Monday, 20 October 2014

Week 54 in the Field: Week 24 in Zollikofen: Baptism. Success...Whoop! Whoop! We're harvesting:):)

Baptism. Success.

That's really all I want to tell you about. Probably all you want to hear about, too.

We started the day out with the last session of Conference. That was spectacular! Sonja's mom was also there, so the end talk by Bednar was just.... BAM. So good. We also had another man there from University Bern. Very nice and he's been a few times. I hope he felt something. I didn't get to speak with him as much as I would have liked. 

But that's okay cause I was taking care of Sonja :) She was just... so nervous. But so happy :) There were so many hugs. So lovely :) 

We took a few pictures outside the temple, and then the program started. Sister Peacock played the piano, I conducted. There was a talk about baptism, and the woman who gave it wowed us all. Sonja was crying and so was she and I'm sure a few others.

We headed down to the font. The Spirit that was there in that room was so STRONG, so THICK. No one could have cut through that. We all felt the presence of the Spirit there and we all knew that what she was doing was right. Not just something that we think is right, but what is really right, being done with the Priesthood authority. I feel like God should have spoken from heaven saying that He was well pleased with her. Although there was no booming voice, there was a burning in our hearts. Such an indescribable experience. It's something totally different when it was someone that you personally prepared for that moment. 

As she got out of the water, I wrapped her in her towel, and led her back to get changed. I stayed with her, talking with her, asking her how she felt. I could tell that wasn't what she needed right then, so I let her in peace, just to bask in the feelings she was having; letting her think about the amazing experience she had just had. She kept saying how she just felt so GOOD. So clean and pure! I loved it! I love her! 

We then went upstairs to the Chapel and had a BEAUTIFUL music item. Again, some wet eyes. We heard a talk about the Holy Ghost, which she will be getting on Sunday. 

I gave the closing prayer. I love praying cause when I pray, my German is good. The power of prayer is real, people. 

We then had a big lunch after with the whole ward. The ward is such a good support system to her. She really was accepted by everyone on her first day, and the support just becomes stronger and stronger every single week. I love that woman :)

Satan did get his way in there this week, though. She was in the hospital for something pretty serious. But. She got a Priesthood blessing, and all was okay :) She was in tip-top shape for the baptism :) He'll do all he can to stop the good, but the day of, he doesn't have any power :) He's got the power to bruise our heels, but we have the power to crush his head. He didn't win this time :)

Such a wonderful day :)

This past week I also hit my one year mark. Man. Crazy! 
As we were having a Finding Day in Bern (we walked around and had people answer a question with a tally asking if they knew the Mormon Temple. They had to answer yes/no. There were other questions, too like: Does this life have a purpose, and then we passed out the Music Fireside flyers. We did it two nights in a row). 

As I was approaching people, and having good conversations, I all of a sudden realized something.

I didn't hate it.
I was talking to people and I didn't hate it! I was not the usual uncomfortable - just walking up to people-hate it.

And I was speaking German.
And the people were understanding me!

And I was teaching! 

What had happened? When did that start?

Then I remembered... I've been here over a year. It's about time ;)

I loved seeing the progress and growth that I've made. I'm not done yet, but I love feeling like I've accomplished something. I've grown to where my Heavenly Father wants me to be right now. I love that :) 

And Sister Peacock celebrated by making me a card and putting  candle in a fig for me, and calling me "fig face". She really loves me ;) Nah, it was a good day. 

My love of the scriptures just keeps growing daily. Seriously, daily. I now understand what it means to feast upon the words of the scriptures. Today I was studying the New Testament along side Jesus the Christ. It was so good. ( I think I need a larger vocab. I sound like a 5th grader).


Next week is the epitome of chaos. So just pray that we don't lose our heads. Danke. 

I receive transfer calls on Thursday morning. So I'lll know if I'm staying or going at the end of the week. Transfers are then on Tuesday. Talk about stress!!!! I don't have ANY time to pack if I am going. 

So just pray I stay ;) There's too much good lined up for next transfer to leave now. 

Love you all :)

Ich hab euch alle MEGA lieb!!! Bis nächste Woche!  (BG: google translator - I love you all MEGA!!! Until next week!)

Sister Gilmour

Prepping for tours

With Elder Hubys Grandparents who were working at the temple

Dinner with Elder Hubys grandparents

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