Monday, 29 September 2014

Week 51 in the Field: Week 21 in Zollikofen: The Priesthood is real, and God really HEARS and ANSWERS our prayers.

I want to tell you that the Priesthood is real, and God really HEARS and ANSWERS our prayers.

This week I got a blessing from Elder Huby.
I think it was the best blessing I could have asked for, at this time, on my mission.

As Elder Bergström said the opening prayer, I was also praying for some pretty specific things. I mean thingS, as in, a lot of different things.

Not expecting an answer to them all, Elder Huby began the blessing.
He is such a great guy. My goodness. It was a beautiful blessing! It was all in German. As he spoke, he would stop and pause, sometimes for quite a while, just waiting until the Lord gave him the words to speak.

As he did this, question after question was answered. 
I was stunned.

And then he mentioned my Patriarchal blessing. I was just... I couldn't take it anymore. I started to cry because I just felt the love of God so strongly.

He was really there!

He really heard my prayers!

No one knew these things that I offered to Him in prayer. I hadn't spoken a word of it. And... He just answered everything that I had only moments before asked Him the answers for!

I wasn't the most prepared, and hadn't been able to pray personally before, but He still knew I needed these answers, and gave them to me anyway, despite my lack of preparation.

Thanks to power of the restored power of God, the Priesthood.

So you know how we worked really hard to get our Temple Tour made known? And how we sent all the flyers to every ward in our mission and then orded 2000 mini posters to contact with? And how every surrounding Dorf here has the flyers hanging in the the city?

Well. We found out this week that... we got a new cell number and didn't know about it ;) I hope you get it. 
Point is, we now have 2500 new flyers on order and will be blasting Bern Bahnhof with them in about two weeks.

Good one Sisters. But there IS a reason God let this happen, so we'll just see what that reason is.


The Muscial Evening is going really well! Just trying to decide if we want it on the stage or in the Chapel. We're really hoping for the stage cause our building has a sweet rig. Pray that it all works out, please.
I sent you an email from the 3rd lesson version of what we're currently working on here in Zollikofen. It is gorgeous. We're hoping to get this world wide. Elder Jödicke, the one that drew everything that we use, got offered by the Church to use his work and get it translated to be used in every mission. How cool is that?! Go Swiss missionaries!! 

Well that's me this week.

Today we are going to Brienzsee in Interlaken. It should be beautiful.

I'll send the pics next week.:)

Love you all, and have a great Conference Weekend! 

Go with a question in mind. It always gets answered. I am really looking forward to this time :)
I like it better tha Christmas, actually. I know, how horrible of me, right? 
Sister Gilmour

A few other pics:

Monday, 22 September 2014

Week 50 in the Field: Week 20 in Zollikofen: "Sie haben etwas vergessen: IHRE ERRETTUNG!!!‏ -- "You forgot something: YOUR SALVATION !!!

St Gallen, Switzerland

I'm only going to tell you about Saturday cause it was a really special day for me :) 

So we started the day early because we were giving 4 Children's Tours for the St. Gallen Stake Temple day. It was such a special experience, and I am so grateful I got to be the missionary to conduct them all :)
Of course it is always a little hard with little kiddies, but it was.... oh my... really so good. They bring such a special spirit.

We started the tours inside at the touch screan. We asked them if they knew which building they were at, how did they feel when they looked at the Temple, and what they liked about it. We showed pictures of rooms from different temples, and asked them what we do in Temples. They know so much!! I was impressed. 

We then went outside, and on our way to the front of the temple. we counted the trees, looked for the #9 on the Temple Visitor motel, the Swiss flag, and the Presidents house. We then talked about Angel Moroni, what he is made of, and what he means. They knew a lot. Really neat. 

Then we talked about our Temple recommends, and passed them around so they could see that I signed my name on it. 

Then we took them to the front of the Temple. We told them they had to be even more reverent cause we were going really close. As we approached the doors, we asked them what we wear in the Temple: WHITE. As you approach the doors, they open automatically. We told them to stop as I walked to the first doors, and Sister Peacock to the second doors. As the doors opened,they peared in, and looked at the Temple Greeter, all dressed in white.

 My goodness. The Spirit. Was so strong. I loved feeling the change of atmosphere with them. From loud and excited, to quiet and respectful. They are just young, but they also know that the Temple is a special place. 

We then took them back to the church, the Spirit of the previous moment still hanging on their spirits, and we had them watch Because of Him. It was gorgeous. We closed with testimony, and they colored a picture of Angel Moroni before moving onto the next group. 

I loved it :)

Then!! The best part of the day: I SAW ELDER ESCHER!!!! On the third tour, as we were looking in the doors at the man in white, I saw a young man wearing a tie that I had given to the Elders in Stuttgtart, then looked at his face, and behind the facial hair was my dear, dear friend BENJAMIN!!!! AH! I had to run back with my group, but he came as saw me in the church! We took a few pics and caught up really shortly. I almost started crying I was so EXCITED to see him!!! It was so so sos sososososososo good :) He means a lot to me, and it made me so happy to hear how good things were going for him at the moment :) Next April will be wonderful :) Then I actually hug him, no more of the shaking hands business. Made my day :)

(I also got to see one of my favorite Sisters from the mission on Tuesday, Rebecca Smith!! She was just released and touring with her family. I got to give her a tour as well :) I got really blessed with seeing my really good friends from Stuttgart :) Heavenly Father really loves us :) I can see that by the friends He's blessed me with on my mission :))

Then we ran home to study and prepare for Sonja!! We had met with her the night before as well cause she was invited to an eating appointment. We talked about missionariy work and she's already on it. That woman!!! She's wonderful :)

As we walked in the door, I noticed she had changed the picture that was hanging on her bedroom door from a fantasy picture, to the picture of Christ and the woman at the well. We didn't tell her to change it or anything, she just said she liked the picture from the online site and ordered it. She wanted Christ to be in her home :) I LOVE HER!!!   

The lesson was really spiritual. We didn't have a member with us this time, but that was really good. We taught the 3rd lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we got to Repentence, man. You could just tell that she got it. She got emotional and said that she had really felt the 180 degree change. She could feel it. I was so grateful in that moment that I was able to share such a gorgeous moment with her :) The Atonement is so, so real. And not just there for repentence matters, but also just as a principle of comfort. I love that. I've really felt the Atonement on physical and personal levels on my mission. That's something I didn't think was possible, but it is :) 

We set the baptismal date, and it is for sure happening on October 19th, and she will receive the Holy Ghost the following week on the 26th :D My birthday, the Musikalischer Abend, and... the Holy Ghost :) Nothing better :)

We taught this week, too. Really working on my teaching skills, cause let's be honest, they are awful. But. There's always time to improve :)

Here's the newest Mormon Message. I liked it :) You never know who you are helping, so always reach out :)

I hope you get my pictures this time. I always send them, but... who knows.

Love you all!¨

Sister Gilmour

Monday, 15 September 2014

Week 49 in the Field: Week 19 in Zollikofen: Such a Beautiful Week‏ - Missionary Obedience; Funny Watermelon

Hello :)

I am doing well :) The beginning on the week was rough with Zone Training and stuff. But the Lord always sends us beautiful things to balance out the sad. 

Monday: went to a place called Büren with the district. Was lovely :) We were all a little stressed. Sister Peacock and I were thinking a lot about obedience and, because we see things differently with this topic, it was weighing a lot on our minds for the following day. We were assigned to give an assignment in Zone Training about it. It was still a nice day, nonetheless :) Took some good photos, learned some French, and had good discussions with people.

Tuesday: Zone Training. Ugh. We gave an assignemnt, like I just mentioned. It went alright, but not as well and heartfilled as it was talked about between the two of us. People said that they all recieved a lot of good answers to questions they had, but we just didn't feel super good about it. We started off my hanging a sign on the door telling all the missionaries to go to the board and answer the question written on it. The question was: What things do we have to be obedient to on our missions? After they did that, they were told to come to be for further instruction. Only 7 people of 30 did. Ouch. Once they came to me, they were told to go up the stairs and follow the directions. If they got that far, through obedience to the rules on the sign on the door, they were met with a lovely box of swiss chocolates, available only to those who were obedient. I guess that showed the level of some peoples' desire to obey here, eh? ;) Naja. It was okay. Hard to talk about a topic from two people who view it totally different. It put a lot of stress on the two of us for the next couple of days. 

Then we went to a Sisters Conference that was in Frankfurt. ( BG: I thought she went to Frankfurt:I saw Aunt Ali and Michelle Robertson. How funny ;) It was really nice. Sonja was there with us, along with several women from the ward. They are so so helpful with her. The conference was nice, but we were just beat tired, so it was hard to listen to everything in German, especially when I knew they were missing out on so much while translating. Still good, though :)

Wednesday: Had a good discussion about love and how no one does things for God anymore, with a Muslim man Sister Wüst and I met together. It was really uplifting and inspiring. He is a lovely man. A really good father and just... a great man. He won't progress, but if ever we want to go by, we are welcome. We will invite him to the Musikalischer Abend. 
We then went to Bruno and Ava's!! Always such a hoot with the two of them. From beginning to end we do NOT stop laughing :) It was good. I actually had to use my English and call The Magic Castle in Hollywood for them. Uh. Yeah. I cannot speak professional English any longer. It was embarrassing. Also, I'm sure that was not allowed, but their English was not good enough to do it themselves, so I helped them out.

Then, they gave us melon to take home as dessert. I can't even tell you about it without laughing. It was hilarious!! We just wanted to eat the melon so badly, that we couldn't wait to eat it at home, so we ate them while waiting for the Bahn. We are so not attractive when eating melon like that. I'll send pics :) Elder Huby has the worst of me... So hopefully he doesn't send those home to his family ;) 

Sister Peacock and I also found a free Zuchetti and Squash on the side of the road. They were huge. Pictures also attached. Good times.

Thursday. Eh. Nothing. Just tracking, talking to people, and hanging up posters. Had two very lovely conversations with widowed women in the ward. They really needed us at the time. I love seeing how Heavenly Father works and gives us inspirations.

Friday. We planned. The whole day. Ouch. Until 8. Then we had a lesson with Sonja! We were all really tired, so teaching the second half of the Plan of Salvation was a little hard, but we've got time to go back over what we taught. It was lovely. Had the lesson at the von Allmens.Wonderful young family :)

Saturday: Fussball. I am not a soccer player. But I like it. I'll practice when I come back and we can have a good game together as a fam :) 

Then we had a really strange lesson with a guy we talked to on the phone the week before. Dad, you sent me verses from 5Mose, which were really helpful. I used them and I think it stumped them a bit. They weren't really the basking type, even though I think that's what they wanted to do. They were scared out of their pants! I mean... terrified! I'm only 19! I am not scary. But I think I freaked them out a bit because I was NOT going to have a Bible bash with them. I made that very clear. Whoops. They said they wanted to meet and talk about Jesus and our different testimonies and stuff? The two of them... they didn't say anything! We asked them several times if they had qeustions they wanted to ask, or anything to say... or if they wanted to fight. Nothing. So we taught them. Fine by us. Poor guys. The main guy has now texted us several times with questions that are just... I don't know where he got them from cause we certainly didn't talk about them with him. He wanted us to secure the fact that we don't believe Christ was born by a Virgin? BG: really? :):) But we do, so we didn't really get why he was asking. Things about his Salvation and stuff. We just tried telling him that to believe in Christ and try and do good things isn't enough to be saved. He doesn't get it. Which is strange to me. God is pretty mighty. I don't understand how people can think that giving their human best is good enough to live with God. We'll keep working on that.

Then that night we all came together and practiced I am a Child of God in French for the baptism we were all going to be at the next day. Was lovely.

Sunday: GREAT DAY. A less active family that we always work with came to church and we were NOT expecting that! Yay! 
BG: From Elder Huby, his side of the story-very cool!! "The second experience was on Sunday with the Familie N ! This family never went to church during the last two- three years and the elders and sisters were visited them until this sunday ! When i came in this area the Sisters and the ward said me that i needed to come to the appointment because this family was french-speaking. We went by every week but we never really see a kind of progress. Everytime they said that they wanted come to church but they never came. Only the little daughter was coming . But two weeks ago she said that she didn't want to come again alone and if she comes back that will be with her all family. This sunday we had a baptism from Interlaken ward of a man from Togo, the same country as the Family N. And we invited them to take contact with him and to come for his baptism. They said "Yes we will" . And this sunday morning .... MIRACLE... The all family came for the sacrament meeting and for the baptism. And said to us that they want to come again every sunday !! A second Miracle !

Then we gave Sonja a personal lesson about Baptism to get her ready for that evening and for her own in a few weeks. It was really good :) We had a beautiful musical number during Sacrament by Elder Huby on Violin, with another woman on Violin and her husband on the piano. It was gorgeous. Really. 

That night there was a baptism! Sonja was there, and it was really nice :) It was Sister Couper and Sister Emmersons investigator. It was all in French. Even though I didn't understand, but you could really feel the spirit. 

We had to give a really stressful Temple Tour to the man who bought all the touchscreen stuff. He made the original Temple info center (but it was way too much text, so we changed it). He didn't know that until he showed up. He wasn't so happy. He had already working with Peacock, and knew that she was a fireball. Luckily she stuck up for herself. I did, too. We were both just... stressed out. Everyone wanted to talk to us, but we had to give this tour to an unhappy man, and.... luckily the tour invited the Spirit and we were able to talk level-headed with eachother. The outcome was that ours was very good and he wanted us to continue using it. Success. 

A good week. Stressful, but good :) 

Today we are celebrating Sister Emmerson's 21 birthday with a surprise lunch after emails :) So that'll be fun and I'm sure there will be pictures to send to you next week about it :) We're glad Sister Couper is well enough to travel and be with us (she had spent some time in the hospital this week due to a kidney infection). But she's here and we are happy! 

Things are going well :) I will be staying in Zollikofen for 7 more weeks instead of 6. Hoping to get iPads soon (beacause president is going to a meeting, that's why the transfer is so long, hopefully to get more iPad deets). But that's happy cause then I'll be here for my brithday, and the Musikalischer Abend and for Sonja's baptism :)

Love you all! I hope you all have a great week :)

PS. Read Revelations 21. It's gorgeous the way the New Jerusalem is described. 
SO. MIND BLOWN. The Condescension of God. Read it. Then report back and tell me your thoughts. Cause. I don't know who God is and I don't know who Christ is. 

And. Here are some mind boggeling questions to ask yourself. I'd love it if you could answer them for me (Sister Peacock and I, actually. We have a lot of questions):
1. Is the love of god greater than or equal to the pure love of Christ?
2. Was Nephi baptised?
3. Does Satan still have control over those who will be cast into Outer Darkness?
4. The Destroying Angel. Did God just let Satan run free? Did He send Satan to the people? I don't understand. 
5. And then all the confusion that is to be found in the talk I listen above. 

Thank you :)

Sister Gilmour

Monday, 8 September 2014

Week 48 in the Field: Week 18 in Zollikofen: I Lied. THIS was for sure the best week on my mission :D


This week was also super, duper AMAZING!! 


1. I'm still a missionary. So that's always good :)

2. WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE!! Sonja will be baptized on the 18th or 19th of October :) Happy one year mark, last (possible) week in Zollikofen, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me :) We were jumping and hugging and just so happy :) She seriously is something else. I NEVER thought I would be one to have lived a miracle like that. Seriously. I haven't even done anything. Like.. I was just here when she happened to be and that was wonderful. I feel really blessed that I get to be one of her missionaries :) And that I get to learn and watch her grow through this time. I love that the members are so ready to love her and accept her and she already has such good relationships. She takes everything really well and what we teach her just.. makes sense in her mind. The Lord REALLY prepared her. And it is SO COOL TO SEE. I love bringing people the Gospel. I still get worried that we're going to teach her something that she won't like and then that will be it. But we've been through all the stuff that could be a problem: the Word of Wisdom, Chastity, Tithing, Sabbath Day, etc. And nothing. She gave up Kaffee and Tee the first time we came over to have a Zero lesson. What is that?! She is wonderful. I hope you'll get to meet her one day :) :)

3. I'm staying with Sister Peacock in Zollikofen :) Good thing, too. We just have so much to do. The Musikalischer Abend is coming along nicely and we've given assignments out to everyone and we found the two voices to narrate it. Now we just need to work out the lighting and stuff. It's going to be really good. I'll miss it, though, if I get transferred. It's on my birthday, too. So I hope I stay. I wouldn't mind being here 5 transfers (as long as Sister Peacock was still with me. We can't do it without each other. I adore her). 

4. We gave 2 tours this week. One is Spanish, one in German. That was really good. Someone called us and said they wanted to learn more about the Mormons and the temple. It was really a weird situation, but I won't go into detail. We ended up meeting with him and he tried to tell us that the Bible was all and he pulled out Revelations on us, but... we just said, look, we don't really know what that means, but we do know that God still speaks to us today and that He HAS revealed further Scripture to back up the Bible. It's just a further witness of Christ. He couldn't really argue with us, so it really was just.. good. We will be meeting with him again on Saturday. Wish us luck :)

5. We got all our Temple Posters this week. 500 big ones, 2000 little flyers to hand out on the streets and to missionaries to use in their work. Cool, huh?! Every ward in our mission now have posters to hang in the ward house, so we really, really hope that all of this hard work, and hours and hours of prep will be paying off. We were excited, though, that we finally got this known to so many people :) It feels good to get things done and to be doing work. 

6. We got news that we have to "Sie" the Elders again and everyone older than 18. I was not so happy because we were told we also had to say that to our companions, which is the form of "you" that you say in German to people that you don't know. I was not happy about having to be obedient in that moment. But got the news today that we can still use "du" sprache to our companions. Thank goodness.

Studies today: obedience. We are giving a Zone Conference assignment tomorrow on this topic. Good thing it's ALWAYS on my mind, eating me away, and stressing me out ;) ALSO!! I figured out of my spiritual gifts: the gift of knowing when someone is speaking the truth. I always feel such a deep, deep love when people share the truth. I've been praying and fasting to know what my gifts are. I really want to know who III am and what I am meant to do as Sister Gilmour and how I can better serve the people and use my gifts and abilities to my advantage. Fasting is real, and so are Spiritual Gifts. I am still on the serve, and I'll keep you updated :)

I love you all. I love this work. I love the trials and pains we are to experience here. Sounds weird, 
but I also know we wouldn't be able to grow without them. The more pain, the more trials, 
the more oppurtunity to learn what God wants us to learn. I love  that.
 I love the church and know that it is true :)

I just got sent this poem, and I would like to close my email with it:

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

-- Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)

Sister Gilmour

Monday, 1 September 2014

Week 47 in the Field: Week 17 in Zollikofen: "I possessions apple gladly, with pleasure". (HUH?). Revelation Through My Dreams.

This week we had some HILARIOUS German studies. That was the direct outcome of the sentence: ich hab äpfeln gern (I like apples). We died laughing and said It would make it the title of this email. So, enjoy. 

This week was really good. So, so much to do, but that's always better.

I had 2 exchanges. One with Sister Hilakari, a Finn. And then Sister Emmerson from Cambridge, England. (BG: Sister Emmerson was baptized because of Melissa Pennock's son-a friend of ours here in Utah-small world!!again!! ) Both wonderful and such good missionaries. I hope they learned something from me like I learned from them. Sister Hilakari is the most spiritual person I have ever met. She helped me a lot with trying to figure out how I feel the spirit and that there's actually no ONE way that God speaks to us. We both had one way in common, and that was through dreams. Weird, right? But if I could tell you how often I've received revelation through dreams you would be amazed. I wish I could take the time to tell you all my thoughts.

One day.

We had a good German class. Teaching German through English to two Turkish women. Stellt euch ein mal vor (just imagine). We'll have another class tonight.

Then it was Sister Peacocks BIRTHDAY!!!!! It was a really good day :) i woke up early and made her banana pancakes with candles and I sung to her to wake her up :):( Then she opened gifts and cards. It was lovely :) Then at District Meeting, we had a normal meeting, then at the end, the elders gave her the assignment to play the piano and the closing song they picked was.... never heard of, which was the point. Then as she started to play, we all got ready to sing, but broke out in Happy Birthday and she was so shocked :) (Great idea!!) The elders made her a MASSIVE cake and it was so good. A kilo of sugar, but I tried not to think about it. it was lovely, though. Banana- strawberry on top, with a big layer of brownie on the bottom, covered in white chocolate icing. Death on a sheet. Good thing the elders like to eat :) Then our elder surprised her with a gift bag full of little things that started with each letter of her last name. How great :) It was over all a really good day.

We also had a really good lesson with an inactive family that day, visited Sister Gygli, and.... yeah. It was just really good :)

Then on Wednesday we headed off to Winterthur. That was the day I was on exchange with the Finn. Sister Peacock said that the filming went really well and I'm really sad I won't get to see the fireside on Sunday. One day I'll do it myself and it won't be a problem :) These missionaries are really talented... really, really talented. 

Then Thursday I was on another exchange with the lovely Sister Emmerson. Loved it. So good. I'll have to send some other pics next week when I remember my cord. She's so cute! Loved working with her. I used to really hate exchanges, but now I'm just like.. .whatever. Just another missionary day. Just be normal. And so we were. We had good lesson about patriarchal blessings with a less active, had apartment checks (Elder Fox flooded our house on accident. oh the experiences of a mission), then had a member appointment. Really seeing good progress with this family. So cool. 

Friday.... back to Zürich. I'm sick of sitting on bahns. We had to re... apply...?.... Sister Peacock to Switzerland to tell them she was staying after being here a year. Got all the way, then found out she didn't have her passport. So we traveled for 4 hours for nothing. We are going back today. Adventures :) Then we gave another temple tour to two new converts from another ward. That was really cool. They were doing baptisms for the first time that night, so we got to prepare them for the temple a little bit :) 

Then we went to the temple! We saw the third new film. Oh my gosh. I recieved so many new answers and teaching about the Plan and what God wants from us all, but especially from me. I love the Temple and wish I could go in more often than just once every 6 weeks. You can just really feel His love there. I loved it. There is always so much to learn. I didn't get to spend so much time in the Celestial Room cause we did the session at 7, so we had to go pretty quickly so we'd make it back home for 9:30. Next time :)

Saturday. Sonja played football with us, which was way cool (that's our Golden investigator). Then we ran home, showered, then ran back to teach her with Sister Filbrandt. We taught the First lesson. And I mean literally... from point one, to the last point, all the way through. I have NEVER had that. The Spirit was just... talking to her and she was understanding it. She accepts it all and is so ready to learn. She went to institute alone on Tuesday and learned about D&C, ordered a book, but realized she needed to concentrate on the Book of Mormon. She's already read through 1 and 2 Nephi in ONE WEEK. This women!! She also said that she hadn't prayed to know if what we're telling her is true, but that she would. We also talked about baptism again. She said she'd tell us a date when she knew the Church was true. Then on our way out, she showed us that she was getting rid of all her immodest clothing. She's impossibly unbelievable! 

THEEEEEN, on Sunday, she came again! Of course :) She looked great and all modestly dressed. She soaked it all up. She's obviously a little overwhelmed with how much there is to learn, but still... she's amazing. She even ordered her own Triple combo all by herself. After Sacrament, I asked her what she thought. She said it was really emotional cause she knew that the speakers were speaking TO her. She said that she prayed after we left the day before and asked if what we had told was true and if the Book of Mormon was true... she said that she had received her answer that it was during that hour. OH MY GOSH. i almost started crying.

God loves us SO MUCH. He really does guide us and the time always comes when people are ready to receive the truth. Sonja is wonderful!!! The ward loves her and several people came to us crying cause they were just so touched by her and her story.  SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!

Then we went to Anitas that night. Got SOAKED to the bone. I guess that's what we get for being late. Whoops. Wasn't the first time, though ;) She's doing well and we LOVE hearing about her life and that things are working out for her. She's one of my closest friends in the ward. I love the relationships we build on a mission. 

Today I got to study my Patriarchal blessing and I received some very clear answers about my life and my future. God is really there with us along every step of our journeys and He's just waiting for us to ask Him the right questions so He can give us the clear answers. Sometimes we have to wait, but that's the fun of it, right? ;) Maybe not always, but it does bring my soul peace to KNOW that He will answer me eventually. Maybe not even here in this life, but that I can be guaranteed an answer SOMETIME is still somethings special. I love knowing that. 

Transfer calls are this weekend. So.... please pray that I stay here in Zollikofen for one more transfer. I haven't been able to be the Temple Square Sister that I wanted to be yet. But, getting there! We are giving a lot of tours, which is really nice :)

 I love you all and look forward to the time I can embrace you all again :) But until then, I will work hard to make you proud of my work :) (BG: oh, we are!!)


Sister Chloe Gilmour