Monday, 15 December 2014

Week 62 in the Field: Week 7 in Zurich: "Wende dein Gesicht der Sonne zu, dann fallen die Schatten hinter dich"‏ AND New Pics in Zurich

This week. 

Not as much time to find and focus on teaching as we would have wanted. But. You know.. that's why we have the Atonement, right? Say sorry and do better the next day. Sister Smith is really great, just understanding that I am totally new to this side of things but we have a good time figuring things out together :)

There are just a few things I wanted to share about this week. We need to get out and go shopping for some pretty needed things, so I'm going to try and be fast with emails. Try ;) 

We met with the Stake President to talk about the work in our Zones/Stakes and how the work is going. Our President is amazing :) We had a really good meeting. We went in pretty much clueless with what we were supposed to do cause... no one's told us how to be SisterTrainingLeaders and the Elders didn't even tell us about this meeting until the day before :) and then 3 hours before it started they informed us that we needed a Fortschrittsbericht prepared for the President :). Well.. great. So we rushed and weren't as prepared as we would have liked, but.... we learned and will be better next time :) 

We helped a new convert with making Gingerbreadmen for the primary. That was really fun :) I love talking to converts cause they've been to places in their lives that I will never go. I mean spiritually and physically. I learn so much from them. It was a really uplifting time :) 

Did a lot of planning for the next week. Got our ward mapped out on our big area map cause.. we don't know anyone, let alone where they live. Thank goodness that's done. It's already been such a help.

Saturday we went to Dielsdorf to help the branch with a finding day. We went caroling. That was really nice. It was a nice way to start conversations and the people loved listening to us sing about the birth of Christ. 

I had an interesting experience while singing. I think we were singing O Little Town on Bethlehem, and as we took a breath as a choir, I heard the words "....Jesus Christ" come from Elder Rozans mouth. Time seemed to slow down as I watched the person he had just tried to speak with, shake his head, put is hand up, and walk past with a "keine Zeit" blowing with the wind. That was so sad. They "don't have time" to talk about Jesus Christ? Who are these people? Don't you know that He has done EVERYTHING for you? And you don't have a few minutes to talk about His importance.

The world is sad. That's made me 10000X more grateful to be here and to help these people make time for Christ. It's so beautiful. 

Then on the way back, we stopped in Kloten to do a few vorbei's. We went to see a family that we teach, that speak almost nothing except Arabic. 

This is just FUNNY. I can't even remember the spiritual parts cause I die everytime I think about it.

So they were just about to eat lunch, so we said we would stay just a few minutes and ask if they had read in the BoM and so on. They didn't have the time, so we were going to read with them, of course. 

We wanted to share Moroni 10:3-5 and challenge them to read about the book and ask God if it was true. But in Arabic, the books start backwards. 

So as we struggled to find the book and then the chapter, they said they had found chapter 10. Great! So she reads the verses 3-5 outloud in Arabic, and we follow along in German. 

Sister Smith and I were just feeling the power of these verses and hoping that we could share a really good message.

As she finished reading, she prattled something off in Arabic to her husband so he could translate:

"So this is talking about a rich man that was killed by this Nephi person so that he could get records from him?"

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had read 1 Nephi 4!! That's the hardest chapter to explain in the whole book and we just read it ON ACCIDENT! Oh my gosh... we just couldn't help but laugh!

They were understanding and we made up an appointment to come back the next week with someone that can speak the language :) Oh man. Gotta love missions #LostInTranslation

Then we had our ward party. They acted out the book, "You are Special" I think it's called in English? It was so so good! We ate, we spoke with as many people as we could, and we just built relationships. I haven't had the time to greet all the members since I've been here since we are always in meetings during prime greeting time. We set up appointments and just... hoped that we spread the love. I felt the love for the first time since coming here. Of course, we have a lot of work to do still, especially to show them that we mean business and we aren't just here to be pretty faces in the ward, but we are seeing improvement. So that's good :) 


Also. That's the week. This week we should be having our first Split with Sister Oswald and Sister Flickengger. We're looking forward to it. Lots of appointments with members, and lots of time to find. Finally. 

We'll see you all soon :) Make a list of things you want to ask cause... 45 minutes goes by really fast :) 

The Church is true!! Not cause we are vain, but because when you live the teachings of Christ, you see the way your life goes and that is the best testimony that what we believe and live is true. So live it! Don't forget what you promised to do as you entered the waters of baptism; to carry His name, to do His work, to mourn with those who mourn, and to always use His Atonement. It is perfect and can always be used. So use it. He did something so great for us. Use His love :)

Merry Christmas-season!

Sister Gilmour

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