Monday, 30 June 2014

Week 38: Week 8 in Zollikoffen: Nice and busy! Just like I like it! "I - We - need to endure things well"

Hallo Zamme! Just trying to teach you some Swiss. Could be of good use at some point in your life... HA. Actually, no :) No one speaks this crazy cool language. 

So, before I tell you all about this last week, I just want to tell you about the best study that I had this morning. 

I was reading in the January Liahona, and I read the talk from President Eyring about giving gifts to our future family. I don't really know what about it touched me so much, but it was probably one of the most spiritual studies of my mission. It was beautiful.

The things we give to our families later in life are really developed here, right now, when we are in school, and when we are young. Being able to help our children with math or writing problems, or the feeling of failure and the healing power of the Atonement are really the most priceless gifts we could ever give to our children. 

I then read about the Godhead (The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, 3 separate individuals, one in purpose, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man). I have not really thought about this one. But today, I was given testimony that they are there. They are separate, they do work together. All that we do, is through the three of them. I have such a strong, and indescribable testimony of this. 

We made this:)

Okay. Now. For the week. It was really good :) Nice and busy! Just like I like it!


Had a really, really good first District Meeting. Elder Conteh, our new DL, is wonderful. Really one of the best meetings I've had. 

Found a new investigator... finally. Things are starting to look up :)


CLEANING DAY. We cleaned.. ALL DAY. Don't worry, we were asked to do so. We had a mission-wide cleaning day. I loved it. We went way deep and cleaned everything. Our apartment sparkles. Really. It was good therapy. And we stayed in sweats the whole day. Also really nice. And I got to hear more about Sister Wüst's family. Gosh, I love that girl. She's such a trooper. Then we had GMR, which was REALLY good. I love watching wards start to take the work really serious. It was really successful. And I gave the spiritual thought about giving up something... an addiction, in a sense. I'm giving up cracking all my joints. Hard stuff, people. Hard stuff.  (BG, she's terrible at this, we'll be following up on this one, weekly)


Visited Sister Gygli. She's wonderful. 90 and totally there. She gives the best advice. I love her. She's from England. She's a family history wiz. AND THEN. We went to Sister Giantti's, a less active, to visit with her. Then she told us about this painting on the wall.. then she just mentioned in passing that SHE painted it. It's beautiful. Then she was like.. yeah, I painted everything in my living room, too. She then pointed to a glass case full of porcelain... and she told us that she painted all that. I was so confused cause there were no paintings. And then it clicked.. SHE PAINTS PORCELAIN. And I don't just mean like.. kinda paints pottery. I mean.. she's professional. She paints with real G. And she's SO GOOD AT IT. I took a few pictures and sent them to you. Take a look. 

She also sewed and embroidered her own chair and also embroidered a picture. I was literally stunned. Then we had a really good eating appointment with Bischof and did a family mission plan. Probably one of the best we've done. It was way good. They already do so much.

We referred Sister Wüst's family to the missionaries in Frankfurt! Which is like.. a really big deal. It was really happy and we were jumping up and down and were just so pumped. I really think this was the right time. We'll see on Thursday if they've dropped by yet. 


Lunch appointment with Sister Jordi. Long story short, she's really sick. She makes really good, natural food. It was a fiasco getting to her house, though. Really... one of the most interesting appointments of my mission. Good memories. We're going back next week. YES. 


Nothing of importance.


I stressed about the trials I am going to face in my life. (BG: Geesh:))The whole day, from personal study to the joint class with Priesthood and RS, was about facing trials and enduring them well. I was like... okay! Isch guet! I get it.. I need to endure things well. No matter what life-tearing things are thrown my way. I just thought a lot about what could possibly hit me. So.. I'm waiting for something life shattering. (BG: Oh no!)

Had a really lovely dinner of fish and rice and really healthy food with the Von Allmans. They are really wonderful. I go to Ava when I need anything. She's kinda like my mom here in Zollikofen. Then we had a really good lesson with a less active family from Togo. It was a translated lesson, but still really good. Our GML and his wife came along. He's awesome.

So... things are starting to pick up :) We had numbers to report, so that's always nice ;) (Even though numbers mean NOTHING. I know that.)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Til next week!

Sister Gilmour

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