Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Week 5: Its Been Great But IT'S TIME. I think I can, I think I can.

Close! Its Guten Tag! no "h"

It's good to hear that everyone is doing well and that you've done so many fun things! I'm sure the sink looks great! can't wait to see it. How was catching fire? that's definitely on the top of my list of things to watch when i get home. we'll spend a few weeks straight watching movies.. okay? I was thinking about Rain the other day... can you get me his address? I'd love to write to him! (by the way... everyone who is reading this.. if you could write me letters, that'd be awesome. It's so much easier to write because i have a lot more time. :)) okay. 

So one week from today and i'll be in Munich. Thank heavens! 6 weeks is not a healthy amount of time to be in the MTC. its so great here, but here seems to be a new drama about every 2 days. Its been a test of faith and patience the last couple weeks. We're all very very anxious to get to the field i think. Actually, i know that's what it is.  we know we're so close and things aren't real here, so you start to drift mentally a little bit. I know, how horrible!! but i am trying to be the best missionary i can while I've STILL got 7 days. as far as travel info.. I don't have much.i know i'll be leaving about 5am on Wednesday morning and arriving at the mission office at 7:30-ish. There we will spend the whole day and we'll get the chance to place a book of mormon..  We'll find out our comps and who our trainers will be for the next 12 weeks. i could NOT be more EXCITED to know who i'll be with!!! I cannot wait to have a normal missionary experience! No more elder comps :(:) they've been great and will all do awesome!... just one sister and she'll be ALL mine! i can't wait!!!! 7 more days.. i think i can, i think i can....

With the calling thing, calling home, i don't think i can call you personally because you'll be in Mexico, unless you want to pay a bunch of money for long distance, which i don't think you do.   What i'll do is call the house and leave a long message for you for when you get home. sound good? I'll call Nana and talk to her.. it's the same thing, right?? no, but its the best we can do. I'll get to skype you in a month, anyway. oh! and have a happy thanksgiving in Mexico! I'll be spending mine in Germany, but i think we're celebrating it, so its better than nothing :)

Everything's very much the same here, nothing too new. I've got my new comps and they're pretty sweet and i like them a lot :) ones Welsh and the other is from Canada. we get on really well. I'm going to start packing today because i don't think i'll have a sufficient amount of time next week. also, i'm going to vacuum pack my clothes because one sister did it last time and she has the same amount of space i do and she got about 3X the amount of clothes i have in one bag. so i'll buy those today while i'm at the store..

I got a package from japan. Yes.. it’s from Alex  I knew he was sending me something for my birthday, but I was expecting a letter! But then brother mount came up to me with a Japanese package! I was so happy! I've been waiting for this for about three weeks now! In it there were 2 notebooks (one for recording words I don’t know in German and the other is for all the spiritual experiences and tender mercies I have), dried octopus (it smelled and tasted like fish food. 

But I did try it! It was gross), candy (that was very nice and the elder thoroughly enjoyed), a 5 page letter (that I thoroughly enjoyed) and three pressed and dried yellow flowers… isn't he the greatest? That was certainly the highlight of my week J

Honestly, not much is happening. I'm just counting down the hours until I get to go.
i'm sending home all the letters I've received here in the MTC. in it will be a letter to dad and a letter to mom. mom, be looking for a post card for your birthday!

I want you know i bawled like a baby in the temple cause i just freaked out about dad doing his Ironman in a few days. so dad, you'd better be careful or i'm coming home ;)  I know you've trained hard, you're ready and will do great! "You are an Ironman"

I'll try and get on a bit later and maybe we can chat. if not, you'll hear from me Tuesday in the late afternoon my time. you might be able to catch me while you're in mexico. have a fabulous time and get really tan! 

Be careful and tell the other racers from TImp Tri that they're in my prayers and to be safe! i wish i could be there to cheer everyone on!

i can't wait to let you all know where i'll be headed first :)

so much love,

Sister Gilmourxx

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