Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 68 in the Field: Week 13 in Zurich:I love being a missionary because people just trust us, and then the Spirit tells us what to say.

I am ALWAYS asking this question. It's a problem. :)

I also always ask myself, "What did we even do last week?" every time I come to emails. What things do I have to share with you? The thing is, so much happens that you don't get to see or know, that I feel sad just telling you about the big activities. It's usually the small things that make such a difference in my life. 

We're teaching an aethiest right now. Boy is that hard. The hard part is that she's really smart. Really smart. So trying to get my head to think on her level and try to help her understand is really difficult. People always say we have to think like they would, but I don't know how to imagine there being no God. I was raised knowing that God lives and that He loves us. I can't just think Him away. It's really hard. But then for someone that was raised being told there was no God, I guess it would be just as equally hard. I'm learning a lot from her and her family. I love them, though. Really a lot :) 

We have been having amazing, spirit-led lessons lately. A lot with less actives. That's a really neat experience, as well, teaching less actives. It's so beautiful helping them come back and to discover the testimonies that they once had. We had a lesson like that this week and it was beautiful. I love being a missionary because people just trust us, and then the Spirit tells us what to say. I can't almost never relate to these people because they are older than me and have had trials that I haven't had to deal with... ever. But because I'm a missionary, I just know what to ask, and what to say. 

After this particular lesson, we contacted the first person we saw. It was really great. We taught her about.. I don't remember, actually. But it was really good :) We gave her a Book of Mormon and the nice thing was, she didn't look like she was just taking it to get rid of us, but like she could actually feel the power behind it. I love those moments. I always feel so motivated and like I want to convert the world. Well.. I always want that, but some times it's stronger than other times :)

We had a District Leader training meeting this week with the Zone Leaders. That was interesting. We are really just trying to bring up Switzerland right now. We're focusing a lot of finding, motivation, and unity. 

We went to Institute this week. Not my favorite thing to do here. It's so awkward. I am a JAE (BG:?) and I just feel so... normal. But we've been asked to be there. I don't think we'll go very often. We both left and were just... no. We didn't like it. I'll go to Insti when I'm home :) 

We worked a lot with LA. I said that, right? I really like working with them cause they start to make progress and it's really cool :)

We had a good lesson with a referral. Also very spirit-led. We will be going back this Friday and she will be getting a.. sick blessing? What is that called?? Haha, German. It's taking over my brain. It's really annoying actually. I've forgotten a lot of English. Sister Smith just laughs at me all day ;) 

Oh yeah. Highlight of the week: African food. Man!!
Super spicy, lots of flour in everything, and really strange. We ate fried bananas that tasted like potatoes, then this stuff that look like Grubs, but it was FouFou flour and water wrapped in leaves. And then we had this UNBELIEVABLY spicy sauce to top it off. I could have sworn my lips were burning off. Then we had crepes, but African style. They really like flour there. Flour and water are their two main staples. The Elders were dying. It was too funny. I love this member, though :) She is the sweetest. 

I've thought a lot about divorce this week:(:(. Sister Smith and I had an interesting conversation about it. Almost everyone that she knows has had an ended marriage. But for me, that's totally opposite. I hardly know anyone personally that is divorced. I never took it as reality; that it actually happened. But here, I work with so many divorced women that I've started to think about it a lot. My heart goes out to all those single parents out there. It is not easy. I've started to see the pain that they go through, and I am so grateful that I haven't had that trial. I've thought a lot about what I would do if it were me. Or if I were to even end up in that situation, what would I do? It's a sad thing to think about, but I've had to. As I try to teach these people who have shattered marriages, I have to at least try to come to their level. Hmm... so many thoughts. Not enough time to tell you them all. 

I've got my last interviews of the mission this week. Well that's pretty crazy. I'm not sure what I want to talk to President about. We're also going to the Temple. Our investigator that is almost ready for baptism comes home this week! We've never met her, though. We are hoping she loves us :)

Busy week. Trying to fulfil our potential. Working at it, step by step.

Oh! We were in Germany today. Man... I forgot that it really is expensive here in Switzerland! It was nice being back :) Every time I'm there, I know that part of my life will have taken place there :) I love it :) 

Love life :) It's an amazing experience to be here. It's so small in the grand scheme of things. Don't forget to make it count :) Let your light shine!

Sister Gilmour


  1. I love how she has forgotten English words. That is great. What is a JAE? I also love the fact that she is so Honest and tells it like it is. Reading her Blog makes me smile. I can tell she is a great missionary.

  2. JAE is YSA in German. It stands for Junge Alleinstehende Erwachsene.