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Week 52 in the Field: Week 22 in Zollikofen: Been Out (1-ONE-ONE-1) Year:):); Uplifting weekend

Hallo :)


We had a great weekend, didn't we? I know I did! I loved hearing from the Prophet and his Apostles and the uplifting and inspired words they had to tell us. I tried super hard to hear for the answers to my prayers, and I think I got them? I know there is a time and a place to ask certain questions, and... I'll ask them next conference ;) 


What was your favorite part/talk?


I don't know if I had a fave, actually. I just really loved that they talked about the Prophet so much!


I loved being surrounded by other missionaries, all there to receive answers as well. Being with the members and all hearing the same things, and all being strengthened together is something really special. Having Sonja there with us.. was just the best :) I love seeing her grow at the rate that she is! Heavenly Father really answers our prayers :)


Sometimes I forget that I have the Spirit with me at all times, and can't even imagine how it would be to be an investigator feeling that power for the first time. But I envy them sometimes.. if I could remember the first time really feeling the Spirit.. man. I wish. 


I did ask myself that question actually. The only link I could make was to my times of going to Girls Camp being a little 12 year old girl and just being HIT with the Spirit for the first time so strongly. So strongly it just brings you to a sopping mess of tears. To be in the mountain, to know that is a holy place to the Lord, in the nature that He created, and feeling infinite. Oh my, how our Father in Heaven loves us. He created such a beautiful place for us, didn't He? I am so grateful to be here :) And to have a body to do all the fun stuff in the nature that He's given us :) What a great gift! 


Speaking of nature, I visited one of God's best made places last week :) Brienzsee in Interlaken. My goodness. Just GORGEOUS!

I felt like I was in the AF Canyon, just on a boat :) I think this is also the lake where Harry Potter was filmed on? Whenever the lake is shown where the castle is... I'm positive I was there. BREATHTAKING. I can't wait to bring you all to these places :) We were there with the Elder from Bern, as well. Good, funny, British banter.... what's better? 


I'll tell you:  being part British and being able to understand ;) Haha, I wish I could say I could laugh at everything, but I couldn't... didn't understand. But funny, nonetheless :)


OH! We also got to visit the basement area of the Temple this week :) Cool, huh? Not everyone gets to see that :) We got offered to see more, but we had to visit someone in the hospital and couldn't take the time :( Maybe another time :)


This week was gorgeous with the weather. I'm just raving about nature right now cause it's my favorite thing and it's when I feel the Spirit the strongest. The weather is PERFECT. Perfect autumn. The leaves are all to die for, and perfect for crunching under our feet while walking the streets :) It's a very nice, warm temperature as well...much better than in August :) 


I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON THIS WEEK. It is still true :) And I LOVE IT SO MUCH. All I want to do with my time is read it and study it! I have a list of things I want to study.... with no time to do that :) I am starting the New Testament now. I really need to get better acquainted with the stories of Jesus. So that's what I'm doing :) And reading the Doctrine and Covenants at the same time. The scriptures are the BEST! It's amazing that we have these records, if you think about it! I mean... they are ANCIENT. And carved and recorded on brass and gold..... that's amazing. I am so grateful to have them today :)


We gave a really good Tour to a girl from Ukraine on Saturday. She's not a member, but her sister is and was getting married in the Temple. We got to take care of her while they were doing the Sealing ceremony. It was soooo good! She is so so bright! And only 15! I could hardly believe that. She asked really good questions and was really observant. It was a really good chance to just teach... which is exactly what we wanted with these tours; to teach with them. It was given in English, so I think that was a huge part why we could do it so easily. I love being able to inform people of the Temple :) My knowledge and testimony is also growing while doing it.. it's a two-sided blessing, for sure :)


We got the BEST grapes from a member this week. So good they were picture worthy. Be jealous (but don't actually cause that's breaking the Commandments).


Also, I love our Turkish girls that we teach German to :) There's a pic attached. They are so cute :)


This week:

Today, checking out another thrift shop. Can't get enough of them. We'll be birthday shopping for 3 Elders birthdays... all happening within 5 days of each other. We have a lot to organize :)

Tomorrow: Zone Conference in Zürich with President and Zürich zone. I get to see Sister Wüst! Last time before she goes home...crazy. 

Wednesday: Going on exchange with Sister Couper in Thun. We will be teaching a lesson to a new convert in French ;) Just kidding, we will just be there while Elder Huby teaches cause... we don't speak French :)

Thursday: Elder Huby's birthday! We have an appointment, so that's good :) Should be a lovely day :)

Friday: TEMPLE DAY!!! We are so excited to be going back! 6 weeks in between each session is TOO MUCH. 

Saturday: I think this is the only day we don't have anything..


Sonja will be having her Baptismal interview this week. Yay! Things are coming nicely together and the big day is quickly approaching. All is sorted except who will do the ordinance. She's praying about it :) 


The Musical Evening is coming along. A lot to do, and a lot of stress just trying to get things to work out. If you could pray that we figure out the lighting and find the key to get into everything, that would be appreciated. I got to see the 3rd one done just a few weeks ago... it was BRILLIANT. I am so excited to be able to take part in it here... it's going to be really good :) 


So happy you got to see Bruno and Ava.  Nice of them to stop into American Fork early in the morning last week, all the way from Switzerland with my letters for you, and surprise you.. I love them :) We'll be friends forever :)


I think that's everything... man. Busy, busy. Time is going too, too fast-my 1 year mark this week! Slow down, please!


Love you all :) Until next week! Stay strong and think about what we learned in Conference! I will, too :)


PS- how's family scripture study and prayers coming along?


Sister Gilmour


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