Monday, 20 January 2014

Week 14: Week 8 in the Field: Trying to forget this past week, lots of weird stuff in my head; NEED your prayers.

Lot’s of weird things in my head today.
What a week:  
I don't know if all missionaries feel this way but i'm feeling an enormous amount of weight and responsibility on my shoulders to do the Lords work.  No matter how hard i try I just don't feel like i'm doing enough.  On the positive side i think its driven by the fact that i really love this place and I love the people.  I didn't know how long it would take me to get to the point where I'd love the people so much that it would hurt when we were rejected, I feel like I'm there already.
I'm loving studying the Old testament.  I can’t wait to further study all the things the Gospel has to offer... there’s so much to learn and thankfully we've got eternity to learn it. Thank goodness!
Pray for me.  I need help relaxing and being less stressed.  I don't think its just me, our Zone Leaders also felt like this week was the pits. 
I did give away 5 Book of Mormon’s, which is a really big step since I haven’t done that much before, since getting to Germany. Whoop Whoop.   We also got a new investigator and she is just lovely!  She wants to visit Sister Smith and I when she comes to Utah.

I love people a lot.  We've worked so hard to make it amazing here and to really get involved with our ward members but it's going to be hard going, keeping it up without good German.  I'm hoping for another great companion like Sister Smith who speaks good German and is so outgoing:).
Lot’s of weird things in my head today.
News Flash - Missionary work is hard.  I’m here to bring assist in helping people come unto Christ and gain Salvation through him by telling them how much their Father in Heaven loves them… BUT NO ONE LISTENS. Gosh. We were talking with a member on the Bahn on our way home for lunch, and she lives by our church where we have 4 other churches surrounding it. She says there are so many people, and so many churches, but no one ever goes in.  The Lord is coming, and He’s coming soon. They’ll realize one day that they should have listened.  Just listen to us and be good people. I think sometimes I just want to move and change so fast that I over look the changes I am making. Blah. Don’t worry about me, though J I’m happy, despite our awful week. We’re going on a run to Schloss Solitude today for a District P-Day… and it’s raining and cold. So bring on the mud and dirt! I’m way excited.

Lot’s of weird things in my head today.

I love you all so much!!! I think about you any time I have a spare thought! You’re always in my prayers. Thanks for all the pictures from Christmas! I love seeing how our friends from all over are doing. It’s cool to see how much everyone grows up! I love them.. thank you.
 All my love,Sister Gilmour xx

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