Monday, 23 February 2015

Week 72 in the Field: Week 17 in Zurich: Staying here in Schwamendingen with Sister Smith! Lots of Love!

Little cards i made for our exchange with Sister Pentz and Sister Zink

 A guy was doing bubbles on the street yesterday. really neat. 


Clean Apartment Award: "THANKS for having such an ultra clean apartment!! You are doing a marvelous job in your apartment and out! Thanks for being such positive examples for us, we love visiting with you!!  Elder and Sister Lee"

I guess it's time to start this weeks email, huh? How many of these have I written now? 

Transfers. We're staying together :) President called us (we were freaking out cause we already had all the callings we could get, so we didn't know what was awaiting us), and told us we were going to be STL's for our Zone.... um. We already are? He was confused, but had made a mistake :) Nice to get the call twice, though ;) We will be staying together until the day I die. Weird. I feel really uneasy. I don't want to face life. I have no idea what to do with my life. This is too real. AH! 

I bought a Swatch? That was cool. Pday is Pday. Nothing too exciting.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and it was a disaster. I think I gave the worst assignment I have ever given. It was a mess. Oh well. Appointment fell out. We were bummed. Did some contacting. Then my bag broke! Just felt on the ground! We just laughed and laughed. Good thing we were going on exchange the next day and I could take a bag from the Sisters. Then we had an eating appointment and we learned how to knit! That was really neat :) I can now knit a square :) I only made a few mistakes. Then we had a meeting with our Stake President. Talked about ward mission plans throughout the Stake. He told us to focus on part-member families a lot. We have been trying. 

Wednesday we had exchange with the Olten sisters. I worked with Sister Zink (from Germany) in Olten. We spent the whole day contacting. That was fun ;) We found someone who turned into an investigator later that weekend. Mega cool. The Sisters here in Schwamendinged found 3 new friends and had two lessons. They were on fire :) Helped with a service project the next day. It was so sad. The woman we helped is the mother of three and taking drugs. She can't think for herself anymore. We came in and cleaned her house, as she was sitting on the sofa smoking something that wasn't just Tobacco I kept telling myself that Christ was among all people and He loved them all. I was trying not to judge this woman for the state that she was in raising these three girls; I didn't know her circumstances and I didn't have the right to judge. As I continued to serve and clean the rooms of these little ones, I learned a bit more about her. Her mother has been helping her since she can no longer help herself. I learned a lot during these hours. Missions are humbling experiences. I am just so grateful for my upbringing and the good choices my parents have made. I am grateful for the Gospel and the strength and guidance it gives us. 

Friday we had a good lesson with a less active. We had lunch with her and her kids and then we colored the things that made us happy. She has made so much progress since we first started meeting with her. The love I feel for us is undescribable. 
We visited another woman who is in an old folks home and she was so happy! Our last appointment fell out.. bummer. Just a good, normal, missionary day. 

Saturday. We met with this guy that found the Sisters while I was in Olten. I called him the next day and set up an appointment here in the Church. He came, he was there waiting for us outside the church. We went in and said hi to the people there. There was a Table Tennis Tourney that day, so we were able to meet lots of members. We talked and got a bit of his religious background and he is really spiritual! He is really knowledgeable and really ready to follow what the Lord says. We then gave him a Church tour. We explained pretty much everything we could. It was really cool cause... well, he accepted it all. We got to the Primary room where there are big replicas of the holy scriptures on the wall; BoM, PoG, D&C, the Bible. We told him about these other books we have. He said he wants them all cause he gets the feeling they make the Bible complete. Never got the answer on my mission before! Cool! We then made our way to the Chapel. There we invited him to be baptized. He said yes, as soon as he knows what we've said is true and God tells him it's right. Really neat. He then came to all three hours of church and was really friendly and not shy at all. He will be back again next week and we will be seeing him this week. Don't know when yet, but we will. 

We then went to a new family's house to give a German lesson. They are American and just the best ever! We had a nice, really relaxed meal, and I loved being able to clean up after myself and not be told to sit down when I just want to help clean up :) We felt so welcome :) That's always really nice. Then we gave a small German lesson to the two little girls :) We talked about colors and counting and how to ask nicely for things :) They learn really fast! And they are so adorable! We will be going back every week :) 

Sunday was a complete mess. We had a bit of a... rough evening with our Elders and that carried over to the next day. We had 3 friends in church and that was so nice! But.. it was a mess trying to get it all to happen. We weren't in the Chapel for Sacrament, but instead outside waiting for the friend that was actually already sitting in the chapel.:):):) So the ward probably thought we were just skipping out or something. Then we had to reschedule about 100 things and... you know me. I stress out really easily.(BG: :):) You can probably feel it just through reading this ;) We just always have so much to do and no one ever asks how we're doing. We felt just a bit under-appreciated yesterday. We ended up painting for Comp Inventory cause.... that's always needed. We then read out loud to each other, the Book of Mormon. That was needed. Before that though, we went to lunch at the Russo's then went to visit a member who just got a really big operation/surgery in the hospital. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon getting there, but it's better than being couped up inside. She loved seeing us :) 

I've been feeling really anxious lately. I don't know why. It's been a rough week. A lot of downs, and some good up's. I'm really tired. But still going :) 

Started studying all the lessons in Chapter 3 of PMG today. I will study a different lesson every week until the end. I studied about Priesthood Organizations today. I love the  Priesthood. I love calling on it whenever I need it. I am so grateful that the power of God has been restored to the earth again at this time and that we all have the chance to use it. Not just as members of the church, but everyone. God really loves us :) 

This week is busy. We have a baptism on Saturday. One of the Elders friends is getting baptized. Really cool :) The next couple weeks are going to be really crazy busy. Just what I need :) 

We're going to the Zoo today, so I'll send pics next week!

Love you all :) 

Sister Gilmour

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