Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 17: Week 11 in the firled, in Stuttgart: Opera, New Clothes, Thanks for all the Positive Vibes

Hello Everyone,

No pics this week, such a busy p-day and a long way to go for an appointment.  I'll send pics from zone conference next week.

So our stake president spoke in the American ward yesterday, and he used a great analogy:

You know those rides in amusement parks that swing and gets higher and higher as they go and then soon you're all the way upside down and you're so scared and you're thinking "what on earth was I THINKING?!" Before we always get on those rides, and we always think they look cool and like a lot of fun. That's what I was like in heaven; we looked down at Earth and thought, That looks like fun, I wanna try that whole "earth" thing. Then we get here and we're upside down like in the ride and we;re uncomfortable and we think we're crazy for even THINKING this would be fun. But then we get off that ride, go home, and tell everyone how amazingly fun it was, even though we wanted to cry and scream the whole time we were on it. Isn't that how it always is? Yes :) The answer is Yes :) That's how it is with our lives... we all thought they'd be fun, we got here.. and they're really hard, but then we know that when we're done with this life, or for me, my mission, well go tell everyone how WONDERFUL it was and how they need to do it, too, even though in the middle of it we wanted to die. Right? right. 

He got the whole ward to laugh really hard cause he's really funny and has a great german accent :) 
But I just thought you'd like to hear that. We're upside down and thinking " what on earth have we gotten ourselves into", and then, BAM, our time is over and we are LOVING it!! 

I got the clothes mom! Thank you so much!! We're excited to get a good wear out of these clothes while we're still together. We got them just in time for the OPERA! Yes, we went to an Opera today :) How cool is that?! I'll send pics later :) We saw Peter Pan and my goodness..... It was very modern! But so so cool!! All in German, of course, and all for kids. So we were there with a bunch of 9 year olds. It was way awesome! I got to wear the new black dress and it looks awesome :) One of the guys in our ward works for the Opera house, so he got us free tickets and we got a tour of the whole stinking, massive building! It was SO AWESOME! 

Best ward award goes to: OURS. 

I"ll keep my eyes out for V-day gifts, too. you're all too too good to me! 

Speaking of being too good, could you please tell everyone thank you for all the kind words of encouragement I've been receiving! I don't have time to answer everyone, but let them know I love them! Especially Uncle Paul, Aunt Alison, Nana, Brooks, Leslie Maxfield, and of course my wonderful family! You were all what I needed. But no worries, I'm good for right now. I knew this was going to be hard, right?? I signed myself up for this, might as well take it all in ;)
Here's a few highlights from my week this past week:
1. We talked to a man on the Gleis who was a poet. He was slightly drunk, but said some really sweet things... if he hadn't been masked with creepiness and the odor of alcohol. He talked about how the young men that met us wouldn't be able to sleep because they'd be dreaming of Smith and mine - blue and brown eyes. He really had some pretty poems, actually. I love the Bahns.
2. Germans are very blunt. I was told by a member that she wouldn't come to our English class once Sister Smith leaves cause I'm not fun enough. K cool. Love you, too. It's just part of the culture. My feelings were only hurt for a few minutes. I was also told a few times this week that my German was really bad :):):):) Good, eh?? I could have told them that.  Gotta love the Germans! 
3. I was asked to bare my testimony in Zone Conference and Zone Training... lucky them! They got tears twice in one week. But it was nice. I love our Zone so much. They really are such amazing people and I learn so much from them every time we meet.
4. Church was another miracle. Our number success this week was... horrible. But then yesterday, we had over 20 people in our Investigators class, and 11 less actives at church. So.... You can see where we see our success. Plus our members love the Sisters, which was not the case before Sister Smith came, apparently. So that's good!!
5. We have the most golden investigator right now. Her name is Xiaoya.. she's from China, so don't even attempt that name. She doesn't believe in God, but wants to. She gets herself to church alone every week and the ward LOVES her! She is really the best ever. Wish I had more time to tell you all about her.
6. We get transfer calls on Saturday. I think I'm going to Switzerland. One of our new members, my favorite member, actually, Sherri Kelly, she said "I love you, but you're going" the first time we met her. So we'll see. She served her mission there and she learned French and Spanish.  Also, there's rumor that they're making Switzerland it's own mission, so if I go, I'll be in a different mission. Supposedly. Sister Smith thinks she's headed to Austria, though. Zone Leaders think we're both staying. I'll let you know on Monday.
So it's been a good week!!! 
And mom, no, I didn't pick up my second pair of glasses. They weren't ready. 
Love you all.

Sister Chloe Gilmour

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  1. The Lord doesn't really need to bless them with plays, and tours of opera houses and The Sound of Music, etc. but he does! These missionaries are so blessed to be in this mission! I like how she just lets things roll off her back. She's got a great sense of humor too.