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Week 43 in the Field: Week 13 in Zollikofen: America, England, France, Sweden. Taking down Zolliken... TOGETHER

Well. Craziness on our end, as well. I think the whole mission was under a little stress this last week.

Transfer calls. Always a stress.
Sister Peacock came to me. And she is wonderful!! Seriously. She's been all over the world, 25, really organized, and seen a lot of success and hardships in life. I really have a lot to learn from her. I love her already. And you'd love to see the amount of Union Jacks we have all over the apartment. I love Brits. ( BG: She'd better since she's part one:) She's American, British and German, at least).
We spent the beginning of the week saying goodbye, but was cut short when Sister Wüst got really sick, really randomly. We ended up staying at a members house for like 5 hours, as she was throwing up on the balcony. I held her hair and rubbed her back, like a good companion, not even getting sick once.
We ended up just having to go home after that. She couldn't have done any more work. And she needed to finish packing. I actually packed her bags for her. I like packing... when it's not my stuff and I'm not leaving ;)
Huby and Berstrom
Said goodbye to my Sister Wüstli, and said hello to Sister Peacock! She came in tow with three massive bags, all really heavy. We love transfers! Luckily we had Elder Bergström and Elder Huby with us to help. Elder Huby is from France and the most adorable missionary ever. Really, everyone really loves him.
We spent that first day getting Peacock a little settled in, then working on our temple presentation, and getting to know each other better. We all spoke German the whole time. I love this language! It's really fun being able to talk with the "grown up missionaries" now ;)
Friday we planned, and planned, and planned. Sister Peacock is a MASTER PLANNER, so we really sat down and organized this Culture Day on the 30th. It's going to be really good, I think.. I hope. 
Then we headed to Anita's for the 1 August party. This is Switzerland's National day, so like July 4th for us. But... there was literally no one out (what's new), so I was a little disappointed. We also had to be home at 9, like normal, so we missed the best part. Sad. Oh well. 
I got to talk to the Sisters at the Frankfurt temple! That was cool. I spoke with Sister Fuller.. .turns out she lives in Highland and went to LP. Small world, eh? But I guess their temple stuff is really successful, so that's why I called them. They give 7-8 tours a week. And when it's slow, 3-4. Which is about... 100% more than we give ;) So... We will be working really hard on that.
Saturday we played fussball in the pouring rain. So fun. I found out i really like playing. I forgot! But we will be playing every Saturday morning, so I can work on my skills. You can tell I'm American, lets put it that way.
Then we went to a service project at the Flemings. We sanded down their attic. It is all made of beautiful wood and they are getting ready to paint it all white for their daughters wedding. It's going to look great when it's finished. We were COVERED in sawdust, but had a really good time. Even though we were all... pretty much still soaking wet, we had a really good time:) Always with the Elders, too. I don't think we really do anything seperately anymore. Fine with me. 
Then it rained like I have NEVER seen before. Good thing we got stuck at Bahnhof cause we found a new investigator. Peter, he's from Slovakia. Pretty nice. Went through 4 cigarettes in the 45 minutes we were there, but we can work on that. He has a lot of the normal questions that everyone has about life, death, where are we going, and why are we here. Sister Peacock is a genius with people, so I'm really grateful that I have her to learn from. I still feel like a Golden. I'm just really hoping that he doesn't just want to meet cause we're two girls. Pray for him. We will be meeting on Wednesday. 
Sunday. Always crazy, especially with a new comp. She handled it well, even with the Fast. 
As we were getting ready to start the Sacrament Meeting, Aslan ( a man I found with Sister Couper two weeks ago) popped up randomly! He was like, I just really felt like I needed to come here. My wife and I just fought and she threw me out and here in the only place I could think to come.
As I translated and tried to explain why we don't talk to each other when the Sacrament is being blessed, I really got to see some cool things. Although he was a little tipsy, due to the 3-4 beers he had had the night before, he really felt the spirit. He said he will be coming every week, and next week he's bringing his son with him. He then said to me, "So, the people just go up there when they want to say something? Maybe I should go up there...". I was just like... uh... what do I even say to that? Then we told me that he really wanted to go up there, stood up, and went to the front. :):):):):)
Uh.... panic. 
Not just from Sister Peacock and I, but the Bishopbric was also a little scared. 

But... He bore his feelings. He told us how he could really feel something special being here, and he really liked that the people here could speak with God. He said his life is really hard right now, and he needs help, and that this was where he was going to find it. 
I smelled like smoke and probably like throw up, but it was a really special meeting. I didn't do anything for myself. I didn't even get to hear the other people, but I got to help someone know a little more about Heavenly Father and His Son and Their Church. Cool :) Missionary work is just... cool :) BG: YES it is

Then the Elders and Sisters had a meeting after church to go through the ward list. As we were doing that, a family that lives in San Diego walked in. We got to hear about their lives, their conversions, how they met, the work in their ward, and meet their adorable kids. We got to give them a spiritual thought with the help of our touch screen wall in the Church, and they got to be spiritually fed. We all needed that :)

The church is true, people. It is true.

Today we visited Sister Gianatti. I thought she didn't know the Gospel, but found out today, that she really doesn't know the Gospel. She didn't even know that God a has a body like us. And she's been a member for over 20 years. Oh no. But... we really see progress with her every time we are with her. I really love her a lot.

As we were leaving after a really good lesson, thanks to Sister Peacock and her ability to stay on point, I told her that we really love her and love coming to visit her. She had to walk away cause she started crying, and she is a pretty private person. 

I loved being able to touch her heart, and help her feel the love that we have for her and ultimately helping her understand the love God has for her :) :) 

This work is so rewarding :)

We also had a really good District Meeting about Restitution. Meine gute. I had a big "come to Jesus" moment. Sister Gilmour, you have a lot of restitution to get caught up on. I'm not a bad missionary, but I just really felt and saw that I could be doing more for these people. And that I don't need to worry about my companion and what she does, but really worry about me and my work, and what I'm doing to be the best I can be. It was really, really good :)

Also. We have these TERRIBLE... what are they called?!.... they are on the sides of freeways? Big posters? Know what I mean? (BG: Billboards) Those things... all over the place right now. They are trying to promote safe sex. My goodness. The world. They are hardly dressed and it is so bad. Sometimes men with men, and women with women, even. Sister Peacock asked a women yesterday what she thought and she said she found it good because then the children could ask what they were doing. She said we don't need to be so old fashioned; nothing is "showing". What. No. World. FAIL. 

Pray for the poor Elders that have to deal with this. I haven't actually looked at the poster, but you can get a good idea of what's going on after seeing it for a millisecond. Satan is really at work with the people. 
Although he is really at work, and doing a really good job with some people, there are still some of us, the "salt of the earth", and as we continue to do good, and to strive to be the best we can as Saints and as good people, we are blessed with the strength to withstand the evils of the world. Hide your treasures with God and all will be well. That I can promise and is my testimony,

Sister Gilmour

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