Monday, 25 November 2013

Week 6: The End is Nigh, Abshied England, hallo Deutschland

So i have no time at all... but i leave wednesday!!! 'll be waking up at 330am and arrving at the airport at 530! so it'll be a crazy night/morning. BUT I CANNOT WAIT TO GET THERE!! It is SOOOOO exciting!! WHOO HOO! This time is sweet. especially after the weeek that we've had here:
It was the toughest week. The toughest in 6 weeks probably.  We had to say goodbye to some great missionaries, and we also had one of the Elders' Father die... so SAD; all sorts of emotions were running wild; lots of tears this week. We had to say goodbye to one of our teachers too who we all miss very much. It was a week of goodbyes. 
We've had our testimony meeting- it was last night. it was so good to hear of everyone's last testimonies. i played a musical number and had all the sisters sing- i don't think there was a dry eye in the room. it was gorgeous.
Not too much is happening now that we're leaving.  You won't get to hear from me until a week from today, but i will try really hard to contact you from the airport and leave you a message. i'm so sorry i don't have time to answer everyone back this week but i do have time for letters, so i'll be sending a bunch off in the next day or two and then i'll be sending them from  DIE SCHWIEZ! can you believe it? i don't know ANY German (even though the German elders keep telling me my German is really good [terrible bluffers])... so contacting is going to be the scariest thing IN THE WORLD! for sure.
i love you all! i'll send a letter from the field before next week. but until then, know i'm traveling and starting the Lords work. I can't wait!!
Dad: wow!!! i was just telling the district this morning how skinny you've become and how i was hoping you could get back into that kilt! you BETTER be wearing that to church when you return from Cozumel! and i need pictures of you crossing the finish line with it on and your Scotland flag! such a happy day! yay!!

GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RACE, DAD! YOU'RE THE BEST EVER AND I THANK MY HEAVENLY FATHER FOR YOUR EXAMPLE EVERY SINGLE DAY! i love you, my family! keep safe and have a killer time in mexico! wish the racers good luck and tell them i'd love to be there with them and watching them, but i can't.. so this is the best they get! *cyber cow-bell ring* GOOD LUCK TIMP TRI CLUB RACERS!! (Coach Keena Racers? whichever it is now....):)
Sister Gilmour xx

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