Monday, 22 September 2014

Week 50 in the Field: Week 20 in Zollikofen: "Sie haben etwas vergessen: IHRE ERRETTUNG!!!‏ -- "You forgot something: YOUR SALVATION !!!

St Gallen, Switzerland

I'm only going to tell you about Saturday cause it was a really special day for me :) 

So we started the day early because we were giving 4 Children's Tours for the St. Gallen Stake Temple day. It was such a special experience, and I am so grateful I got to be the missionary to conduct them all :)
Of course it is always a little hard with little kiddies, but it was.... oh my... really so good. They bring such a special spirit.

We started the tours inside at the touch screan. We asked them if they knew which building they were at, how did they feel when they looked at the Temple, and what they liked about it. We showed pictures of rooms from different temples, and asked them what we do in Temples. They know so much!! I was impressed. 

We then went outside, and on our way to the front of the temple. we counted the trees, looked for the #9 on the Temple Visitor motel, the Swiss flag, and the Presidents house. We then talked about Angel Moroni, what he is made of, and what he means. They knew a lot. Really neat. 

Then we talked about our Temple recommends, and passed them around so they could see that I signed my name on it. 

Then we took them to the front of the Temple. We told them they had to be even more reverent cause we were going really close. As we approached the doors, we asked them what we wear in the Temple: WHITE. As you approach the doors, they open automatically. We told them to stop as I walked to the first doors, and Sister Peacock to the second doors. As the doors opened,they peared in, and looked at the Temple Greeter, all dressed in white.

 My goodness. The Spirit. Was so strong. I loved feeling the change of atmosphere with them. From loud and excited, to quiet and respectful. They are just young, but they also know that the Temple is a special place. 

We then took them back to the church, the Spirit of the previous moment still hanging on their spirits, and we had them watch Because of Him. It was gorgeous. We closed with testimony, and they colored a picture of Angel Moroni before moving onto the next group. 

I loved it :)

Then!! The best part of the day: I SAW ELDER ESCHER!!!! On the third tour, as we were looking in the doors at the man in white, I saw a young man wearing a tie that I had given to the Elders in Stuttgtart, then looked at his face, and behind the facial hair was my dear, dear friend BENJAMIN!!!! AH! I had to run back with my group, but he came as saw me in the church! We took a few pics and caught up really shortly. I almost started crying I was so EXCITED to see him!!! It was so so sos sososososososo good :) He means a lot to me, and it made me so happy to hear how good things were going for him at the moment :) Next April will be wonderful :) Then I actually hug him, no more of the shaking hands business. Made my day :)

(I also got to see one of my favorite Sisters from the mission on Tuesday, Rebecca Smith!! She was just released and touring with her family. I got to give her a tour as well :) I got really blessed with seeing my really good friends from Stuttgart :) Heavenly Father really loves us :) I can see that by the friends He's blessed me with on my mission :))

Then we ran home to study and prepare for Sonja!! We had met with her the night before as well cause she was invited to an eating appointment. We talked about missionariy work and she's already on it. That woman!!! She's wonderful :)

As we walked in the door, I noticed she had changed the picture that was hanging on her bedroom door from a fantasy picture, to the picture of Christ and the woman at the well. We didn't tell her to change it or anything, she just said she liked the picture from the online site and ordered it. She wanted Christ to be in her home :) I LOVE HER!!!   

The lesson was really spiritual. We didn't have a member with us this time, but that was really good. We taught the 3rd lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we got to Repentence, man. You could just tell that she got it. She got emotional and said that she had really felt the 180 degree change. She could feel it. I was so grateful in that moment that I was able to share such a gorgeous moment with her :) The Atonement is so, so real. And not just there for repentence matters, but also just as a principle of comfort. I love that. I've really felt the Atonement on physical and personal levels on my mission. That's something I didn't think was possible, but it is :) 

We set the baptismal date, and it is for sure happening on October 19th, and she will receive the Holy Ghost the following week on the 26th :D My birthday, the Musikalischer Abend, and... the Holy Ghost :) Nothing better :)

We taught this week, too. Really working on my teaching skills, cause let's be honest, they are awful. But. There's always time to improve :)

Here's the newest Mormon Message. I liked it :) You never know who you are helping, so always reach out :)

I hope you get my pictures this time. I always send them, but... who knows.

Love you all!¨

Sister Gilmour

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