Monday, 23 December 2013

Week 10: Week 4 In The Field: Merry Christmas Eve - Eve


So I get to see you all in two days! Let's talk about how excited I am! Too excited!

Since I get to see you so soon, there's not a ton I'm too worried about telling you about cause I can do that on Wednesday! 

We love the markets :)
We're ready for anyone:)
I had a really amazing, redefining moment last night! I think I figured out how I want to be.. and how I want to become that.

We were sitting in our combined Sacrament meeting with the Germans and Americans and I just came to the most beautiful realization.... 

Everyone says that missions are for the Lord, and they are, but its also a gift to you from the Lord! Here I am, in Germany, becoming someone totally new, seeing amazing miracles every single day. And the whole time I'm just trying to become more Christlike, and He's just blessing me like crazy! And He's given me this time to completely be someone new. I don't think I'll be anyone like Chloe when I get home in 18 months. I don't even know who Chloe is.. or who Sister Gilmour is, either, for that matter. It's truly a beautiful thing.
Life is SO GOOD

I've made goals for things that I want to be when I get home. I want to be outgoing. I want to have perfect German, perfect, grammar, perfect ansprach, and I want an accent really badly. I want to have new habits, and I want to be passionate about something. I want to be a different person. The reason I want this is because I don't think I even knew who I want before my mission. So it's kind of like I'm just finding myself the first time. I don't even recognize myself when I look in the mirror. It's cool, but also very alarming.

From This

To This
Sister Smith has really taught me to ASK. Because why not?! The Lord has promised that if we ask, we shall receive. So I've asked. I've seen MIRACLES with asking the Lord for things on my mission; there's not doubt in my mind that He'll make me into something that I want, but also 100000X-times better than what I ever imagined. It's so beautiful!! It really is... I'm just floored almost every day by the miracles we see.

'Seeing' Miracles
We had another guy just literally walk up to us yesterday, say he remembers talking to us on a bahn, and he wants to talk about that book we had... WHAT IS THIS?! Sometimes I just have the biggest urge to sit on the ground and just repeatedly say "WHAT" because I'm always amazed.

I Know..We're Having Too Much Fun :):)
So Cute...Love This Place!!

I'm so excited to see everyone on Wednesday! It's going to be so so happy!! I love you all and look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!! 

Bis Mittwoch (until Wednesday),

Sister Gilmour


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