Monday, 3 February 2014

Week 16: Week 10 in the Field: Stuttgart: A Great Week: We need a Missionary Couple in Stuttgart-Send names!

I'm going to be a little, All Over The Place with this email: 
My week has been MUCH better. You know how some weeks are good and others aren't so good? That was just a little phase. I sent a letter today explaining it a little better.

I'm hoping so for Sis Smith to stay but transfer calls are next week. she might go, she might stay another transfer and i go. Just depends. but either way, i'm not as stressed about it as I was, so that's good.
Man, the weather sounds NUTS there, your drive last Thursday that took over 6 hours to get to St. George, the snow, the police shooting (so sad) that closed down I-15 at Nephi, that caused you a huge diversion! It's literally like Spring here.  Yeah, I did the caves in snow canyon. they were sweet! we played glow in the dark hide and seek in them :)   I'm starting to think we'll just skip winter this year. I'm not complaining.. makes my life a little easier. I'll need new shoes if it starts to snow and get really cold. Probably another jacket, too. bummer.

Whether you pick me up from my mission or we come back during the summer or we come back to my mission area for Christmas in 2015 you'll love it here and I have so many people I want you to meet and places I want you to see\ places I want to see that I can't go on my mission ;)
Sounds like you've got a lot of success going on at work right now Dad. That's awesome. Hard work is paying off for the both of us :)
No, I don't miss any of it, FB, Twitter. I'll be excited to get back to it, but I don't miss it. I'm just fine without it and I love life without it :) I do really miss having google maps, though. That would be helpful. We're hoping for ipads soon. Fingers crossed!!
Some cool stuff about the way we're allowed to speak with elders now. It really is SO cool!!!! We had a district Pday for Sister Benson, our couple missionary. It was lovely. WE LOVE OUR DISTRICT!!  We're having zone conference and zone meeting this week. Should be interesting to see the new ideas the President has for us. We're really changing mission culture, it's awesome to be serving at this time.
We actually just got the MOST EXCITING NEWS TODAY! We can now use 'du' speach with the Elders instead of 'Sie' speech  In German, they have a formal and informal use of 'you', and we always had to use the formal with the Elders, but Pres Miles texted us today and told us that rule no longer exists! So we were so excited!!! I don't really even know how to use this kind of speech because I never use it. But it's happy nonetheless! We went our for Sister Benson, our couple missionaries birthday to a Schwabisch restaurant and we celebrated this new announcement. We all wore Dirndals and Lederhosen. 

Hahahahhaha, mom. EVERY missionary has a phone. The Zone Leaders have touch screen phones and we're working on ipads right now. Missionaries would DIE without phones. We are ALWAYS on our phones. Without a doubt. It's stricter than before missions, but we use them, and we rely on their use very heavily.

This is so important!! Ask anyone you know that wants to serve if they would serve in Stuttgart in the YSA position. Our couple just extended their mission 3 months cause there's no one to take their place. But they need someone desperately! It would be good if at least one of them can speak German, but it's not necessary. If you know anyone, send me their info so I can send it to the Bensosn, our Ehepaar (senior couple) and then to the Pres. PASS THE MESSAGE ALONG!!! 


I met the most darling girl yesterday at church. Her name is Lucy and she goes to school at the U, but she's from here. She's 22.  She's coming back to school in August, and wants to meet you all! 


Mom, this is from my new favorite member of our ward, she's from America. We had a lunch appointment with her this last week and she told us of the beautiful concept of sharing our story, and of guilt and shame. I thought it was beautiful because it fit perfectly with an investigator that we have.

The story that she talks about is one that we should only share with those who are worthy of hearing it. Those who work to hear every thing about us, and that person is our husband. He has to work to take us to the temple, because there is where he learns something about us we can tell no one else. We should only share our story with those who earn the trust to hear them. It was beautiful. It fits right in with everything else Sister Smith and I talk about within missionary life, and our lives that will continue after our missions. One day I'll share the rest of our talk about the topic, but for now, maybe you know someone this could help. If not, maybe try reading this book. It might be a good read for Book Club. Something women everywhere need to hear, even missionaries.

All is well, and I'm not feeling so sorry for myself anymore. COME AT ME, SATAN. I dare you ;)

Love you with all my heart,

Sister Gilmour xxx

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