Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 67 in the Field: Week 12 in Zurich: I found ME!!! So many amazing moments of helping others!!!

I'm eating Sushi. Yay for missions and yay for Sushi!

The week was really good :) So many amazing moments of helping others. I feel like I've found ME in the mission. I was always so worried about being Sister Gilmour and what that actually meant, that I didn't just slow down and try and find who IIIIII am. Not as Chloe, and not as Sister Gilmour, either. But here I am, closer to the end, and I am finally feeling like myself. I still don't know what talents I have or what I'm good at, or if I am REALLY making any difference in anyone's life, BUT I've made a difference in mine. So that counts for something. 

I am learning a lot out here. More than I could learn at any university, or with any amount of schooling. I am growing and loving it. Even when it's hard :) 

This week.

Monday: Bought cards for missionaries who were having birthdays. Found a few good ones :) Then went "happy shopping", which just meant buying tights for Smith and I tried on a dress cause.. I haven't done that in a lot of months. It was nice. Then we went to Famile Radzik. I love it there. They talk about really intense things, and a lot of the time I just pretend I know what they are saying, but that's not always the case. I do understand a good amount. I just can't reply back. We had an investigator downstairs at FHE. Everyone there took care of her. She'll be with us again tonight at FHE :)
Tuesday: Appointment with Emi. Always fantastic. We talked about hope. She fed us.. a lot. We were all going to die. But it was good food :) Then we went to a LA house and shared a spiritual thought. That was also amazing. She ended up crying and talking about how she was always so active in the church and went on a mission and everything, but now she hardly goes and she feels bad. She made the goal to start having FHE with her daughter and husband. We want to do it with them. She asked us to come back again this week and help her learn to pray in German. She's great :) I love being on the Lords errand :) We then had a good meeting with the Bishop to discuss the work here and the ward list and who doesn't want contact and who doesn't live there any more and stuff. Our bishop is the best! We then had a meeting with the Stake President. We have meeting with him every transfer cause we're the leadership of our stake. Singen is just killing it with the work right now! We are hoping we can bring our work here to that status. We have high hopes for this part of the mission. And working together with the leaders of the Stake is the best way to do it. Great night. Oh yeah. Then we saw this old women who really needed help getting on the Tram. We spoke with her and turns out she was going to get shots in her eyes and she was really nervous. She could hardly see and was just so frail. So we changed our plans and went to her appointment with her and brought her home. Turns out she lives with a guy who's Mormon in the same home! She loved us! Did have anyone for us to teach, though.

Wednesday: Nothing special. Just district meeting and fallen out appointments. 

Thursday: TRANSFER DAY. We were there cause we are incharge of the sisters. Sister Peacock, :( Sister Winters went home:( All my comps are officially gone. Now it's just Smith and I. Sad day. But I must say, I have great hope for us missionaries in Switzerland. We are going to change the mission. Things are looking up for us. We got to welcome in another American sister, Sister Pentz. I met her at MLC, and so I'm really happy that she's here now! She's so adorable! And she's lucky, she gets to work with Sister Zink :) We've got great sisters here. We then had Hirtenbesuch. None of the people were home that we wanted to visit. So Normas and I (we were on splits) decided to visit a member and ended up giving her a foot massage ;) Missionary work! 
Friday: Planning, and then appointment with a less active. I love watching people keep commitments and making progress. It's so rewarding. I don't care if they are already baptised, are investigating, or don't really want anything to do with us, as long as I help them in some way. As long as I am doing what the Saviour wants me to do at that moment in time, I don't care what it is. I am having to learn to stick to that. We are first accountable to the Lord, then to the mission president, and then to ourselves. Don't forget it. We are here on the Lords errand. I have to keep telling myself that. 

Saturday: We went to Michi's! He is a member of the ward who has been waiting for his mission call for 2 months! It finally came 2 weeks ago, but had to wait because he was in Miltär (all Swiss men have to go to military training for 6 weeks every year for... a really long time). He's going to the Madrid, Spain mission!! Whooo hoooo!!! We were all so excited!!! His brother just got home from the Barcelona mission last year. They will all be speaking Spanish :) It was really neat to be apart of that moment :) Then we helped with a move of a less active. Yaay. Lots of stairs, lots of heavy boxes, but tons of good. We managed to share a spiritual thought, got a few scarves, Sister Smith got 2 new pairs of shoes and a new jacket, and it was great :) 

Sunday: Good day. Heard the members express their love for the us Sisters. That was really nice. We just needed to hear that. We don't want the relationships with the members to slip, which is the feeling we'd been having at the beginning of this new transfer. An Elder just returned from his mission in Frankfurt, and guess what?! He served with Adam!!! I was so happy to see him and finally meet him! He's the best!! It was so fun talking with a brand new RM and hearing about his mission! He knows so many people that I do and I loved hearing updates on them. It was really nice :) We had an appointment with the Russos. Ate too much, but that's not unusual. HAd a little talk with the Elders. Trying to get on the same page. Having a hard time right now. Hoping things will get better. I am learning a lot working with them.The Lord is just preparing me for something in the future. I know it. I just don't see things the way they do. I love working with Elders and being with them, but the second it comes to missionary work, I don't understand them. Like I said, just learning. :):):)

This week has been full of laughs. I love Sister Smith. She is really the best. We laugh and smile, but still work hard. Here are some highlights:

"Ich bin atmen"- Smith. It translates to "I am breath". I died laughing! I LOVE SPRACH STUDIUM!

"Can we just boil the cabbage and then blend it and mix it into a cake?"- Me. We have sooooo much cabbage. That's all we've eaten all week. I'm running out of ideas ;)

Did you all do the Read, write, pray challenge? I hope so! 

Love you!

Sister Gilmour

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  1. Everything about her missions screams success - She is making some future missionary's work a lot easier. I loved the story about helping the lady with her eye Dr. appointment. I can't wait to what effect that has in the eternities!