Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 37: Week 7 in Kollikofen: My Soul Is Tired, So Many Prayers Answered

Hello all. I took a nap for P-day today. My soul is tired. But that's okay :)

This week was full of amazing and spiritual experiences. So I'm going to tell you about those this week.

Wednesday. Miracle day. 
We went dooring, because... let's be honest. We've been getting the answer that that's what we need to do. So we prayed, got the answer that we needed to go to Worblaufen, so we did.

We got off the Bahn, said another prayer, and both turned in the same direction, and headed off. We went to a building, did the whole house; no success. 

Second building. Almost the whole house done when finally someone said yes. His name is Yusuf. He is Muslim, but also Christian. He really believes the same things we do. We had a good lesson on the doorstep, and promised to come back with a Book of Mormon. It was really such a spiritually uplifting hour. We love miracles :)

Same day, we went by on an "investigator" and actually got to meet with her. She's Chinese and the whole God thing is really hard for her. But we had a really good lesson about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. And a whole lot of other things that were all really good :) She's so open to everything we say, she just doesn't quite... get it. But, we'll get it. She's awesome. 

We have a joint teach with the Elders with one of their investigators, Fernanda. She's from Portugal. She's got a really long, interesting story, but basically she told us that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and got the answer that she was already on the right path and didn't need to switch, even though she believes the book is true. Ugh. But we read 3 Nephi 11 with her. My goodness... the Spirit just bore witness to me that was took place during this chapter REALLY did happen. It was amazing. Even if she keeps listening to her lady-bishop, I received the answer again that the Book of Mormon is true. It was wonderful :)

We had a few good appointments with members this week. One was particularly good. I really got to help the mother out with personal health problems that she has. Again, in the words of Erin Maxfield, "God is not random". This family is wonderful :) We got to go by to give them a "Personal Touch" the next night and that.. was really inspired. It was so good. I love being able to follow the Spirit :)

I just want you to know that God answers prayers. We sometimes just need to look and pay attention to the answers. He answered so many of my prayers this week. Just enough to light the dark path and give me a little light to help me continue to walk in faith. He continues to do that daily. Missions are hard. Really hard. Especially when you are STILL not seeing anything. For example, I was sitting on a Bahn yesterday, on our way to contact in Suberg, when I went to talk to a women, because.. yeah, we should always be talking to people. I just complimented her ring, and she didn't understand a thing I said! "Ich mag ihren Ring". Is it really that hard to understand. I know I said it right. It was so hard to not just start crying right there; "what am I doing here", I asked myself. "No one is listening. No one sees the specialness of what I have to give them". It was a hard moment. 

Sister Wüst just had to remind me that my German is not bad. And that it's not my fault that these people don't listen. I knew it already... but it's hard. Missionary work is hard.. let me just say that a few more times :) 

I gave a talk yesterday. It was MUCH better than the last one I gave. I wrote it all myself (hopefully I can do that after 9 months in the field, right? ;)). I had Sister Wüst correct my mistakes, but guess what?! I didn't really make any! A few wrong endings on words, but even native speakers make those. And then I switched around a few words just to make it sound more correct. But it was really a confidence booster than I am learning! It was really cool :)

I gave the talk. There were no nerves, I didn't trip over the words, and it was perfectly the amount of time I was assigned... no 38 minute long talks like at my Farewell.. whoops ;)

So like I said, the power of prayer is real. It's so real.

Pray that we stay healthy here. Pray that whoever needs to see a doctor in the next few weeks will get good test results better. And that she can handle the needles and the blood and that she won't faint. We don't need any repeats of that one time in Tübingen ;) No hospital visits are needed right now! 

The church is true. Even when no one else will accept that. I know it, and one day I'll find the people who need me. One day I'll get to teach these eternal truths to people. My study stays fest on the Book of Mormon. I'm in Helaman 13, by the way. In German. I love learning more and understanding more as the days go on :) I am so blessed here. 

I love hearing about the mission calls of all my friends. The work is being hastened... it really is. Now pray for the people. They need the prayers, too. 

All my love from Zollikofen,

Sister Gilmour

P.S. We get a new President this week. How weird is that? Hmm.. it should be good!

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  1. Wow! It is so fun watching Sister Gilmour blossom! Loved her testimony of prayer and seeing her growth!