Monday, 29 September 2014

Week 51 in the Field: Week 21 in Zollikofen: The Priesthood is real, and God really HEARS and ANSWERS our prayers.

I want to tell you that the Priesthood is real, and God really HEARS and ANSWERS our prayers.

This week I got a blessing from Elder Huby.
I think it was the best blessing I could have asked for, at this time, on my mission.

As Elder Bergström said the opening prayer, I was also praying for some pretty specific things. I mean thingS, as in, a lot of different things.

Not expecting an answer to them all, Elder Huby began the blessing.
He is such a great guy. My goodness. It was a beautiful blessing! It was all in German. As he spoke, he would stop and pause, sometimes for quite a while, just waiting until the Lord gave him the words to speak.

As he did this, question after question was answered. 
I was stunned.

And then he mentioned my Patriarchal blessing. I was just... I couldn't take it anymore. I started to cry because I just felt the love of God so strongly.

He was really there!

He really heard my prayers!

No one knew these things that I offered to Him in prayer. I hadn't spoken a word of it. And... He just answered everything that I had only moments before asked Him the answers for!

I wasn't the most prepared, and hadn't been able to pray personally before, but He still knew I needed these answers, and gave them to me anyway, despite my lack of preparation.

Thanks to power of the restored power of God, the Priesthood.

So you know how we worked really hard to get our Temple Tour made known? And how we sent all the flyers to every ward in our mission and then orded 2000 mini posters to contact with? And how every surrounding Dorf here has the flyers hanging in the the city?

Well. We found out this week that... we got a new cell number and didn't know about it ;) I hope you get it. 
Point is, we now have 2500 new flyers on order and will be blasting Bern Bahnhof with them in about two weeks.

Good one Sisters. But there IS a reason God let this happen, so we'll just see what that reason is.


The Muscial Evening is going really well! Just trying to decide if we want it on the stage or in the Chapel. We're really hoping for the stage cause our building has a sweet rig. Pray that it all works out, please.
I sent you an email from the 3rd lesson version of what we're currently working on here in Zollikofen. It is gorgeous. We're hoping to get this world wide. Elder Jödicke, the one that drew everything that we use, got offered by the Church to use his work and get it translated to be used in every mission. How cool is that?! Go Swiss missionaries!! 

Well that's me this week.

Today we are going to Brienzsee in Interlaken. It should be beautiful.

I'll send the pics next week.:)

Love you all, and have a great Conference Weekend! 

Go with a question in mind. It always gets answered. I am really looking forward to this time :)
I like it better tha Christmas, actually. I know, how horrible of me, right? 
Sister Gilmour

A few other pics:

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