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Week 65 in the Field: Week 10 in Zurich: No letter just pics, mmmmmmmmmm? I'm a dimbo -sent one week later

(Hi. I'm a total bimbo and didn't send this last week? Wow... I'm getting old. So sorry about that! Now you get two emails this week :))

Hello 2015. That's weird. I never thought this year would come. But it did. Time goes anyway... Are you going to make it count?

This week. So much happened, but I don't feel like I was busy. I was sick, still am, so I think that took a lot of my energy. 

Here's a day by day account:

Mtn in Zurich with District
Finally some snow
Monday: Played in the snow. Got soaking wet. Kinda annoying that I can't push the Elders in the snow and like... beat them up. They drive me crazy sometimes and they need a good Sisterly pounce. Oh well. Then that night, after we were all dry and warm again, we planned to do a few vorbei's cause... no one was home. But I got us on the wrong Bahn. Shocker. It ended up being amazing! We went by on a referral from a member that we couldn't reach last week. SHE WAS HOME. She had friends over, so we made up an appointment for the next night. (Miracles happened)

Tuesday: SO MUCH SNOW. Everything was late and running slow, so we were an hour late to an appointment with a member, who I love, and it was just.. man. You know how I am with being late: it stresses me out. It was a good appointment, though. That night!! We met this referral for the first time and.... I want to tell you all about it, but I don't want to type it all out. Pretty much.. it was just meant to be. We were meant to get on that wrong Bahn and we were meant to go see her. We were answers to her questions and helped her so much. We  pretty much taught the whole 1st lesson, but it wasn't planned like that. We got to explain the Holy Ghost and his roles, which answered so many of her questions that she's had for years. She's had amazing experiences with the Spirit, which just made her that much more ready. She is really great :) And normal! And loves us and was asking us so many questions and... man!! We are wanting to set a baptismal date here pretty soon :) I LOVE MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK! It's all through you guys that we have things to do. Open your mouth, share your testimony, and then call the missionaries :) 

Wednesday: another cool day. Contacted another referral! She's from French part of Switzerland and she's just lived the last 2 years in California for her husbands work. She lived in an apartment building with only Mormons that also worked with her and her husband. She really loved them and how they raised their families. She went to all the activities and just... spent everyday with them. She came back here and wanted to be in contact with all the members here, too. We got her in the mail and tried going by and stuff, but they were gone for the holidays. Finally got to meet her, the husband, and her son, she is also expecting another boy in March. They are the SWEETEST! They like us and want to know how we raise our families. I told her it was all based on family prayer and how that strengths the family. She then told us that she is actually atheist. Didn't see that coming. We will be bringing by The Family and going through the BoM to find family values with her. We just want to show them WHY our families work the way they do and why there is so much happiness to be found. It was really cool to meet with them :) They want to be in touch with all the members and be involved in church activities, but not the church part. Not yet ;) 
Oh yeah... that was also New Years Eve. Went to the ward house and had Raclette. I ate despite my cheese allergy and that was a stupid idea. Ugh. Pains galore. But... oh well. I lived ;) It wasn't too special. It was a bit of a bummer, actually. We went home, and didn't even get woken up by the fireworks. LAME. 

Thursday: MLC!! We rode with the bus for 6.5 hours to get to Münich. We played some pretty funny games, and I couldn't figure ANY of them out! Man, I felt silly. But they were so fun! I love these missionaries! It was a great bonding time :) We'll have to play these games on our Europe trip in May :) Got to the mission home at like 7, ate, had a BoM sharing evening, then got ready for bed. Got a massage and talked with all the sisters :) I love them! It was only the Swiss missionaries that stayed over night since our journey is so long. 

Goodbye to Sis Winter
Friday: MLC!! Meetings all day. And guess what?! I SAW SISTER WINTERS!!!!!! That was so so happy!! I can't believe she's leaving!! She still knows me so well! she was a big help to me. Always is :) I love her!!! We got to meet all the other sisters from Germany and Austria as well and they are all so super great :) I love being STL and seeing and serving with these other missionaries. We had a full day of discussing business, baptism goals, and talking about the BoM. We watched the talk from Holland about the  BoM and it was so super powerful. I loved it :) So much more to say... but so little time. Just... GREAT. 
Then we had to head back on the bus to come back to Zürich. We didn't get to sit next to each other cause the bus was full. But that gave me a good time to read my scriptures, write in my journal, and SLEEP. First nap of the mission:) Later on the bus ride we were all able to sit together. I got to have a really good, long conversation with one of the Finnish missionaries. Just so good. I've got such an excitement to be a ward missionary when I'm home :) I'm excited to see what life has waiting for me. 

Saturday: service project with Charlotte, planned Zone Training with the Elders (that's part of our job as STL), then planned for the 
 week. I love the Elders. We are the Schwamendingen Team! Such good laughs together :) Hoping Elder Laitinen stays another transfers. Hope WE stay. President was telling us all the areas that have to be closed. We have to close 4 sister areas in Switzerland, due to lack of sisters. We offered our area because the ward really doesn't need us TERRIBLY badly, but I wish I hadn't said that. I want to stay and finish training and help the people here in this ward a little bit longer. I think it will have to be closed soon, though. We are losing so many missionaries! Keep sending in new ones! Especially sisters! 

Yep. That's the week! Gotta be brief!! Have been loving the study of the BoM! Hoping to finish it before I come home. Church is true, life is hard, that's part of His plan, and I'm loving it :) 

Sister Gilmour

P.S. check my Dropbox for more pics. They should be on there.

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