Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Week 3: New companions, New challenges, New experiences....what's New?:):)

Well, i still love it here in the MTC, it's so spiritual and its worth every minute.  So much happens in the mtc on a weekly basis, so here are a few points I've had in the last week
1. I've got new sisters/ companions!! yay!! 6 new sisters came in. my companions are sisters Steffenson and Maurer.   Steffenson is from Norway and is 22. Maurer is from french-speaking Switzerland, shes also 22. i love them! they're both blonde and it's so fun being a blonde companionship! 

They are so gorgeous and we have so much fun!! the other sisters are great too.

I'm 2-3 years younger than everyone here.  i'm the sister trainer leader, its my job to sort it out any issues and to lead them towards their goals. i'm learning to love people for who they are. the other two sisters are lovely. one's from Canada, and the other is from here. they've been a power companionship until just barely. they're great, though. i adore them. the sister from Brazil, sister Alipio, is the sweetest person you will ever meet. she has the biggest heart.

2. We've had AMAZING devotionals lately!! We have them all day Sunday and every Wednesday. i love that every time i hear a new talk, i learn so much. its crazy to see how much i learn. Elder Bednar is my new favorite speaker. i encourage you to go watch all of his MTC devotionals. if you can find them, you won't be disappointed. he's funny, but he always has amazing messages to deliver to us. i love him. so many answers to prayers.
3. I've made some goals. Help me live up to them:

1. OPEN YOUR MOUTH- talk to everyone and don't be afraid of the language
2. PRACTICE ALWAYS- i want to teach better in German than i do in English at the end of my mission
3. LOVE EVERYONE- sometimes companions are hard.. love them anyway!
4. BECOME A VESSEL- this relates to Bednars talk about true doctrine. go find it. its really good!!

How's Aunt J doing? I hope shes getting better. i fasted for her this last Sunday. she's in my prayers everyday. let her know i love her and i think of her always. love you, aunt j hold in there!
4. my German... ugh, its so hard. once i can get the sentence structure down I'll be fine. but that seems like it'll never happen. but i'm trying my best to do what i can. its coming and I've made huge progress in the last 3 weeks. i need to be much better by the end of my next 3 weeks, though. can you believe it?! half way done with the MTC!

Swiss vs German, German-It's hard:)  I want to serve in Switzerland so bad but the difference in language seems quite dramatic.
5. our investigators are a wide range from good-:(. some are great and i can speak and i'm comfortable and confident. others are so hard to understand and teach. we have one, Moritz, who is literally so awful. the teacher that plays him is really knowledgeable about the gospel, so he twists everything you say. its so hard because we could answer.. if we knew German. its really hard. love him anyway, right?? *i'm tryin*
6. the elders are still so great, but some get really distracted and it can get really annoying:), especially when we need to plan for investigators that are more difficult than others. but.. they're boys:). they'll learn. right? hope so!!
i'm sending home random testimonies that i write throughout the week.  i'm feeling the spirit! a lot! you'll get them when i feel i've got too many to keep :)
i love hearing about the family! it makes me so happy to hear you guys are still being devoted to the promises you made to the lord when i left. you are being blessed, and so am i. we've got to help each other out! i love you all and i'm so grateful for the home i grew up in. that's something I've noticed here.. not everyone, most everyone, isn't as fortunate as i have been. thank you for doing all that you've done and continue to do. thank you for your sacrifices, mom and dad. i am now just starting to see how much you've done for me and the blessings i'm receiving from the knowledge you've passed to me. i'll try and write the girls back, but probably in letter. it's just easier with the time i don't really have. it might be easier once i'm in the field. pray for me and my German.. it needs help.
i love you all so so so much! i'm so glad i get to spend eternity with the best family on earth! dad, keep up the good work.i'm so proud of you and i can't wait to hear about that one time you did a full ironman and how you pushed through the challenges of it ;) i'll try not to worry about you too much in a few weeks when i know you're racing ;)
so much love,

Sister Gilmour xxxxxx

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