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Week 35: Week 5 in Zollikofen: Goodbye Miles', Love MY Zone in Bern, Pres Uchtdorff's visit .. A Day of Pentecost:)

I don't really know where to start with this week. The work is still... so slow in Zollikofen for us. We have now reached the point where I can say that we have NOTHING to do. (BG: I don't think so:)) We are talking to everyone on the streets (when there are people out), we are now dooring (I'm sure you can feel the enthusiasm in my voice), we are trying to get new things up and started, but... still nothing. We're trying the service approach.  we're also trying to get our hands on a phone book.  We found a house decked out in american flags.  We knocked on it but know one was home, we'll try again, we did leave a funny note and testimony, we'll see...just trying to make it more enjoyable:)  It's all worth it!

Despite that saddening news, I love life as a missionary :) We are only being tested and tried right now. Yeah, it's not so much fun, but our testimonies and faith are being tested :) For which I am grateful.

And in between all the hours of contacting and walking the streets, we had some amazing things this week :)

Tuesday we had our Zone Training/ good-bye for President and Sister Miles. It was really, really good. It's good to be apart of the Bern Zone. Something new, but something good. These missionaries are amazing. I am really impressed. And it's funny to see how different zones are in different countries. Things are really different here. Not a bad thing, of course :) I did have that "oh no" feeling at the beginning cause I thought I would start feeling like a bad missionary again, but... that only lasted about 10 minutes. I don't think it's a bad thing, either. In fact, it was healthy. I could see my mistakes and see how I needed to be better to be a better missionary, and then I saw that it was okay because the Lord still loves me.   Our zone has a baptism every weekend it seems, its exciting!  Our mission i think had 300+ last year.  We walk and ride buses and trains a lot in this mission, there's only a few car areas, and a few bike areas outside of Munchin.  Transfers are this Friday, my companion has been here 3 transfers, we are hoping she's here for another one.  There aren't enough sisters here to make a lot of transfers.  

It's really cool to see how I can be so honest with myself. That's something I never would have been able to do a few months ago. I figured it's better to just be honest when I'm not perfect. I'm not expected to be. No one expects me to be, either. 

We got to hug President and Sister Miles before they left. It was really emotional. Which was surprising. I never felt like I had a huge connection to them, even though I love them. There are just too many missionaries to be super personal with every one. I understand that. It was a good meeting. Really good.

Wednesday was our exchange. I was in Thun, Switzerland with Sister Couper (from Scotland:)). It was really good. I love seeing when we talk through the Spirit.  We really felt like we had things we could give to each other. I got to know her better, and I think she is wonderful.  It was really good to be back in a big city and doing bus contacting- I felt RIGHT at home. I LOVE PUBLIC TRANSPORT CONTACTING. It's so much more normal than street contacting. And Thun is the most gorgeous little place ever. I loved it :)  This is where we had the pday with the scooters a few weeks ago, its about 45 mins from our area.

I am also really, really grateful that Dad is so clean/tidy and taught me the importance of a clean home and clean habits, and that my companion is also like that. And that she loves eating healthy and that we don't eat sweets or junk food. That's all I'm going to say....

We Tausched back on Thursday. Then went to the Von Allmens. They are wonderful. Such great members. Talk about giving all that you have to the Gospel. I love them. 

Friday we were with a member, Esther Müller. She served her mission in St. George and she is adorable. She's got a baby girl, Emma. She made us pancakes cause I told her I was craving them. Then she did a few alterations on some skirts and dresses for the two of us. I love members. She also said that our ward isn't doing enough missionary work. Which I loved cause I thought they were doing really well! Guess not! (BG: Perspective:))

Saturday we went to a Phillipino grill for a little girls birthday. I loved it. I love this little family :) The mother has been recovering from surgery she had a few months back due to a tumor growing on her brain. Came to find out it's actually not all gone and won't ever be. But right now it's not growing. But it will in a few years. She's amazing. We had a lot of ward members there. I love to see how much they love each other as members and the love they show us as missionaries. Plus the food was so good. So healthy. I don't even want to tell you how many fruit kabobs I ate. Okay... 7. But it was fruit, so I feel no guilt ;)

Also on this day, we were refilling all the pass-along card slots in the church for President Uchtdorf, when I looked through the YW window and saw a familiar face! It was Matt Robertson!! (My dad knows Matt from his mission in England (and he's been to our house in UT), and the Robertsons are in my Aunt Alison's ward in Frankfurt-love it, love the connections !!) It was really cool to see him :)
Matt took this picture of the Sisters - Thank Matt, IOU!
It's crazy to think I am now serving with Jake Robertson in the AGSM, and that I was at their house this time last year! Boy, how times flies. He's the coolest. And I love that family. Wonderful people. 

My companion is hilarious. Which  is really good cause it has been STINKING hot here. So without her funnies, the hot days would be miserable :) But we're a good team and we have a good time :) :)

Okay... the day you've all been waiting to hear about: SUNDAY. UCHTDORF. ANDERSON. REEVES. TEXERIA. 

They were all there :) It was broadcasted to Switzerland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It was really cool that I got to be there. We sat right in the middle in the center. We got ROCKIN seats. Like... some of the best. I feel so blessed to have been able to get tickets. They weren't easy to get. But our ward loves us :) 

President Uchtdorf and his wife were matching and wore bright orange. (BG: Matt I stole some of your pics from FB, thanks) They are the sweetest. And he's way tanned! 

They all had really good things to say, all of them something about not giving up with the work in Europe. They know it's hard. But they really pushed the members to do more. The missionaries have nothing without them (we being the best example ;)). It was really, really good. 

Then President Uchtdorf got up to speak to us. It was more like a Stake President speaking to us. It was really cool and kinda weird to see him like that. He was so normal. He also told us that he had just barely rededicated Switzerland that morning. But it's not something they usually make known to lots of people. But he drew a connection between that and the fact that is was the Day of Pentecost. Uh. I think that's a pretty big deal. I know the 3 pages of notes I took from him definitely say so. 

Here are a few points about what he talked about:
(He's really funny, by the way)
-Every thing good he has in his life is because of his membership in the Church
-the spiritual importance of the day
we need to be united as members
- the day represented  day of outpouring of the Spirit; a day to change
-we need to have a greater desire to do His work; make it a new start
- Bern temple is the symbol of NEW STARTS
-Temple: proof that God mends broken hearts
-"Recapture your tesimony every day"
-We will be persecuted in these days. every one of us. every single one. keep going. 
-Faith, faith, faith, faith, faith. Have it. 
-"Satan wouldn't mind if we shared the Gospel with the attitude that things are negotiable. They are NOT. BE BOLD."
-Know the simplicity of the Gospel. We can go deep, but there's no need. 
-*he quotes himself a lot*
-"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"
-"Tought times never last. But tought people do"
-We were prepared to live NOW. in this time. 
-We were given what we need to become eternal *wow*
-"Hold on a little longer!"
-"these time MUST be times of Penticost"

He's the best. I felt really spiritually fed after that. 

I got to shake his hand, and SPEAK GERMAN WITH HIM. That was really cool! His German.. is so good. I forgot what a normal German accent sounds like. I love those Hessen people. Awe! I also got to record something about missionary work. I have no idea where it will be, but there's a part that we were asked to record especially for our families. So if you get something, enjoy it!

This Gospel is true. Yes it is. Meet with the missionaries where you all live and listen to what they have to say, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, is a GOOD LIFE!  

We are working all day long. If you have ANY ideas as to how we can get things going, PLEASE, hit me up with an email. 

I love you :) Have a rockin' week! Pray we don't die of heat :)

Sister Gilmour

Oh. And do Family History. I really need names from mom's side of the family. And dad, all your stuff needs to be put Thanks. Our roots are done all the way until 480 BC. Pretty cool, eh?

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