Priesthood Authority. It's a bit hard to explain. She's seen people be healed through the prayers of priests and stuff... so it's a little hard to explain that people can still be healed through faith and just cause they aren't members of the Church doesn't mean that God just let's them be. But then to tell her that actually.... like... there's more? Haha, I don't even know how to explain it. I've been studying for the next time.

She loved us and invited us over for this week again. I'm excited. 

That's my week. Not a lot to talk about, it feels like. Just living the life out here. 

Sister Gilmour

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  1. I was crossing my fingers for some photos of the Musical Abend, darn =) I hope Sister Gilmour met Sister Henry this weekend, at least in passing! They were at Stake Conference and the fireside together. It is so sad about the sister areas closing =(