Monday, 30 March 2015

Week 77 in the Field: Week 22 in Zurich: An honorable release from the ward, many hugs and thanks:)

I guess it's time to start my email, right? 

I don't know what to write about any more. I don't remember the weeks. But I didn't forget my planner this week, so I can go back and look ;)

The week started with a glorious day. We watched all the Elders play football. We sat on the grass with the Luzern sisters and just talked. It was nice :)

Tuesday we had a way cool experience with Will. We were supposed to have a lesson before Insti, and he came early, so we were getting called like crazy. We finally got there and started to chat. We had planned to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but as we started talking, he was telling us all the benefits of green tea. I turned to Sister Smith and just said, too bad we don't drink that! Will was shocked! So we taught the WoW. He was a little skeptical and was like... you should ask God if green tea is really bad for you. We then responded that he should ask God for understanding for why He said no to certain things. It was an interesting lesson. Then we went into the class. Our GML took him while we were still talking to people. We showed up in the class and realized that we had no idea what it was about. So I asked the guy sitting behind us and he said DandC 89 and 93. I had to ask Sister Smith if I had heard that right... we did!!! Man! It was so, so perfect!! Guido Uchtdorf gave the lesson and he is always so smooth. The class explained everything we tried to tell him, and in a much better way. God works in cool ways :) 

Wednesday we had exchange. I worked with Sister Pentz here in Schwamendingen. She's a killer missionary. Literally. She always has such good answers to everything!! I learned a LOT from her. The exchange was really good for us both. I finally felt like I got to help someone again. Sometimes I feel like I go days without helping someone, and that is really what I thrive to do on my mission; help others. It was a refreshing, and meat- filled exchange (we ate a lot of meat at an investigators house). We also had a good lesson with a LA and did a lot of bus contacting. It was raining, so we didn't want to be on the streets. I gave a BoM to this girl and had really good conversations. We talked to this really arrogant man and it was a rough conversation. He kept saying that we are all entitled to believe whatever quatsch we want. Good thing Sister Pentz always has things under control :) 

Thursday. Eating appointment. Then we saw Maroussia. I love her and her family SO MUCH. She is the highlight of my week :) We then went and had FHE with Petra and Philip. They did the ST and it was amazing!! Love them. We played a game of Wizard and Sister Smith manage to spill her drink all over the floor, I spilled candle wax on the table, and then I dropped a card in the candle and burned it, all while playing this game. 
We still got a return appointment ;))

Friday. We went to Normas and cooked for her as a late birthday present :) Denise was also there. I love these women so much :) We always have a good time. Norma INSISTED that I needed to look nice for when I got off the plane, so she bought me new shoes :) She said my old ones show that I worked out, but that the new ones show that I was loved by those I served with :) It was such a lovely little surprise :) 

Saturday we practiced the song we sang in Sacrament meeting yesterday for the first time. We were supposed to sing as missionaries, but the Elders have talents in other things ;) So Irene just had the two of us sing :) We sang There is a Balm in Gilead. It is so gorgeous! Bishop was like... when are you coming back? You should sing with your sisters! Come visit us! We want to meet them! The ward loves me and they all want to meet you :) 

Sunday. My last Sacrament meeting in German. Last time hearing the prayers in German. Last German talks. :((((( Michi had his farewell talk and it was amazing. I got to stand up and Bishop gave me a honorable release from the ward and thanked me for my work. I got lots of hugs and "thank you"'s.  It was good :) We sang and didn't mess up and it sounded great! We got to talk with Will a bit afterwards and he said that he had really good, new news for us! He's been praying about the BoM and he said he received the answer that is it GOOD. We were happy :) He will be here with us this weekend for General Conference :) We then went to the Russo's and ate. They always cook really well :) It's Asparagus season now, and that's really big here, so we had a good amount of that + so much more :) We then did some contacting and FROZE. It is raining a lot and it's really windy. We decided to do some Sprach Studium before the Women's conference. I don't remember what was said in the conference, but I remember it was all about families :) 

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend! General Conference + Easter! It doesn't get better than that! Better than Christmas!

I'll leave you with this video to watch: Because He Lives

That's all I can muster this week. You'll hear from me next week for the last time. 

But for now, 

Sister Gilmour



  1. The gift of shoes really got me. Why do missions involve so many emotions? She has been a great missionary :)

  2. The gift of shoes really got me. Why do missions involve so many emotions? She has been a great missionary :)