Monday, 27 January 2014

Week 15: Week 9 in the Field: Stuttgart: Tough but Better, Very Little Time: New Pics:):)

Hello all!

Well... missionary work is hard. Just incase you didn't know.

I had my sencond austausch this week. That'S when you switch companions with the Sister Trainer Leaders. This time, i was left in Stuttgart. I wrecked everything. I got us lost, I hardly ate anything I was so stressed out, we had a completely planned day, and then everything fell out. I felt weird because she didn't know me, and we couldn't swap ideas. It was just rough. I have never been so happy to see Sister Smith in my life. Man... it's going to be rough letting her go. 

On happier terms... um. I figured out a lot of things about myself this week? We visited Ritter Sport today with the district and went on base. We ate American food and then our Bahn broke down. I bought you all chocolate.. some kinds haven't been released yet, so you'll have to let me know how you like them. I'll send it all home one day. I don't know when.. but one day. 

Ritter Sport day and Museum with the district: 



Went all the way to Germany to try Sushi - it was okay:)

Yes, the hair has been cut - I love it; and now dyed-I don't like it:)

It makes me so sad to hear about my Dad's uncle Bob passing away. I don't like hearing about death, but it's so comforting knowing that we can all live together again after this life. He's somewhere that his Heavenly Father loves him, and he's doing so much better there. Maybe he can help me find all those prepared souls here in Stuttgart; we always need all the help we can get, you know :) 

Thank you so much for the kind words of upliftment... is that word? I don't know English anymore. I'm lost in translation. But anywho.. thank you. I really love it. I'm trying to focus on my strengths, but unfortunately, all my doubt keeps creeping in. I don't want it, too, though. Stupid Satan. He's good and knows exactly how to hit me. I just haven't figured out to hit him back and overcome what he's challenging me with. I know the good days are to remind me through the bad days that it's all for my good. It's all because my Father in Heaven loves me and knows I need this and knows that I can handle it :) Time to forget myself and get to work.... that's a lot harder to do than to say, by the way. 

I have no time today. I'm so sorry. I want to speak about everything, but I can't. I'll  be better next week, I promise. 

P.S. I haven't gotten the package yet, but the zone leaders are going to M√ľnchin on Thursday, so I think they'll pick it up then. Can't wait!! 

I love you all SO SO SO SO much!!

Sister Gilmour xx

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