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Week 36: Week 6 in Zollikofen: Making our own MILK: ZUMBA in Switz from Pro 'English' Dancer - ):)

Hoy Zamme!

Man, I love you and mom. You two are the best examples! I love that you both pushed through the marathon and half marathons this weekend (mom deciding the night before to do it-she rocks!), despite the issues and knee pains. Heal yourselves, though! I want two parents who are healthy and strong when i get back,please :) 

I heard you PR'ed Dad, even though your 4:07 time wasn't as good and you wanted it to be? Way to go!!

And Sandi qualified for Boston... man. One day I'll be as cool as all of you :) Matt is doing well, too, I hope?

I know Erin Maxfield was a great missionary. she has helped me numerous times throughout my time here on a a mission. We're still knocking doors... nothing. Maybe we're just not saying the right things? But that really shouldn't matter cause the Lord prepares people to hear us, no matter what we say, no matter how bad our language is. So... we just keep pushing on. We're hoping that the new activities we've got planned will bring new people in.  

AN EXAMPLE:  We're doing Zumba with a pro- dancer from our ward
(Here's her Mormon Message. She's the coolest: m ) 

The ward was really excited when it was announced, so we're hoping to see new people there, and all their friends :):)

Nothing from the American house. Sadly. 

What did you end up doing for Fathers Day? Beside sitting in pain?

We have started the ab challenge as well... on day 3. Too easy. But running again in the mornings :) that's been really good... considering i've/ we've been having our weird health problems. 


So I wrote a list of things I wanted to include in this weeks email. So I'm just going to write it like I have it listed out in my planner :) 

First things first, Sister Wüst and I are now lactose free... or... intolerant. Her more than me. We've been experiencing stomach pains and bloated-ness. She can't even sleep sometimes. 

So, naturally, we asked for Priesthood blessings. We asked Bruno and Jona, both are wonderful. Bruno's wife (this is the couple that we Skyped you from) is the most wonderful and talented women. I love her. She was telling me about things that say "lactose free", that aren't actually lactose free. So she told us how to make our own rice milk and almond milk.

So we did :)


Who needs to eat during the dinner hour? Not us! Especially since we can't eat anything... 

Anywho, the blessing. I don't remember what was said, but I do remember what I felt. Which is the most important thing, right? As, Bruno laid his hands on my head, I was instantly filled with the feeling of healing. I could feel myself being cleansed and blessed, right from the very beginning of his blessing. It was all in German as well, and it was a great experience. I love German. There is something so beautiful about it. They can express themselves in a way you can't in English. Which is strange since German is really restrictive. 

Maybe it's because I don't receive Kranken Segens very often, but it was so good. And so powerful. 

Now, the reason I needed a blessing.

Hi... I've been out for 8 months. Everyone says that there is a level of exhaustion that is reached on a mission about half-way that no one can explain. Well... Ich stimme zu. I am so tired. I AM SO TIRED. I can only get through about 20 minutes of studies without falling asleep. I get 8 hours of sleep, sometimes 8.5. And I wake up with really bad headaches almost every morning. They last only until about 11, but they are still really annoying. 

I think I am low on iron. So we are buying iron today. 


Enough on my bodily issues :)
We got the permission from President to watch two World Cup games... cool, eh? Good thing I didn't come on my mission to watch Fussball. I don't know if Sister Wüst and I will end up watching any games. If we do watch any of them, it will be on the 26th: Deutschland v. America. The Elders are all really pumped, as I'm sure you can imagine ;) 


We had a joint teach with the Elders this week with a women who has been investigating for about a year. She is a HEAVY smoker, so we talked about das Evangelium Jesu Christi and der Wort der Weisheit. (BG: Really?:  she thinks we speak German too:))

It turned out really differently than we thought.

Turns out, she trusts doctors more than God. 

They told her that she HAS to drink coffee and smoke because without these things she'll get like...some kind of sickness that runs in the women in her family. 

Uh.. .is it lung cancer? 

I wonder why.

I was just literally stunned. I didn't even know what to say. 

Well.. I did, but I am a missionary and need to say things that Christ would say in these situations. So I didn't say much. And my language is a bit limiting. 

The whole lesson was just really frustrating. She said she could stop smoking whenever she wanted, but didn't have any desire to do it. She stopped during her pregnancy because she felt it was the right thing to do, not because it messes the baby up.. cause the doctors said it didn't have anything to do with the development of the child. Quatsch. 

(I don't know what doctor she's seeing, but I think he needs to go to school again.)

She didn't accept any of her commitments. She said that the Word of Wisdom was outdated and given at a different time. Never mind that God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow... :)


This week was good. Sister Wüst and I are staying together this transfer. Thank goodness! We got calls later than usual, so we were freaking out. But.. we got them eventually :)

We continue to knock on doors. We continue to talk to everyone. We are trying new things. We spend lots of time on our knees, thanking and asking the Lord. We are growing, and we love each other a whole lot :)

The Gospel is STILL true, as will it always be. The people may not be perfect, but the Gospel is. Always is, always will be. The Lord is the SAME. Always. I know it. We are able to infinitely grow.. but only with His help. He must be in all things :)

Today I read in the Book of Mormon - Helaman 6. I'm obsessed with it. It's so good. As is Hel. 5. Read it :)

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, daddy :) Here's something to honor you from all the way in Switzerland: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father

Check out the Swiss site to see if we show up from the broadcast with Pres. Uchtdorf: swiss website for the church (BG: unfortunately, not yet)

All my love,

Sister Chloe Gilmour

Enjoy the photos.  (BG: she didn't attach:(:))

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