Monday, 18 August 2014

Week 45 in the Field: Week 15 in Zollikofen: IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING

This week was good. Had lots of work to do for our Temple Tour. It's finished now, so we should be able to work on our other work a little more now. We're booked this week, though, so that's nice. 

The most exciting this is week is.... our Temple Tour. It looks so good! I am really proud of our team work! We've got it in German, English, French, and Spanish. Hard work. But it'll pay off. 

We gave three tours this week. Each one to someone who wasn't a member. No new investigators came from it, yet... but the members are really proud of us.

We gave one on Thursday to a man whose wife was going through the Temple. He already knew quite a bit about the Gospel, but it was a good first run-through. We were then able to work on what it needed until Saturday. The tour went about an hour and half, with questions in between slides and stuff. It runs 30 minutes without questions until the end. Nicht schlect. 

Then we gave it during our ward BBQ. We found a man sitting on the steps of the Temple and started talking to him. He's taken a lot of pictures of the temple and the mountains you can see when you come out of the temple. So we're hoping we can use that some time. We invited him to come on the tour, and HE DID. It was really good. He was talking about how in America, all the films are made with heart, and he found that sad. (BG: don't get this?) So we told him we have a film that is really touching. He loved it. Hopefully we'll see him again. 

Then we gave another one to an investigator from the Elders yesterday and to a bunch of members. They really liked it. Now we just need to finish it in the other languages. 

We will be hanging flyers all over Switzerland; in every ward building, not only in Switzerland, but in France and Italy. And then we'll have the tour advertised in every surrounding dorf here in our area. Then we have Temple pass along cards, too. It will be good :)

Yeah. Not too much was going on this week. Just really working on the Presentation/ tour. 

Find the beautiful things in life.
Roar like a lion.
and remember,

There's my weekly bericht. 

Hope all is well :) Things are going well here too, just with a few set backs; a few bumps in the road :) Nothing I can't handle. As Nephi says,  we are only given trials that God knows we can handle. 

P.S. WE FOUND THE MOST MASSIVE WATERMELONS THIS MORNING FOR ONLY 75 cents PER KILO. They were so big!! We also bought all our food for 40 Francs, thanks to a Turkish shop. Nothing but fruit, veg, and Weetabix... maybe that's why ;) That's actually a miracle since we spend about 70 Francs a week on average. Ouch. I know. 

AND. I'll attach a few picutes of my beautiful companion(s) giving a tour :)

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