Monday, 30 December 2013

Week 11: Week 5 in the Field: We’ve been given this time on earth not as a test, but as a TEST RUN

Hello all!! 

Christmas was great and i loved seeing you all!! You all look SO GOOD! I’m convinced I have THE prettiest sisters and family EVER! Seriously, you all look so good!!! I loved seeing you and wished I could have had longer. But before you know it, we’ll be skyping again in May and maybe that time I’ll know enough German to try and impress you ;)

Since I just saw you, I don’t have much to update you on. So I wanted to share with you something cool that Sister Smith has talked a lot about with me the last couple weeks.

“What is “perfection”?”

(A lot of these things aren’t my own, original thoughts, but they’re amazing and have made me think)

So we all have a plaque. On our plaques, we all have different things that we have accomplished and things we will accomplish. What we all need to realize is that what is on my plaque isn’t what’s on Sister Smiths plaque. We all have different things to gain. 
  • We’ve been given this time on earth not as a test, but as a TEST RUN. 
Think about it: god gives us all these rules and commandments to keep us “safe”. But safe from what? Ourselves.
  • He created this earth as a time for us to test drive our bodies so that we would know how to use them more perfectly when we are reunited with our body after resurrection and in the eternities. 
  • We have commandments and rules to show us how to let our spirits be more in control of our bodies. They aren’t rules to restrict us, but rules to show us how to be more perfect- but what is perfection? Perfection is doing all that our Father in Heaven has planned for us. 
  • We have our plaques, and we are to learn what is on our plaques… and when we do that, that is when we are perfect. 
  • We don’t have to do these things without mistakes; that’s just not possible. But we do need to find all the things he’s asked us to do. That’s why Christ was perfect.. he did all that the Father asked of him. 
I think that’s beautiful- that God doesn’t expect me to be perfect. But just find out all that is on my plaque, accomplish those things, and gain more knowledge about my spirit and myself. It’s all a gift, really. We have fasting so we can be more aware of our body. We have the word of wisdom so we don’t cloud the connection between body and spirit. It’s just really cool!! I love it. It makes me love wanting to take care of my body and study health and nutrition even more than before because it’s all very spiritual. I love it. It’s so cool to see and make connections like this. That’s why I love my companion- she makes me THINK. And it’s wonderful. 

I’ve learned a lot of really cool things so far. I wish I could share all of those things with you. I can after my mission… everyone hold on- you’re in for a lot of stories!

Mom, you asked what some of my goals are. Sister smith had me write down what I wanted to become and all the things I wanted to get/ be after my mission and in life in general. I thought I would share those things with you so you can see how I want to grow and you can watch the progress with me:

  • Outgoing
  • Someon who asks God because… why not?
  • I want to be 100% full of faith
  • Perfect German
  • Perfect grammar
  • Perfect accent
  • Selfless
  • To always be getting better
  • Talkative… and I want it to be easy and natural
  • I want the members to love me
  • Good relationships
  • Good healthy Habits
  • To be that Sister Gilmour in “That Dream” (I’ll need to tell you about that later)
  • I want new talents
  • I want passions
So there it is, mom! This is who I want Chloe to be! I hope I can become her!

The family looks amazing! I wish I could have been there to party with everyone and to tell them all I love them, but I wasn't. so pass on the message and enjoy all the time you have with them. Family is the most amazing thing I have in my life and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I am so happy we have the knowledge of eternal families and that I get to share that knowledge here in Germany!!

All my love,

Sister Gilmour xx

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