Monday, 22 December 2014

Week 63 in the Field: Week 8 in Zurich: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!‏

HIYA! (BG: sent a bunch of pics, could not open them:(:()

This week was SO BUSY. Seriously. If there could be 7 more hours in a day that still wouldn't be enough. I don't even know where the time goes! It's not fair. We just have too, too much to do. 

Monday. Had to RUN around trying to find a glasses shop for Smithie cause she needed new glasses. Found one, took an hour, but got some, paid a lot that I almost fainted, then went off looking for new boots for me cause... well I "missionaried" mine right through. Good use of shoes, though. I like them :) That was our whole day. Just running and hoping to make our appointment for FHE. Man... that was such a good night! Just lots of laughs! I love being comfortable with members and having the elders there. We are FINALLY a team. Just what I prayed for. 

Tuesday. Area Book finding day. Lots of made up appointments. Smithie did her first calls, in English and in German. She killed it. Looking her fear right in the face was her goal this Chirstmas and she is DOING IT. I love her and am so proud of her:) Then we had a lesson with the non-member mother of a member in our ward. That was really great. I love the woman, she's so cool. She's had great experiences with the Church and hoping one day she'll be ready to take the steps toward baptism :)

Wednesday. MINI TAUSCH. Sister Oswald got pneumonia, so she had to cancel, but we thought we'd go to Luzern any way and just see how they're doing, help with a few lessons, and get Sister Flickenger out of the house. I was such a miracle day! I got to go out with Sister Flickenger cause Sister Smith was also feeling sick, so she stayed with Sister Oswald. We were going to go to a Personal Touch for someone who just had a birthday. We went and checked our train times and we had 30 minutes, so I decided to take her out contacting since she hadn't done it yet. WÜNDERN HAT GESCHEHEN. It was so cool. The first people we stopped be gave a Book of Mormon to and they live in St. Gallen and I'm hoping the missionaries there can teach them. Then we stopped some other people and talked about Christmas and stuff. Then we found this one guy. He's actually from Zürich, so... potential for us ;) But it was amazing. He spoke SWISS German. And I mean.. like heavy swiss. But, I understood, so I took the lead there. Long story short, taught a first lesson on the street, and we are REALLY hoping for a call. He wouldn't give us his info. But... we are praying for it. It was really cool to just show Sister Flickenger what it's like to be a missionary. It was so cool to work WITH her. She can already speak German, so that was really nice. I'm sad I won't get the chance to work with her. Really great day, really great Tausch. 

Thursday. RUNNING EVERYWHERE. Appointment with Less Active, really great, elders and Sisters both late. Great. Good image, guys ;) Then running to another appointment, got on 3 wrong trains, then on the right bus, but in the wrong direction. Just like...everything was against us. It was raining, we were hot, I cut my knuckles open and was bleeding everywhere, we were carrying like 15 chocolate bars around plus pants that I can repair for the elders, and then we had to cancel our appointment with the other LA cause Sister Gilmour still doesn't know her way around Zürich. I had a bit of a melt down and started to cry. It was rough. But... We got to do some dooring, so Sister Smith at least got to learn how to be a good missionary instead of one that breaks into tears. 

Friday. Planning. Ate some good Sushi and had sprach. Had an eating appointment with Americans and it was great :) I love them! Really good time. and REALLY great view of Zürich from their house. Breathtaking. 

Saturday. Lesson with man from Winterthur. He came all the way here to meet with us, to find out that he lives next door to the church in Winterthur. But it was a good lesson. Had a joint teach and.. .it was really good. Our other appointment fell out, but that's probably good cause we couldn't mind a joint teach and we don't speak Arabic. So... vorbei's took up our evening. 

Sunday. Oh man. Lessons, no time to breath, lots of appointments to fix, an AMAZING Christmas dinner/ party with the Russos and... I never want to eat again. Still ;) Then we had a lesson with our family from Eritrea. My goodness. Now Sister Smith knows why I just... didn't even know where to start. We planned to go in and talk about the Atonement, but they got stuck talking about our nametags and how it says nowhere in the Bible that we need to where nametags, but just to wear Christ in our hearts. It was so bad. I didn't have my English bible on me, so i had like nothing marked in German, and they were so unimpressed that we didn't have scriptures memorized from the Bible, and we aren't allowed to teach with the BOM yet, and.... Sister Smith took this one over. Thank goodness. Sister Gilmour was just really tired. 

Then we got home. I was dead. Just such a crazy week, and more to plan for, and we still aren't going to get everything done that we need to.... and. Ah. It's Pday. Just don't think about it. 

I just need to learn to breath. With the little time I do have.

This week is as follows:

Tuesday: finding day. Dinner with the Rysers.
Wednesday: Rückauer in the afternoon, the Schmid at night.
Thursday: Charlottle to SKYPE with you crazy cats ;) 
Friday: WE'RE GOING TO GROSSPAPI'S! That's Sister Smith granddad! We are so pumped! And we are teaching them, too! 
Saturday: Denise at night
Sunday: teaching Relief Society (FHV), then both giving talks in Sacrament, then having a lesson that night. 

holy cow. And that's just a few of the appointments. Where we will find time to do the missionary part of missionary life, I'm not sure. 

Yeah. There you have it. I am really excited to Skype and see you all one last time before April! That should be about 8-9am for you. We worked it out so it was less obnoxious-5am mdt, and you can open presents and not be waiting for that ;) 

I love you all! You're great! 

Sister Gilmour

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