Monday, 17 February 2014

Week 18: Week 12 in the field, in Stuttgart: Sad GoodBye Sister Smith:(:( Hello Sister Winters:):) FAINTING, VALENTINES,

So it's been an eventful week so say the least! Lots has happened... some pretty funny, and some... not so funny. 

I'll start with the 'fainting' story:

So we went to Tübingen on Thursday, main reason was to visit a girl in the International ward who just got a 7 POUND TUMOR REMOVED. Yeah.. let's talk about it. Tübingen is not in our area boundaries, so we had to get permission. Everything that could have gone wrong in the time before catching our Bahn.. went wrong. Of course. So then we were freaking out because what if it wasn't what the Lord wanted us to do and now we're on a train headed out there... and we can't go back now. All the things we had planned to do fell out and the only thing that was going to work was visiting the girl with the tumor. We got news that she was getting released early and we might not even see her. So.. we were stressed out, to say the least. I was worrying about how we were going to make this a missionary moment and how we were going to spend the day and whatever else.

Anyways, we get to the hospital, talked to two wonderful people on the bus who happened to be going to the hospital too and they helped us find our way around. We get to the room, visit with our friend G, and hear all about her tumor and how it came about... it was just really graphic and I wasn't feeling too well. I didn't think too much about it because it was probably all out of stress, but then the doctor came in and said they needed more blood. I was like: I don't feel well, so I'm just gonna go over here while you do that. I got to the door, and the next thing I remember is laying on the floor with a circle of doctors around me slapping my face and asking me obscure questions in German. The only thing i could think of was that my feet were above my head on a chair and that my knees and.. underwear were showing:):(. I could hear them all just fine, I just needed someone to cover my knees! Some doctor even slapped me to get me to come to. I finally said something just to get them to stop smacking me, and all I hear is Sister Smith laughing cause it's usually her fainting, not me. 

All in all.. it was hilarious. They made me lay there in the hallway for 30 minutes and drink an entire thing of Gatorade. I didn't feel myself all day, but it wasn't as bad as when Smithie passes out, so that was a blessing. Sister M, the girls mom, was laughing so hard, too. Good thing I wasn't dying ;)

VALENTINES DAY!!! We all went out to an all you can eat Mongolian Buffet. Man.. it was good. There was this place where you pick all the raw meats and fresh veg that you want, put a number on it, set it at the grill, and then they grill it and give it back to you. Guys... when we come back here... we're going to this place. I have never been so happy to eat all the veg i wanted :) I tried Kangaroo, too. It's so good!!! I didn't eat too much, though. Just veg, fruit, and some meat. I loved it. So good. The Elders surprised all of the females with Gerber Dasies! How nice?! I say females  because we had Erin, our best friend with us, along with our Senior Couple, Sister Benson and Elder Benson :) We love our little District Family so much!! I'm really sad that we have to make changes to it :( But that's okay... cause it's mostly staying the same :) 

Which brings me to Transfer Calls... :( Sister Smith is headed back to Münich! A place called Augsburg. She's already served in Münich, so she already knows it. We were both really surprised because we thought for sure she was headed to Austra. Nope, Münich. I'm staying and getting Sister Winters! All I know about her is that she's from Pleasant Grove :) But her 'mom', or trainer, was Sister Smiths trainer too.  I have a really good feeling about Sister Winters. She's going to be just what I need next... that other best friend I really need here in Stuttgart :) She's leaving the area she opened, so she knows how to deal with things. I'm very excited for this new time together!! I know we'll get AT LEAST 6 weeks together... maybe more. I'm still really counting on going to Switzerland though, fingers crosssed ;)

I CAN'T BELIEVE IAN IS HOME!!! Has it really been 2 years?! My gosh.... I hit my 4 month mark yesterday... does that count for anything? ;)  Looks like I've got a lot more to do here ;)

Things are hard, I just want you to all know that. Really hard. But, Things are also really good :) I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement I receive and I feel all your prayers and they really are helping me :) Pray for the German people... they're the ones that really need the prayers. And pray for opportunities to do missionary work as a family. We've been called of God to do it. Just read the most recent Conference Ensign and you'll see what I mean :) 

So much love, and my testimony, that God knows us. We have a story to write here on earth. WE have our own talents, and our pieces to share, and we need to pray for the chances to share those things with those who need them. We can't make it back to our Father in Heaven without helping each other. That's why our church is set up the way it is...  to help each other grow. We won't make it back without one another. I've learned a lot about that lately. Think about it.. it's a lot more profound than just that.. as is EVERY principle in the gospel :) It's true.. no doubt. I know some things better than others, some things stronger, but I've got the faith that my knowledge will grow according to the Lords timing. I'll learn what I need to, and He'll help me the whole way :)

Much love,
Sister Gilmour xx

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  1. what are the chances that fainters would be put together? My son had kangaroo also and LOVED it! Sister Winters will be a great companion!