Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 73 in the Field: Week 18 in Zurich: The Lord has a Plan

I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the news that I recieved this week. :) Thank you, Thank you.

I'm just being tested to see how much I rely on the Lord. Lot's of decisions to be made. 

This week we did A LOT of contacting. Everything we planned fell out! Now that the transfer has started, we are done with the 12 week training program, which means and hour less of studies. I didn't realize it, but we really used that hour. Now that we don't have it, we're like, "What do we do with this extra hour?" Haha, good missionaries, huh? The hardest part to that is just that we don't live in our area, so we are always having to travel to even do good contacting for our area. So that's always really annoying. We literally spent all day Wednesday outside. Same with Thursday. And Tuesday was also filled with a lot of walking. Good practice.

Transfer Day was on Thursday and we have a lot of changes. Elder Huby is working in my district again. It's nice to have a good friend back. 

We only had a few lessons this week. That was a bit of a bummer. We had one of best weeks 2 weeks ago. Sometimes the pressures of being STL are a bit much. We are told to be the example area for our sisters
and our district are all really hard workers. That is really good! Sometimes we look a bit like the district from The District videos; we come together for a meeting, then have nothing to do with each other during the week. We're working on friendship while still being hard workers. It's been a challenge, I have to say. I have learned a lot of things I didn't think I would have to learn. 

The Elders had a baptism on Saturday. We had a friend there and a less active. I gave a talk about baptism. It was a sweet, and very small baptism. You could tell Freddy, the one getting baptized, was so nervous, but he was so happy! It was really nice. We were fasting, so I think that's why there were so many good little miracles :) 

Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. Will, the guy we set a soft baptismal date with, was there again. He will be there every Sunday from now on out. He's great :) He really enjoyed the meetings and always has amazing things to say. He really knows a lot and he has a wonderful relationship with God. We are looking forward to the future. 

I guess I just need to tell you all that God has a plan for us. I tell that to multiple people a day, and these things click first when we have to experience them first-hand. I am really relying on the Lord and on His plan and exercising a lot of faith and hope. Our lives are all a bit open and there's so much ahead of us. But instead of losing your head, just rely on His plan. Everything has a purpose, and everything we do is helping us reach our potential. 

When I said I wanted to tell that to you, I was really just giving myself a pep-talk. I'm really nervous. Good thing I'm still on a mission! 

This week we have MLC again. Last one. How strange. We will then be having Zone Training the week after, and I have to give my "dying testimony". It's a bit unfair that it's so early, cause I don't feel like I've learned everything I'm supposed to! Time goes really fast. Use it well! 

Have a really good week, everyone :) I hope everything works out the way that you hope and pray for. I love you with my whole heart :)
It's a beautiful day in Zurich:


Sister Gilmour


  1. Oh the feelings as it comes to a close. She will be learning right up to the last-minute!

  2. Oh the feelings as it comes to a close. She will be learning right up to the last-minute!