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Week 66 in the Field: Week 11 in Zurich: Everything is slipping through my brain cracks. I Love You!!

This week I'm actually going to hit "send", okay? Sorry about the lack of email. Everything is slipping through my brain cracks. There's too many right now. 

BUUUUUUUT.... this week was fabulous!!! I think I'll just tell you about the experiences that stood out to me instead of a day by day play by play. Sound good? You have no say in this, so yes ;) 

Tuesday we had Zone Training! That was my first one! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. There was nooooooo discussion for some reason? It was hard getting them to speak. Except when we did the BoM sharing time.. then it was really great! I think we'll just have that be the whole Zone Training this next time ;) Sister Smith and I had the part of "What is the Role of the Book of Mormon" from PMG. It went really well. This was the first instant from this week that I really felt the Spirit was guiding me and pulling my through the lesson. I was able to stand up and speak with authority. It was such a great feeling being up there, teaching about something as powerful as the Book of Mormon, and be able to look into every eye of the Zone and still be able to speak. I don't know what I said, but that's how I know it was through the Spirit. Maybe it wasn't the most spiritual thought, but it was the most guided I've felt in a really long time. We shared the gorgeous talk from Elder Holland about the Book of Mormon, Safety for the Soul. That was the icing on top. Sister Smith also did great!! She is such a spiritual speaker. Over this transfer, I've learned to be bold and to put my foot down. I've gotten a bit protective of my work, especially as a Sister. I've heard some really stupid comments about sister missionaries, and I will not have that. I am just as much a missionary as any Elder out there. This has put a bit of an edge to everything I do and say. It's good, but also, as I listened to Smith, I realized that she's here to soften this up; to put the love behind it. She speaks with such controlled power. She is amazing. 

Then we had exchange. Not much happened, actually. All the action happened after. But I did make us end up missing our train to Olten, so at least I still have that gift ;) It was good and I loved working with Sister Zink. She's from Germany and worked with my boy, Elder Mayne! (a great friend from American fork High school) Yay! She told me stories, and I told her stories about the good times we've had :) 

Next great experience. We went to teach a Less Active that hasn't wanted to meet with us for a few months. We got there, and she had forgotten our appointment, even though she had written it down. It ended up being so great! We brought a game of Jenga to teach the Restoration with her son, but he wasn't there. So we left the blocks and talked about the "Tripod", as we call it: Prayer, Scripture Study, and Church Attendance. It was so amazing. It was really led by the Spirit... again. We got with talking about the Temple and the steps we have to make to go through. It was beautiful to see how we tied that all in to the lesson we had planned and how she answered and.... I love teaching :) (She also gave us a referral!) We gave her the commitment that I am about to extend to you:
Read. Write. Pray. 
Do you have a question or a concern you've had for a while? I challenge you to do this to get the answer. I have, and I have gotten the answer :)
Have the question in your mind, start your study off with a prayer, and tell Heavenly Father the question. Then read. As soon as you think you've got the answer (that could take several study sessions, mind you), write it down. Then pray and ask if the written answer was really the answer. I did it, and I got the answer :) It was clear :) She was at church yesterday and she came to me and said, "I tried what you told me to, and it works!" She was so happy! She doesn't have the whole answer, but she said that it was coming. We squealed and hugged and laughed :) 

Now a member appointment. While Smith was on an exchange with Sister Horeau (I think I've spelled that wrong, French), she learned a lot of things. She's about to go home and I think she was one of the best Sisters in the whole mission. She came home with this spiritual thought that they were doing there in Olten. We were at the Familie Wichtermann's and we did it. It's about prayer and using that to pray for our investigators. The lesson worked out perfectly because they were telling us about their conversion stories, and we were able to take that and give this spiritual thought about how they can help our investigators also have that same joy that they found in the Gospel by praying with us for them. We then asked if we could pray for anyone that they know, as well. It was really good. The way they looked at us as we did this was a look of pride... just that they were proud of us for asking them to take part in our teaching in such a thoughtful way. The Spirit was really there :) 
Then we had Ward Council and that really blew all the spirit away. Ugh. Why don't people love doing missionary work?! Why do they always hate hearing from us? We have things for you to actually do! We're working here! Aren't you excited that we want to include you?! 
Blah. Just think about the good appointment, Sister Gilmour... :):):) (BG: Blowing off some steam i think)

Next good appointment :) We were in Zollikofen this weekend as RS. Sister Smith went and did a session, as I went on splits with the Zolli sisters to see Sonja! Zollikofen is being closed for the sisters, so it was really neat that all of her 3 missionaries could be there for her last lesson. It was really neat :) She is so excited to meet you all in May! You'll love her! (BG: WE CANT WAIT SONJA) I want to tell you all about this fabulous day, but just too much good happened, so I can't! But we got a ride home with members and tried not to fall asleep the whole time (we had to get up at 5.30 to catch our Bahn at 7, but forgot that it was Saturday, and missed the Tram AND the bus that bring us to HB. So we RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN about a mile so that we could catch the train. Our shins hurt. Caught it, all was well). (BG, That's our girl)  We came home and had a lesson with another LA. It was also wonderful. She loves us and she has such a great and solid testimony... whyyyyy don't you come to church? She ended up giving the spiritual thought and tied all of her thoughts and things all up and related it all back to why we have prophets, which was the lesson topic :) So cool. Such a wonderful day :)

Oh yeah. We are staying here together in Schwamendingen and are still STL. Elder Laitinen is leaving us :( and we are getting Elder Barber, from England. Random thought. 

Okay. And then yesterday. Long day at church, had a baptism, was way beautiful. Went home, ate, did a few hours of study, and then went to a lesson. We went by an investigator during the week, but she had no time cause she was in a lot of pain. We offered her a Priesthood blessing and explained what that is. She was like... you can do that? Okay, yeah, when can you come? Haha, we told her Sunday. Of course, it was really hard trying to find two people that could come with us, but we found our two Priesthood holders. We explained the Priesthood, and how it was going to go. She had a few questions, and it was so great having the men there to explain the Priesthood 1) in perfect German, 2) in Swiss German even, and 3) from two people that actually hold it. We said a beautiful opening prayer, and then went on with the blessing. 
The whole time I was thinking about how as a missionary, the Spirit is just really strong and always with us, so I hardly notice when I'm feeling the Spirit because.. well, he's always there. But as the blessing was being spoken, I felt it. My spiritual levels were raised. I thought, "If I can feel this AS A MISSIONARY, what on earth is SHE feeling?!". It was so amazing. Then Jörg invited her to FHE! Brilliant. We won't be there, but she knows Elder Rozan already, so that will be good :) 

Yeah! So I'm really pumped :) I've been getting good answers to my questions. Still totally unsure about my life when I'm home, but that just shows me that God doesn't want me to worry about it. It'll work out the way it should :) 

I gave you 2 commitments, and I will follow-up next week to see if you did it ;)

Also, how is family prayer and scripture study coming along? I have a total testimony of the strength that brings to a family. Completely. I love you :) I love you all so much :) I'm so glad I get to stay with you all for eternity :) 

Sister Gilmour

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