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Week 9: Week 3 In The Field: Miracles Happen..MESS UP STUTTGART..Big Things!!

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This week has been a week of miracles.. for sure. I am still in complete awe at how in control of everything god is. We see it on an hourly basis and our “Wundern” (Miracle) calendar is filled up.
I’m going to tell you about our day yesterday, because that was one of the biggest miracles we've seen so far this week:
So we have this big… thing… we’re working on. There's an organization here called Gospel Forum and Sister Smith has a lot of connections to this; a lot of VERY specific things. We don’t want to tell too many people because it sounds crazy. It really is a very crazy thing, but we both know there's something there and we are determined to figure it out. So we called President Miles to get his advice of this, but he thought we were pretty crazy. So the next person to call is the stake president, President Snyder. He is… AMAZING! Everything he said was perfect. At first, you could tell he thought we were crazy, but it was really cool to watch as he started to think and how his ideas about our presented problem changed; you could literally watch him making the changes in his mind. He gave a lot of amazing advice and he shared a lot of personal ideas about how missionary work is done here in Germany. The thing that stuck out to me the most is when he spoke about other organizations. Have you ever thought about why so many churches have a lot of the same, good things we believe? President presented the idea that maybe we couldn't do it all by ourselves, so there are other religions that still allow people to feel of the spirit, so that one day, when the savior comes again, they will accept the Gospel much easier because they know a lot of the truth already. Not saying that’s an excuse to believe whatever just because you’re having a spiritual experience, just that its good they want to come closer to Christ and have a spiritual experience. It was really neat and is the focus of my personal study right now.
He also told us that we've given him a lot to think about and that we need to be the ones to “mess up Stuttgart”!! so that’s our theme: MESS UP STUTTGART! Because things really need to change, and I think we’re doing what the Lord wants.
We have a less active, her non-member husband, and her less active friend who wants to become reactivated at church yesterday!! Whoo hoo!!!! (Background story) we were at an appointment the other night and Elisa, the women, started speaking to me about this woman from Brazil. I thought I understanding what she was saying o me, but I totally wasn’t. Turns out…. She has a friend from brazil who lives here in Germany and found her on face book, asked if she was Mormon, then told her she wants her 15 year old son to have the lessons and be baptized and that she wants to be reactivated… and she wants to meet with us. Okay… what?! Amazing.
We had an eating appointment with the elders and die Familie Brauer yesterday so that we could discuss our Familie Missions Plan. And guess what? They voiced to us their concerns about how previous missionaries were here and would only speak in English and wouldn’t try to get to know the members and they flirted with the elders. So obviously.. Sister Smith and I were not happy with that (Sisters have a bad rep in this ward. We’re slowly gaining more respect). So basically they told us everything they want in missionaries is EXACTLY what we are trying to do with them. It was awesome!! Then they invited us to Silvester (New Years Eve). We’re going to be out until 3am and we’re eating fondue until we throw up. So we’ve gained their respect…. WHAT’S UP SISTEEEERS!!
FOURTH: (they keep coming.. don’t even worry- this was ONLY yesterday…)
MARISA! She’s our Italian investigator and she speaks so little English and German, but we luckily have a lot of people in our ward that are superheroes and are translating everything for her. She said that she didn't know she was already Mormon in her heart.. . It was the cutest. She came with us to the stake Christmas concert… that was crazy amazing! The kids here don’t mess around- they were playing 15 minute Mozart pieces and they were 14 years old. Yeah. Don’t even worry. She’s just amazing. You would have to know her to fully understand.
So we’re going home after our eating appointment and we’re talking to the elders. But that isn’t good missionary work, so we go talk to this sweet old lady. She was so cute and we just made her night. She got on the Bahn and left. Then there was only one other person on the Gleis… so we went to talk to her. Turns out… SHE GOES TO GOSPEL FORUM AND HER DAD IS THE HEAD PREACHER FOR STUTTGART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·        If you aren't freaking out... Maybe I didn't explain it well enough *
HE. IS. THE HEAD. PREACHER. FOR. STUTTGART. And we just met his daughter. You really have no idea how much we were just freaking out!!!! She was so so lovely, we got her number, and I think she might be the answer to all of our prayers!!!!
So basically… this week has been exhausting. I’ve knocked my first doors (yes, I didn’t knock one door until my third week on my mission), I started 3 conversations on the Bahn in one day (that was one of my goals.. and it happened on moms birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!), and we threw our hands up and said “we don’t know what to do” and he had 2 people in one day literally just straight up ask to meet with us; we didn’t even do anything. We were just being obedient.
Miracles happen people.. They really, truly do!!
Also. Missions heal you. I have had a lot of really deep conversations about how different I’ve become. Its like suddenly, everything that mattered before my mission, doesn’t matter anymore, and that is so beautiful. I’ve come to a lot of realizations about myself and the kind of missionary/person I want to be. I’m in this limbo stage of myself where I’m not Chloe anymore, but I haven’t figured out who Sister Gilmour is, yet, either. It’s really cool that I can stand beside myself and see the changes I’m making. I love that I’m losing myself and becoming the truest form of myself; that I’m so in tune with my spirit, which is the purest form of myself.
Sorry for the length… a lot happens in a week and I want you all to know about It! Just be grateful I haven’t recorded everything that’s happened this week… you wouldn’t enjoy it.
It’s been a rough week, but we’ve seen so many miracles and I don’t even care. The good things out weigh the bad things tenfold.
We had a lovely Zone Conference and we talked a lot about family Christmas traditions. I knew I loved my family, but I have never loved people more in my entire life! You are my life and the knowledge I have that I get to spend eternity with you gives me more happiness than anything on the plant. That’s all I need J thank you so much for being the amazing sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, nanas, and everyone else that you are! I appreciate the family unit more now that I’m so far away more than ever...I’m so grateful for all the things I’m learning here!!!
I love you all! I can’t wait to Skype!! I don’t know the times yet, but I will soon. I’ll let you know next week!
Mom, I hope your birthday was amazing. That exhibit sounds so cool! Bummer that I missed it! I sent a postcard- be looking for it. Your hair looks awesome- I have a babin’ mom and a really talented 'HAIRDRESSER' sister!! Way to go, Brook!!
Tchuss! Have a good week.. I know I will
So much love,

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