Monday, 27 October 2014

Week 55 in the Field: Week 25 in Zollikofen-My last one:(: Off To Zurich. So much love, love and more love for my friends, companions, members and family, SO BLESSED!!

I have felt the most incredible amount of love over the last week. Especially yesterday!

Birthday's on missions are weird. I mean... we get some pretty funny homemade things and parties in boxes and floss and things of necessity. But... those are the best moments I've had on a birthday.

Out of bed and out of the shower, beautiful me:)

I woke up to shower, and found sticky notes all on the shower tiles with ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG SISTER GILMOUR XX, another being my towel, behind the mirror, in my closet and above my bed. I came out to breakfast all laid out on the table for me. Then I opened gifts. I couldn't help but cry a bit because of the gifts. They were incredible. I felt so much love and thoughtfulness and I just... 

I don't deserve the amount of love that people have for me! I can't give it all back. I want you all to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Words don't express feelings very well. But.. this is the happiest feeling. I never want to lose it. 

We then got ready for the day. As we were doing that, our doorbell rang. So I went to beep them in, but no one came in. Huh? Then our phone buzzed. A text from the Elders! "Go check your post!"

We ran downstairs and found a bag hanging on the door. (See my video I sent annd dad posted on FB for me)

They had written "ALLES" "GUTE ZUM" "GEBURTSTAG" on 3 bananas, then carved GILMOUR out of 7 peppers. I loved it!!! They knew I probably wouldn't want a cake, and so they gave me something I love, in a Sister Gilmour kind of way :) They also made me a very thoughtful Tschüssbuch entry :) I have really come to love those two-such great friends! I will miss them dearly. 

We headed to church, got LOTS ready for that evening and.... the Bishop had wonderful things to say about Elder Bergström and I leaving ... BAM. The day I leave and I just love them all and don't want to go! 

I received so many birthday wishes and so much hugs and well wishes for my time in Zürich. I felt like I actually did something for these people... I hope i did. I just want to help people. I want them to feel love and to feel the Spirit. I've learned so much from my time in Zollikofen. 
Sonja-one the greatest things to happen on my mission to me.  
Sonja made me a cake with my favorite color for flowers. It was a gorgeous cake. She always makes such beautiful things :) Lots of hugs from her, too. I loved working with her and I will miss her DEARLY. But I know it's not good-bye :)
Now. The Music Fireside. Boy. What a great experience! It was really different for me than for those not involved, I'm sure. I sang in 5 different pieces and my voice is GONE. But it was gorgeous. The lights, the films, the drawings, the songs, and the performers. I got goosebumps a good few times. We had a really good turnout, too. 300 people!! That was NOT expected!! But from what I heard, everyone really, really enjoyed it. Which made me really happy :) We had a few microphone problems, sometime energy was lacking, but you know what? For Zollikofens first fireside, it was really good. Now they'll be excited for the next one. It was like a full on performance with lights, a shadow dance, Alphorn, harp, some good Born Again music, violins. No one was expecting that. Not even me! But I was well pleased with the turn out!! 

While preparing everything over the last week for this, I got to build some really good relationships with missionaries. I love Goldens. They are so ready to be their best and give all they have, but they are all so worried cause they don't know what they're doing yet. And they're frustrated and little down on themselves, and don't really know where to start. I got to have a lovely talk with an Elder who has been out now 7 weeks. It was such an inspiring and uplifting discussion. I could really feel the Spirit working through me, telling me what I needed to say to this Elder to give him some kind of comfort. We both ended up with tears in our eyes, and knew that we had both learned from what the Spirit had just told us both. (BG: Makes me want to go on a mission again so bad, this time with Julie Gilmour as my Companion:))

That's something that I love about the relationships between missionaries. You really learn to love someone. I mean really LOVE them. Not in a romantic way, but in a very real, Christ-like way. Another reason why it's going to be so sad to leave Bern Zone. Now that I'm nearing the end, there's the chance that I won't be seeing some of these people again. (There's one big pond in between our continents) And that is so heartbreaking. But... I guess I was hear for those who needed me in that moment. And then we move on and help the next people who need us. 

I was given 3 cakes yesterday. Haha, it was so nice of everyone! I shared with all the people there for the Fireside. But... they were from people that I didn't even EXPECT. The gift from Sister Couper and Sister Emerson was so sweet. The cards, the hugs. My gosh. LOVE. TOO MUCH LOVE. I don't even know what to do with it all!!

This week was spent laughing, making videos, piling wood, at the church, working with missionaries, singing, singing, singing, teaching, crazy schedules, and packing.

Oh yeah. Did I say I'm heading to Zeurich?? I am :) I will be working with a Sister from the Netherlands, Sister Robben. She is "dying" (going home) at the end of this 5 week transfer. I am excited :) I've heard the ward is amazing and the apartment is the smallest sister apartment of the mission. Yay ;) Sister Peacock is going to be a MOMMY! She's getting a Golden and totally freaking out about it :) But she is going to be GREAT. I have no doubt :) Elder Bergström is going to St. Gallen and is getting a Golden, too, AND he's opening a new area. Good luck!! Elder Huby is getting Elder Dzierzon, who's actually in our district already. Just a little move for him. 

And the birthday wishes just kept going and going! Last night I was given a note from Sister Peacock that told me to be ready in Yoga pants at 7:45 and not to ask questions. Then she took me to Ness's and we did Yoga and had breakfast :) So sweet. 

Oh yeah!! And Sonja got the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday!! They had to give her two blessings cause they forgot to confirm her with the Holy Ghost. I couldn't really hear, so I don't know what exactly went wrong, but it was funny and good, nonetheless :)

Just. So much happens on a mission. No time to tell you all about it. One day :) 

Have a good week. I'm sorry everything is so crazy. Hope you can make sense of my craziness. 


Sister Gilmour

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