Monday, 29 December 2014

Week 64 in the Field: Week 9 in Zurich: Happy New Year

So... it's 9.30 right now. Just had to do some schedule switching so that both us and the elders could write today. We will be going up the Mountain Uetliberg. Looking forward to it. Bundled up nice and warm, cause...

Walking to the top of Uetliberg from Albisgütli

It snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll TRY to send pictures. I don't know why you never get them all. Silly. 

Well. We skyped this past week, so I don't feel like there is too, too much new to say. 

It was really, really great to see you! I was a little nervous to see you all, but it was really good in the end :) I didn't feel any homesickness! Just a little like... man, they had a really good Christmas and it doesn't even feel like Christmas here. But.. yeah :) It was a good week. Thanks for the gifts, too! I didn't even say thank you when I saw you!! I really appreciated everything you sent and loved it all :) Thank yooooooooooooou!
Well... yeah. It snowed. That made contacting a little interesting. Not a whole lot of people out, and then it started to get stormy, so stopping people on the streets became a bit... weird. Plus no one is home. No one. I'm excited for when the holidays are over, then we can do normal things again. 

What's new? Uh.. we basically ran church yesterday. We gave the RS lesson. Man... that's really hard. Now I see why the sisters always have to ask for our participation. No one spoke! That's not true, we had a few participators. But it was still rough. The lesson was on a talk that didn't have much meat to it, so we really  tried to fatten it up. It turned out. We lived ;) Then we both had to give talks in Sacrament meeting. That was fun :) Sister Smith did wonderful! She owned that talk and no one ever would have known that she was nervous :) We both spoke on the miracles of missionary work. I didn't write mine out cause.. .I didn't have head space to really worry about it. I talked about Sonja and all the miracles I saw there with her. It was very nice. Then we did an obnoxious amount of vorbei's, but not one person was home. So we did some dooring; Sister Smith has been saying that she's had only positive contacting experiences so far, but yesterday finished that record ;) The Swiss really don't like being contacted on Sunday's apparently :) The ward members weren't kidding. We wouldn't have had to do that if our appointment for a lesson that night hadn't fallen out... again. Oh well. We had the chance to do studies and had a really good, really deep companionship study. It's nice to just be able to talk out loud with someone you know is going to talk back and have a conversation. I can think all these things in my head, but I don't make connections and get knew ideas doing that. I've missed normal comp studies. I really needed that yesterday. It was based on my studies of the NT... John 19, maybe? I don't remember now. But I just loved how... straight forward and bold Christ is with the people. This is right after he forgives the women found in adultry. Then the Pharisees and Sadducies start telling him that he's only testifying of himself and what right does he have and stuff. Then his reply is... well, if you knew my father like you all say you do, you would know that what I'm saying is true. You all say that you need 2 witnesses to confirm something is true, and I've given that to you: Me and my Father. It's just so brilliant the way He always replies. He said that He knows that what He's saying is true because He knows where he came from and where He's going. Then we started talking about YW and our knowledge of the PoS. It was just really good.

O yeah! We went and visited Sister Smiths Grosspapi on Friday. That was nice :) We tried to teach a lesson about the Plan of Salvation, because both him and his partner have lost a lot of loved ones, but.... they weren't quite ready to accept what we had to say. But :) We taught :) And it was nice to be invited and to be loved :) 

Next week we will be going to Munich for MLC. Looking forward to it. Not so much to the bus ride, except that we are going to take the time to make some good goals for the coming year. Would you like to hear some of mine? Or... the ideas I've had to somehow form into goals for the next year? ;)
- I want to finish the NT
- ALWAYS invite
- Pray before all my studies (like school studies)
- Make all your efforts a missionary effort in some way
- Some kind of exercise goal. I'm not sure what. But getting back into a healthy routine, for sure. No more sweets. Yoga will be in there somewhere.
- Spend more quality time with those I love (family, friends)

Yeah... those are a few. I have about 100 written down, but I'll have to narrow down the list, I think ;) It'll be a great year, and I'm really looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for me. 

So... the pictures do not want to let me upload them. I am so sorry. This camera is really so bad... you'll just have to use your imagination this week. And wait until later to see them all. I wanted to show you what we did last week!! Oh well. I'm sorry.

Have a great New Year and I hope the parties will be great! We will be celebrating with members of the ward here in the building. Then off the Munich the next morning. Yay! 

Love you!
Sister Gilmour

PS- we are starting a mission read! We will be reading the Book of Mormon in 6 months, focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Maybe I'll finish before I come home :) .

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