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Week 69 in the Field: Week 14 in Zurich: There are missionaries, and there are "softies"‏

Family and friends.

I've had a few questions running through my head the last weeks. 
1. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?
2. What 5 people's lives have you made a personal difference in?
3. What acts have you done on this earth that you would offer to our Heavenly Father as the best things you could give him? 

I don't my own answers, actually. But I am in process of writing them down. Take a few moments to reflect on them, too.

This week was a week of beauty. We taught by the Spirit, we found, we had some downs, we had ups, and I really felt love. I learned how to be a better missionary, and I learned also that I'm where I need to be at this moment in life. 

We had an amazing lesson with a woman we found a few weeks ago, who we wanted to practice German with, and teach, of course. We ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation and so much more. ( ) She had so many questions. I love those appointments where the people really want to know what you have to offer them. She's amazing, this woman. I am excited to continue meeting with her. 

We then had another lesson an hour or two later. We found a man on the street the day before and ended up talking with him for about 45 minutes on a cold corner of a busy street. We made out an appointment for the next day. We met him, and he took us to a cafe, where he bought us hot chocolate. It was a really good time, but he was there more to discuss rather than learn. But he did ask us interesting, and thought provoking questions that I would really like to think about someday. Right now though, I'm here to think about the basics and bring the Gospel to those around me in a simple and understandable way. Plus my German doesn't allow me to do much else ;) He asked us the question why we are Mormon? He didn't want to hear the word church, but to really hear the experiences that we had that made us choose this faith and not any other. That's a question that we're asked frequently.  It was 2 hours of... teaching/talking/no arguing. It was good. He is a great man, and is so open for things. He's been all over the world, so he doesn't have only have a Swiss mindset anymore. But he did keep telling us we need to find someone that doesn't believe in God at all, not someone that already has faith that He exists. We tried explaining that we are there for those people, too. He took a BoM, but we weren't able to make up another appointment. He did ask us how he could get a hold of us if, after reading the book, he wanted to know more. We gave him our number and wrote our names in the book, so he wouldn't forget who gave it to him. It was neat :) We did something good. We didn't set a baptismal date. We didn't even get another investigator from it. We possibly could have learned more from him than he did from us. But you know what? I'm not here for those silly parts of missionary work. I am here to help people. Whatever that looks like. 

Before we had the interviews, though, we had a training. We talked about our baptismal goal. We couldn't come to a solid goal at MLC last month, so we got it first this week. As I sat there and listened, I was up for it! Totally. Let's go get 'em. But. I'm actually not here for that. I couldn't care less about that. If I am helping people, and it leads to baptism, then wonderful! Of course, we are trying our hardest to bring these people to baptism so they can make those necessary covenants that we are to make on this earth. Of course. But, it is not my main thought. President kept saying that it wasn't about the numbers, it's wasn't about the numbers. It sounded pretty number oriented to me ;) (BG: Numbers help track progress, effort, effectiveness, room for improvement) I just had to remind myself what motivates me to do missionary work and why I'm here, and then I went on my way and did that to the best of my ability. 
This brings me to interviews. I had my last interviews of my mission on Thursday. My last interview was really good! We had a good chat and... yeah. He's more than a mission president, he talks to me like a friend. I really appreciate our mission president and his wife.  It's sad talking about the closing of areas, but... we're not seeing the affects too badly in this zone. we're hoping we stay open and together until the end. I got a German temple recommend! The Sisters don't get one cause their recommends don't usually expire on a mission, so I was telling him this and how I was jealous. He asked if I had my temple recommend with me (of course I did) and he wrote me a new one! In German! How cool :) It was a good interview. I really realized how badly I miss having my daddy here. I just wanted to speak with him. I just wanted to speak to a fatherly figure and talk. Just talk. There's never time for that. But I appreciated my dad a lot more after that time :) I miss having a Priesthood holder around at all times. Like sure, I've got the Elders. But I really miss hugging the Priesthood. That sounds weird, but it's true. He gave me some great advice about driving off the cliff of my mission at full speed, pedal to the floor. He said the natural man starts to see the end and they want to back off cause they don't want to drive off the edge, but little do they know that there is a bridge on the other side that we can only cross if we drive off the edge at full speed. I really liked that. I plan on doing it :) Cause it's hard sometimes, to go full speed. I'm tired. And I've been sick. A lot. Still am. But... I also know that I do need to go full speed. I will :) 

We decorated the door of a member who had a birthday. She was mega happy :)
 We had a lesson with a woman we met with the first time last week. She got a Krankensegen. (BG: Anyone???)  I still don't know how that's called in English. We had two men from the ward there. I felt the Spirit and she did, too.  And then this morning, as we came in to do emails, the Elders said they had bad news. A woman just called them and said that she knows the sisters and to tell them not to come around any more. It was this woman. She had heard really bad things about the church and doesn't want to know any more. Great. Happy P-day. We'll take care of that later, though. It broke my heart, actually. The pains of missionary work are so special.  (BG: This was always a sign to me of missionaries who were loving the people, when you had this type of experience and really felt it and vice versa when it goes well).

We went to the Temple! That was really nice :) Kind of a mess cause they just redid everything, so I had no idea what I was doing. Weird since I worked there for 6 months. All the people were new, too. But so lovely. It was a bit hard, though, seeing all those married couples. They are just all so happy! (BG:One day:))

Sunday was nice. Just felt a lot of love. Maroussia emailed us and said the nicest things! We felt that she loved us. I love that feeling! Being loved by those around us. I go around all day with people looking at me weird and probably not saying nice things as I pass by. Sister Smith was having a hard time with that this week; that we aren't really loved by anyone. I told her to think of the Saviour and the amazing experience we get to have here on a mission to experience in part what He experienced. That helped a bit. But then feeling the love from someone that we visit is really needed. I haven't had an investigator that really loves me like that since Sonja. It was such a nice day. We fasted and had an amazing lunch before heading out to give someone a French BoM and then going to another appointment to eat.

We met Yami, the investigator that was gone for 3 months :) I am so so excited to really meet her and get her ready for baptism! I love seeing people find out that the Gospel is true :)  

Missionary work is fun :) It's hard, and a lot of time I ask myself if it's really worth it cause IIIIII'M not really doing anything. But then I have small moments where the Lord reminds me that I am important in the work; to just keep going and keep trying hard. 

Rapperswil-Jona Photo
BG cheated and got from the web:)
We are going to a castle today in Rapperswil. Should be good and totally covered in snow :) I will send pics next week :) 
Rapperswil Castle Switzerland
BG cheated and got from the web:)


I love you. I hope you know that. I've really learned what it means to love, to be loved, and how love feels while out here on a mission. President told me to write down a list of all the things I've learned on my mission, and I think this goes at the top. I haven't done the list yet, but I will, and I'll let you know :) 

The love I feel for those I've met here and for those I know at home has shown me a bit of what the love God has for us is like. No where close in comparison, but I understand it a bit more :) 

Have a great week :) I will, too. We have such full days. I love that feeling :) 
  1. We will be doing exchanges with Luzern sisters. 
  2. The next week we have MISSION TOUR!! So excited! We are hearing from President Kearan. (BG: He's in my sisters ward in Frankfurt) He just spoke at one of the GC's not too long ago. I have to read his talk in preparation. 
  3. And then we have MLC the next day. That means going to Munich again. And we are staying in a hostel! Cool, huh? 
Just some random info.

Sister Chloe Gilmour

Picture of us at the Temple
The Temple Grounds with snow!!

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  1. Krankensegen means Blessing of the sick. FYI. Those are REALLY good Questions. I may have to think about that challenge before I do it.